Do you believe in Karma? Share your stories.

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Blushing bee

I want to believe in it but I dont see it objectively in real life. Interesting thread

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Helper bee
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I believe in it but not as directly as you are suggesting. I think in your case it sounds like they both were making questionable decisions to begin with and continued to do so 

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Buzzing bee
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During the GFC i had an entry level job while studying part time. My manager was a major jerk. He hated me as i wouldn’t put up with his rudeness. They changed our job descriptions around during the recession & made us front of house staff. His wording was if you didnt like it, walk now. 

I never knew how he kept finding out about stuff. Once he tried to give me a written warning as i told a junior staff member who had just finished school,  that he was interviewing someone else for the role she was going for as it was in his public calendar. He tried to give me a written warning for this & failed. Said i gave out confidential info but the girl worked for us & the disciplinary meeting info with me was in his calendar for everyone to see. Dumb idiot!!

He really wanted me gone.  I used to do the most work and once i hurried a customer as i was overworked. He gave me a written warning so after Christmas i found a new job. An amazing job at a Tv network.  On my last day, he complained to the team that the only person who works around here is leaving. Ironic isn’t it. The day after id left, he got an email from a customer who said I’d given him the best customer service he had ever received. The customer had heard I’d left and wanted him to pass on the info.  He said the company should be so sad to lose an employee like me and that it’s a testament to the company that an employee would give that level of service in their last week of work. Ha karma as remember he have me a warning 2 months prior for my level of service? Then the manager emailed all staff with the thank you and said they all needed to be like me.

18 months later I got a call from an ex co worker. Turns out the boss who was 35 at the time was having an affair with an 18 year (at the time) in the office.  He had 2 kids including a new born with his wife. This 18 year old started at aged 15 in her school uniform after school as her mum worked with us. The same girl who was interviewing for a job and id told her someone else was also. No wonder he kept finding out things – little spy!! They pretty much had to be seperated at work as she’s his subordinate and he pretty much had to leave. KARMA!!

I’ve seen him sometimes in our CBD and walked straight past.  my career has gone upwards and he is still a call centre boss according to linked in. 

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Busy bee

I have two VERY PETTY stories about karma tha make me snicker when I think of them.

i was applying for a job in a small town. A woman from a neighboring same-kind-of-organization (no, bees, I don’t want to give details) had had a jealousy issue with me. She actually *called the organization* and told them not to hire me, and told them I was emotionally unstable… the basis for this was that she knew I had had a really rough breakup, and was (gasp!) seeing a therapist for it. (This was rich, coming from a woman who had regular public family drama in her own place of work…and would have benefited from therapy.) the organization I was applying to already knew and loved me; my supervisor told me this had happened and said “I thanked her for her GOSSIP and hung up on her.”

fast forward a year. We had a women’s clothing sale in my organization. I donated my old “fat” clothing (I had lost 25lbs in the process of healing / therapy) and I volunteered to work the sale. 

The woman who had made that gross phone call showed up at the sale. I was relatively neutral to her- I had let it go and moved on years before. 

Next thing I know. The woman is at my cash register BUYING ALL MY OLD “FAT” CLOTHING WITH NO CLUE THEY HAD BEEN MINE. I smiled as I rang up her purchases. She was swanking about that she’d lost weight and was going on a cruise … and I wished her a bon voyage. (Also she was friends with my ex, and one of the items she bought was a purse he’d gifted me, and I got a chuckle knowing he’d see it and know I had sold it.) 


I’ve only told one person this story – but when I think of it, it cracks me up. Okay, it’s petty and not really bad karma but IT FELT GOOD. 



Second karmic gift: I had a summer theatre job playing two leading roles, Maria in the Sound of Music, and Guinevere in Camelot. One of the men opposite me harassed me all summer. Pursued me. He was married, but he pursued me and harassed me so badly, by the end of the job I had developed ulcers from the stress. 

He took the directors and executive producer out to lunch and charmed them all, laughing and telling them it was nothing, when I finally reported him. 

Much later, I’d had a job in another theatre in another city. The director came up to me after a show and said “I see you did these shows, and you must have worked with Joe Smith. I’m looking at him for the lead in what is basically a one-man show. He’d be perfect. How was he to work with?”

well. I simply kept myself to the facts. I listed how he’d block my car in his driveway, show me text messages ON STAGE telling friends he was going to force me to French kiss him onstage, gaslit the execs… I told her every instance of his disgusting, sexual harassing behavior. 

Then I said “it’s up to you, of course! Now that you know, you can keep an eye on him.”

and she said, “oh HELL no. I’ll never hire him. I’ll never have a man like that around my actresses. I’m switching the role to a woman,” and she *changed the leading role to a female, and I found out later she had cast a friend of mine* (without my influence at all.) I TELL YOU- IT WAS THE BEST !!!

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Bee Keeper
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I think it is pretty clear that there are deplorable people doing very, very well. And amazing, generous people in awful situations. There are children beaten to death and starved and abused.

Additionally, karma is a very specific thing that has no relevance whatsoever to the things you seem to mean. Karma works over the course of many lifetimes (not just one), and its purpose is to teach, not to punish. Karma is as automatic as gravity, with no malice or vengeance – actions in one life = consequences in future lives.

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No I don’t believe in karma, just as I don’t believe things happen for a reason.  What about all the kind and generous people who have lived good lives and have had some really horrible, tragic things happen to them?  When I lost my two young sons, so many people told me that it happened ‘for a reason’, or that was God’s plan for me.  I actually thought I wasn’t a good person and was being punished. So. Damn. Hurtful.

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Honey bee
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Sheltielover :  that’s messed up. Sorry for your losses. 

I do not believe in karma that is meant to “hurt” people or get back at them for doing bad things. Like a pp said perfectly, people get this confused. Doing good deeds throughout your lifetime may reap some good things happening back, or its just the luck of the draw. 

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Sugar bee
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I don’t believe in karma and I think a lot of people who claim to view it very narrowly.

Have you considered (just in the context of this conversation) that you had two people you cared about stab you in the back as karma for something you did wrong earlier? Probably not. Because people don’t generally believe that they deserve the bad things that happen to them. It’s only when bad things happen to others that have wronged them that the idea of karma comes into play. 

That’s not to say I believe that you deserved to be screwed over by your ex and friend because clearly you did not deserve to be treated that way by them, I’m just explaining how karma is often viewed in a one sided way. 

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Bumble bee

Karma as understood by both Buddhism and Hinduism refers to what occurs in one’s NEXT life as the result of what’s done in this life. You behave in such-and-such way in this life, and your next life manifests in such a way as to allow you to learn further virtues. 

What you’re talking about isn’t karma, and it’s a standard misconception held by people who aren’t educated in Buddhist and Hindu theology. 

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Bee Keeper
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I don’t, I have seen shitty things happen to good people all the time and vice versa. 

Karma to me is just a seemingly secular version of when Christians think god is the reason good things happen in their lives, surely the reverse of that is that anyone involved in serious accidents, crime, cheated on or a victim of natural disasters deserves it?  You can’t have it both ways, if you believe you got that promotion because god you are also saying people who have bad things happen to them are at fault. 

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Buzzing bee
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Yep. Eventually karma catches up to crappy people. 

I work as a line cook. And had this boss when i first started my newer job like 5 years ago. He HATED me with a passion for no reason. Would get blamed for things that happened when i wasnt even physically there to witness them, an error a coworker made I suddenly would get the blame for, etc. etc. He made my life hell, almost got me fired in the early stages, but i stuck it out cause i knew the job was good for me and growing my skills and resume.

A year later he was fired. He ended up having to many complaints from a multitude of employees who he treated like garbage. They basically forced him to quit so they wouldnt have to fire him. Took me about a week to realize he was gone, but when I finally found out he was gone for good, I smiled and laughed. 

The fact that i outlasted him, when he thought i wouldnt make it more then a week, was the ultimate karma. 

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Busy bee

Yes, I believe in it! Similar situation with an ex.. I was with this jerk for 5 years, total waste of my youth. He had one g/f- which I think he broke up with her, I’m not sure. Then he dated one of my good friends ex g/f!! Like my friend asked her to marry him, she turned him down. THEN HE DATES HER?! I mean my friend was more upset about it than I was- I actually thought it was funny because I knew they would be a train wreck. I told him to just sit back and watch it burn, but he was too busy being all butthurt about it. He’s hated my ex since before he and I even dated (we used to all work together). Then he calls me one day and says “*EX GF* BROKE UP WITH *EX BF*! SHE TOLD HIM HE WAS A LOSER, NOT FUNNY, AND ANNOYING. HE CRIED. TRIED TO SEND HER FLOWERS AND SHE WAS LIKE EW BYE!” I can’t tell you how happy that it made me and how funny it was to me. She basically said the SAME thing to him that I had been talking to her before they were dating. I ended up blocking her on social media because I felt that what she did was disrespectful to me, even if we weren’t that close. Like you just don’t do that. Anyway, both of them are still single. He’s still a loser, and will probably be alone forever. I’m happy he walked away though because my new SO is amazing and I would have never of dated him if I didn’t let this one go. Smell ya both later!

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Bumble bee
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I like to think karma exists, but can’t say if it does. 

I have, however, seen people get what was coming to them. For example, a girl I used to be bff’s with who endangered our lease, talked shit behind my back, moved out without a subleaser (leaving the rest of us to break out until one was found), and broke off all her friendships in a group message because maintaining them was “too hard”, now lives with parents, complains about them all the time, works three jobs with two being at waterparks, and doesn’t have any friendships that last longer than two years, except the one who uses her to get favors.

Another girl I knew basically moved into my house and wouldn’t leave. She always had drama going on, was never happy, never exercised, ate lots of sugary things, and annoyed me to all ends. Eventually my roommate broke up with her and she moved out, and since then she’s had mystery medical problems that doctors are still trying to figure out. I suppose she does get a lot of attention from it (which she loves), but I view it as her unhealthiness and negative view on everything catching up to her.

Last story is about this guy I knew from high school who was an arrogant jerk that thought we would end up together. At one point, this guy showed up to my house to work on a project, after I told him not to as I was on my way home – not even there! He also bought my best friend a corsage in an attempt to take her to prom, after I told him not to multiple times since she had been broken up with less than a week prior. He was a terrible, reckless driver, whom crashed his mom’s car by rolling it in a ditch, but because he came out of it unscathed he became that much more entitled.

Anyway, he went to college for engineering, failed out in less than two years, got kicked out of the auto enthusiast club, went through a series of girlfriends, and is now living with his mom with a boatload of loans and no job. Ha.

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Busy bee
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sbl99 :  This is dark AF but gives me some sick kind of comfort.

A year after I was sexually assaulted, I found out I have both strains of herpes. My tests revealed antibody levels only possible years after exposure, meaning I had herpes before I was raped. At the time I was assaulted, I was not on antiviral medication, and he did not use a condom. I like to think that somewhere out there, the man who raped me is in pain because of what he did to me.

I have since begun medication and my antibodies have built up to a point where not only do I never have outbreaks, but I pose a minimal risk to my partner. We are in a great place in life and he has never had a problem with this virus. So it’s no big deal to me. But I’m sure it was a nice suckerpunch to my rapist.

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