(Closed) Do you believe in ghosts? What would you do in my shoes?

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Busy bee

Yikes, I would have never moved back into that building! I applaud your bravery. 

I have never had a “ghost encounter” myself but I have heard some crazy stories from friends. The only reason that makes me think that spirits are with us is that it’s come to our attention when someone in our family dies weird things have happened– a clock has fallen off the wall, dishes break while washing them, the TV suddenly stopped working the day one of them died. No anything that creeped us out but it made us all have moments of “oh, they are still around” 

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Helper bee

I 100% believe. I’ve seen things myself, in my house. I never feel scared but years ago I saw a man in my room and just froze, couldn’t get out of bed to run. I asked it to go away and it did, haven’t seen it since.

That pic is so creepy. It gave me goosebumps! 😣

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Bumble bee
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Omg!  Your story was creepy but didn’t scare me a lot because I’ve had weird experiences that could have been either ghosts or my imagination, or something else.  That picture gave me goosebumps though.  It could definitely be someone in the room because it’s so solid looking but it’s still SUPER CREEPY AND WEIRD!!!!!!  I probably wouldn’t have moved back into the same building!

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Busy Beekeeper

Yes. Our house has a presence. There are four of us that live there full time and my SIL and her family of five come down frequently. All of them have seen various things.

We have also had contractors run out of a particular room or start praying when whatever it is shows its self.

I choose to be willfully ignorant, so I don’t see shit. But I have heard chairs being moved arond when no one is on the floor above me. My SO has been alone in the house and found funiture rearranged. 

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dalia88:  Have you heard of smudging? I’d say you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Might also be interesting for you to talk to a medium, and bring the photo with you. Now brace yourself, cause I’m bout to ramble.


I’m a big believer in spirit. I just don’t buy that all of the traits that make us who we are (our thoughts, emotions, quirks, dreams, personality) can simply die. A soul doesn’t just stop existing because the body carrying it did. At least that’s what I think. 

Hauntings on the other hand, I am skeptical of. Well, now I am.

I lost someone extremely close to me in a sudden and tragic way when I was 21 (she was 19). After it happened I could sense her presence, but I was so conditioned to the idea of ghosts being scary and bad thanks to movies, tv shows etc., that it terrified the shit out of me. Like, paralyzing fear. I had such bad anxiety and was starting to become sick from just trying to deal with losing her and being scared of her ‘ghost’ that it was affecting my day to day life.

I started seeing mediums (side note: I was a total skeptic, but getting desperate. Side note 2 – this woman didn’t even know my name when I met her.) and not to be cheesy, but it literally changed my life. The medium INSTANTLY picked up on her and described her to a bloody T. She told me details about our relationship, my childhood, my secret nickname, how she passed, she knew about the fact that I wondered if it was a suicide (I had never said those words out loud to anyone). She told me how much she loves the tattoo I got for her (on my ribs, totally hidden, never posted a public photo of it). She said she’s with you all the time and she’s trying so hard to show you love but you’re fighting it. 

Now here’s the part you can take or leave – One of the reasons I still see mediums is because i’m apparently “open” to these experiences in ways similar to them, and I still need help with dealing with it because it still scares me a little. SO, in talking about spirit in general, one of the things they can’t stress enough is that they truly don’t believe in evil spirit. All spirit goes to “love and light” as they call it. There can be negative energy in a space which is contributed to by all kinds of things, particularly living. Your fear is contributing to building up the negative energy. Fear from previous tenants, room mates, etc. all builds it up. If you have a spirit with you, the negative energy effects it as well. So you might think I’m crazy, and that’s fine but try to relax as best as you can, and I strongly recommend talking to someone.  

That was super long. I hope in some slight way it helps!

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Busy Beekeeper
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I believe in ghosts. Sometimes I sense them around me and I’ve had relatives who have passed come back to give me messages for others, likely because I’m pretty open due to my spiritual practices. We are spirits in bodies, ghosts are just spirits out of bodies (and sometimes energies that have accumulated in an area) I also believe in people freaking themselves out and manifesting things based on their imaginations. 😉

There are a lot of things you can do to energetically cleanse a space- burning certain incenses (I know several people have already mentioned smudging), prayers, certain cleansing waters, etc.

You can also set rules or agreements- no turning on the washing machine, no night rides (that sleep paralysis thing is also called being “ridden” and some people say that it comes from a spirit sitting on your chest), no scaring you or your guests. 

Spirits are moving around us every day, if this is one, you’re just getting a bit of a closer experience than a lot of people get to be aware of. I would also try asking him what he wants, it might just be your attention- in which case, when you sense him you can simply say hi and get back to your day.

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dalia88: 1st, I LOVE this thread! 2nd, that pic is amazing, OP! I downloaded it and zoomed in and that is clearly a man sitting there and he is definitely wearing boots. His pants appear to be tucked into the boots, so I guess that’s why his legs look so weird. The strangest part to me is that he isn’t illuminated at all, even though he’s sitting by a large window and he’s under a ceiling lamp! Absolutely incredible!

If it were me, I’d move. I love spooky things but after seeing that pic, I don’t think I could live there. Good luck, OP! Keep us updated, please.

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Sugar bee
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I also think the picture is really odd. If you zoom in, you can see that the chair he’s sitting in has some color to it. If it just happened to be a dark/shadowy spot in the room or from the camera, the whole thing would’ve been just as dark. So unless this man is wearing head-to-toe black, all of the exact same hue, I don’t know how a normal person could look like this. It doesn’t look particularly like a ghost either, but it is definitely strang.

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