(Closed) Do you believe in ghosts? What would you do in my shoes?

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dalia88:  It is midnight, I opened this thread.  Now I am too scared to go to sleep ๐Ÿ™ haha. But seriously.

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dalia88:  This thread is freaking. me. out. And I consider myself a firm non-believer in ghosts. OP, why are you doing this to me?

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dalia88:  I totally understand why you moved back, what a nice sounding place and sounded like it was too much of a good deal to miss. Do you know what? Whether it was a ghost or just a string of coincidences (like your sleep paralysis may be stress, brought on by the fact you are remembering the events of last time) If that were me, I would start talking to the ghost / spirit / thin air, and just say, “Hey buddy – I don’t know why you are here, and I mean you no harm, I just hope me can get along” – which I know may sound mental, but to me that makes sense! lol

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bad idea to open this thread while in bed at 5 am in the dark unable to sleep. Nope 

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 We are a military family and move often. My husband and I are always terrified of moving into a new home and it being haunted of some sort. Every time we move into a new house I will pray with a cross in every closet and room. This just a idea…. Pending I don’t know your views on religion ๐Ÿ˜‰ Smudging would be a great idea as well. Good luck.


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MrsGAM:  The ghosts only appeared in your office during after hours? Listen, they were trying to eat up all your over time. LOL 
Sorry I couldn’t resist! haha

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I am a huge believer. I’ve had more than one experience and I thoroughly believe that with all the experiences and unexplained things, it’s naive to just assume its our mind playing tricks on us. If you do the research there are just too many “conicidences” for there not to be something more there. Just because we don’t understand it or can’t explain it, doesn’t make it false.

I would try to ignore it, but I know that’s not always going to work. Sometime that makes it worse, because it isn’t getting the attention it wants. You could try telling the spirit you don’t want it there and it’s time to move on? If it was me and I couldn’t move, I would contact a medium and get them to come to the apartment. Maybe they can give you some insight into the kind of spirit and potentially help it move on? If they get a bad vibe, it might be time to consider moving.

Also that picture is amaze-balls! First of all, it’s such a thick and opaque shadow, there’s no way a human person would be in that much darkness given the light in that room. And second, look at how he’s sitting! If you zoom in, you can see that it looks like hes sitting over the arm of the chair but no one could ever actually sit like that, how far the gap between the legs goes back, it just not possible. The hunch or watever is in the lap is weird too. There is no way that’s an actual person.

And for all the people who don’t understand why they dont just show themselves, it doesn’t work like that. It requires a lot of energy for a ghost to be able to manifest itself as an apparition. They have to be able to pull that energy from elsewhere to manifest that into a form, that’s why a lot of times apparitions are partial or seen as shadow figures. And as far as turning the washing machine on being a weird thing, they aren’t doing it because they want do laundry, they’re doing it because they want to show you they are there. The energy of the machine is something they can manipulate easily which is why so many people have expereinces with Tvs turning on and lights turning off etc.

Not to sound preachy, I’m just very passionate about the supernatural.

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I’d just ignore it for now.  If it gets too bad, burning sage can help.  Sometimes talking to the spirit can help too.   

Friend of the family who sees ghosts (she sees them like she sees regular people) found the spirit of my dad’s father in our guest room about 15 years ago. She told him to move on, that he wasn’t welcome here (my parent’s had recently separated). 

My mom’s land is haunted with some random spirits. I’ve spent years hearing footsteps on the 1st floor, doors slamming, radios turning on, stuff “breaking”.  Just recently I saw a shadow man run right past me and then disappear. She lives in a 30 year old house, on land that is adjacent to a 1700’s plantation that used to own slaves.  Freakier stuff happens in that old house than ours.    

So basically what I’m saying is that in a 150 year old apartment building or house, things have happened.  All you can do is make peace with whatever is going on and try to smudge/sage/holy water the spirit away.   Good luck!

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First off I am a Christian. If you are not this is not intended disrespectfully in any way. This is what I have done in simular situations. If a person who is a Christian uses the name of Jesus bad spirits must flee. If you say something like “in the name of Jesus, I command you to leave” but spirits are forced to leave. You could also look into calling a pastor or priest to help you with this situation. I have seen and heard some crazy things and I have always found this to work for me. I hope you figure out an answer! I understand how scared you must be! 

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dalia88:  Give us an update the next time the ghostie does something. We’re all curious as can be! ETA: You should try to talk to some of the neighbors who live in your building–I’m sure some of them are experiencing the haunting as well. 

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I think that in the photo the lighting is very strange. The figure in the photo definitely should not be as dark as they are appearing based on the positions of visible lights in your unit. I would also question, if it was a real person, why a professional agency would take photos of an apartment featuring some random person lurking in the background? Um, no. 

It sounds like you may benefit from visiting a medium as PP suggested or maybe looking at some historical records for the building you are living in. Like you said it is 150+ years old, so there are likely a number of deaths that have occurred (natural or otherwise). It is also possible that the apartments were built on top of a cemetery or some sort of other site where many deaths occurred.

I would just look into the history of the building and its location. You may also find other stories that could shed some light on whether others have had paranormal experiences there and what they were like (annoying vs dangerous). 

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dalia88:  Any updates from today??

I believe in spirits, both good & bad. I believe they both feed off of your energy. If it is a positive spirit, he/she probably just wants to be noticed. If they lived there previously & something horrible happened, taking them too soon from their home…they probably just want you to acknowledge their presence & accept your house guest, LOL.

If they’re nice, I don’t see the need to move, you can just peacefully co-exist. I have heard of several circumstances where the people just acknowledge them, ask for peace & civility, and there are no more issues. If they are bad spirits (which I think would be more apparent by now…), then they also feed off your energy, fear especially. If you start to suffer any physical/mental harm, or they start doing dangerous things…then it might be time to move. Even if you just signed the lease, if the landlord is your personal friend, explain the situation (LIVING WITH A DEMONIC SPIRIT), I’m sure she would understand! 

Personally, I think you have a nice spirit with you…just living in their old home, but don’t want to go unnoticed. I sometimes think of it like if you have your old grandma over– they are always popping up on you, pestering you, or rearranging to how they think things should be, becuase they think it’s their house & they can. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep us updated!!!

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dalia88:  That picture gives me chills! 

If I were you, I would get out of there as soon as you can. I grew up in a home that was haunted and after I moved out, I would stay there while my parents were out of town to watch my dog. Luckily, my parents moved a year ago, so I don’t have to stay there ever again! I would expereince sleep paralysis from time to time when I slept at that home and I haven’t experienced it since! 

When my parents moved out, they got a call from their realtor that the new people who moved in found my parent’s wedding pillow (a handmade pillow they received as a gift with their wedding date on it, that was kept on their bed) on a very high shelf in their closet. It made no sense that the pillow would be there because not only does my mom remember putting it in a box when packing, she would not even be able to reach that high of a shelf, and my dad was not able to pack anything because of his health at the time. I think that the ghost/spirit was trying to get my parents to go back to that house, maybe this ghost/spirit is trying to do the same to you!

Do yourself a favor and get out of the place! 

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Nobody judge me for deconstructing this . I zoomed in on this photo (on account of the crippling fear) and I do not see a person…

Blue: this is the SHADOW of the back left chair leg. You can tell because the shadow diffuses out widely. If this dark shape were one of the legs closest to the viewer then the dark shadow would bend where the chair leg touched the floor.

Red: this is a shoe, obviously. The front chair leg cannot be seen because the shoe is in front of it. A leg couldn’t get in this position if the person was sitting in the chair normally. Therefore this must be a removed shoe that was placed next to the chair instead of in front of it.

Green: this is a coat that has been draped over the chair. The arm of the coat has fallen off the front of the chair and is draped out on the floor in front of the chair. The heel of the other shoe is sitting behind it.

Conclusion: The guy with the photo company threw off his jacket and shoes when he entered the apartment so he wouldn’t track dirt into the freshly cleaned rooms. You have a ghost because your washing machine is haunted. I stand by both conclusions! 

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gettin_marrid:  For the sake of not completely losing it, I agree. It would be very difficult to sit in that position, both feet flat. It looks like the photographer sat down and took his black shoes off, then put his black coat over the chair.

Then again, maybe ghosts are particularly flexible ๐Ÿ˜‰

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