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    last year my friend was told that within that year he’d meet the love of his life and it wasn’t the girl he was dating. they broke up (it was a 4 year relationship) and he met a new girl, they got married a few months later and are preggers!

    but honestly no, i really don’t believe in them. just thought I’d share a somewhat related story :]

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    Not one bit!

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    I definitely don’t believe in every Tom, Jane, and Sally who claim to have “gifts of the unknown,” but I do believe that there are some things in this world that we just can’t explain. I have met a couple of people in my life time that lead me to believe that some psychics are truthful. Some people are just plain crazy or they are trying to earn a buck off of other peoples emotions and hardships.

    In another thread I shared that I have a type of premonition that I truly believe in. In a way it’s a terrible thing, but in other ways it is helpful. Each time a close family member has passed away I have had a dream that warns me before hand. This is usually in the form of a grey wolf. It sounds crazy to some, and I honestly can’t explain it other than the fact that I believe my great grandmother does this because I’ve always been a source of strength for my family. If this hadn’t happened to me I probably would be much more skeptical to tell the truth. Believe what you will, but this I know is true.

    I think we all need to be a little more open minded. There are also some really interesting quantum physics related studies that link forms of energy and motion that we as humans are not able to detect. That scientific information alone should show us that we all need to widen our spectrums of thinking in order to understand things that we have not previously been capable of.

    ETA: misstattoo shared a really awesome story with me that just amazes me. The fact that other people have had some really profound experiences that just cannot be fully explained interests me beyond belief. To say that our world is just black and white is pretty niave if you ask me. Hopefully she will share again 🙂

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    Generally, no. But I had one experience 5 and a half or so years ago when I was still living in New Orleans. My BFF and I were leaving a club really late, and I only had enough cash for a cab ride home. We were walking (stumbling) through Jackson Square, and they had (prob still have) these psychic tables set up all through the Square. We usually just walk right past them, but this night the young guy stops us, and insists on giving me a palm reading.

    I tried to politely blew him off, as I usually do. He was very adamant that something was telling him he just *had* to give me a reading. I told him straight up I didn’t have any money on me and couldn’t pay him. He waved that off and said he’d do it for free. So what the hey, I sat (fell) into his chair and let him do a reading. He proceeded to tell me that the guy I was with would be leaving me soon for another woman, and that a major disruption would take place in my life very soon, forcing me to move out of the city. I laughed it off. 

    This happened a week before Katrina hit New Orleans. I left and moved to Philly, and my Boyfriend or Best Friend at the time, now ex, ended up moving to Boston afterwards with a girl he’d been cheating on me with. 

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    Honestly, there have been a couple times that things have been rough in my life, and out of desperation, I turned to psychics, and really WISHED they were true/real.

    But I don’t believe in anything paranormal, supernatural, or spiritual, and in my saner moments, I know that wanting something to be true doesn’t make it so.

    So no, I don’t believe in psychics. The funny coincidence is that ever since I’ve been in therapy, I haven’t had any desire to visit a psychic. For me, therapy has been much more beneficial and helpful than someone’s vague promises or predictions that they get from reading my body cues. So I recommend therapy for anyone having problems in their life.  

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    I voted “depends” but I would say “I’m not sure.” I think most are completely fake, but there may be a few “real” ones out there.

    A psychic once told my friend that she was going to die a “young violent death” in her late teens or early 20’s.  She is 33 now.

    I also know a guy who had a psychic tell him he would die before his 30th birthday.  He died in a fire a week before his 30th bday. 

    A mother of one of my brother’s friends claimed to be psychic.  When my grandmother was in the hospital, this women knew.  During conversation, she grabbed my mother’s hand and told her “it won’t be long.”  She meant until my grandmother would die.  Well, my grandmother recovered and lived a few years longer! 

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    I don’t agree with every who claims they have this gift/ability.  I’ve had several tarot card readings that were dead on and also predicted things that were dead on.  I recently had my astrological chart done and read and that was pretty darn cool.  And then I’m a big believer in animal communication via telepathy.  I’ve written about this before on another thread but all and I mean ALL of my experiences with my animal communicator have been 100% accurate and the things I’ve been told no one else knows/knew.  It’s pretty cool.  She and I continuously stay in touch.

    Last week, as a matter of fact, I posted a thread because my dog could’ve died from inhaling the contents of my inhaler.  The following day he just wasn’t acting like himself.  I called the vet to make an appointment for the following morning.  Then I called my animal communicator and she told me that it feels as if he might have been poisoned, etc.  And sure enough, I call animal poison control line, told them what was going on, and was told to immediately get him to the vet.  He’s fine now, btw. 

    But I also think people are just out to get your money, so choose wisely.

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    I don’t think that every person who claims to have psychic abilities is psychoic but I do think that there are some people who are capable of things that we just can’t really explain or understand.

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    I’m skeptical… I think there are a few things at work when it comes to psychic predictions. I think “professional psychics” become adept at reading body language and other unconscious physical cues from their clients. When it comes to the predictions themselves, I think confirmation bias plays a big part, as well as the phenomenon of self-fulfilling prophecies, and of course, mere chance. Even a broken clock is right two times a day.

    I don’t mean to pooh-pooh on anyone’s personal experiences, but I can’t say I believe in psychics having never seen any reliable evidence myself.


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    I believe in psychic-like abilities but I dont know about predicting specific things.

    A few years ago I had a terrible dream about a childhood friend of mine. I dreamt that she committed suicide and that I was talking to her family about how I could have saved her. I hadnt spoken to this friend in over a year and hadnt heard anything about her. I was so moved by the dream that I woke up and called my friend immediately. I said “I know this is weird because we havent talked in a while, but I had this dream…” She then told me she couldnt believe that I called. She had just been diagnosed with depression and put on antidepressants. It was like I had the dream so I could contact her to be there in her life. Thats pretty crazy if you ask me.

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    I think everyone has psychic-like abilities but everyone is so disconnected and glued to their cell phones and computers that we’ve all lost touch with each other, nature and the environment all together.  I believe that psychics are just old school type of spirits who are really in tune with things. 

    Also, here’s a couple of personal psychic related stories that creeped me out majorly…

    For some reason, the night before the actress Britney Murphy died, I was in bed trying to sleep and having all of my random thoughts process and I have no idea why, but I started to think about her.  She’s not even like a favorite actress of mine or anything but for some reason I thought about how she started off in the movie Clueless and how she looked totally different and prettier, etc… anyway, so it was very random and you could imagine my shock when I woke up the next morning, turned on the news and saw “Actress Britney Murphy dies”. 

    It urked me so much that I started actually thinking that maybe I have some sort of psychic-like abilities because I am the type of person who is keenly aware of my surroundings and I pick up on unspoken vibes and stuff like that.  I have excellent intuition even when I was a kid I was like that.  So I started really toying with the idea of visiting a psychic and would be driving around doing errands and pass by a psychic place and wonder how much they charged.  So then (gets even weirder), I’m at work one day (was the office manager/front desk person for a mom and pop beach motel) and literally out of nowhere this Indian guy with a turban on his head just wanders up to the counter and starts talking to me and asks for my palm and gives me a palm reading!  I was speechless.  Here I was wanting to go to a psychic and thinking about going to see one and one just shows up at my job and gives me a reading?  That’s crazy.  This happened within a month of the Britney Murphy thing.

    I’m sorry but if after reading that, you don’t think, “hmm” then I don’t know what to say.  I still don’t really know why those things happened to me and I also have regular lucid dreaming episodes without even trying (this is very hard to do) and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ll think of someone randomly whom I haven’t thought of in ages, and then I’ll have a facebook friend request from them within a few days of thinking about them. These are like regular things for me and my family thinks it’s weird.

    Another strange thing that happens to me is all of the non digital clocks in my life are ticking but never tell the right time, even after I set it.  This happes on my watch and on our clock that hangs in our living room.  If a clock battery is dying/dead, won’t it just stop ticking?  Why does it slow down and eventually tell the wrong time?  It’s weird I don’t know what that means either, someone told me maybe I have a strong energy about me that interferes with the clock  LOL that’s kinda far fetched though.

    So yea, I kinda believe in “psychic-like abilities” and having keen intuition/being hyper aware of things going on in the universe.  As for my strange personal experiences?  I have no idea.  One of these days I’ll visit a real psychic and see what they say.  My dad’s wife is into numerology and said that I have 2 “master numbers” which is very rare and that people with master numbers are very psychic like with strong presences, etc..  who knows.  Numerology is kinda weird. Ancient civilizations used it with tarrot cards and stuff.  It’s a little too witchy for me.

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    I keep reading this as “Do you believe in physics” and I keep wondering why the hell someone would ask such a stupid question!  Of course physics are real, that’s how I’m sitting on this chair and not floating around!  LOL

    To answer the REAL question…. I believe in a psychic’s power to read people’s expressions really well and to ask leading questions that don’t seem leading.  Like the story elliestan wrote of, I think the psychic could see the guy wasn’t happy.  Then the “self-fulfilling prophecy” kicked in, he broke up with the girl and met someone else and married her because he was told that would happen.

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    nope. if paranomal activity, ESP, etc, were backed up by scientific evidence I would believe in it, but studies overwhelmingly point to the contrary so far.

    @LaurenK0105: LOL, at first I thought the question was “do you believe in physics” too!

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    I just thought this was a cool story to add that I didn’t have time to type out earlier. My friend and I regularily nerd out and have a DiscoveryHD marathon when quantum physics and space are featured. This is one feature that has stuck with me.

    A study was done to determine why some people seem to have a strange connection to one another, despite being strangers or mere aquaintances. Without an hour to explain I will breifly describe the findings. One of the case studies was a young man and woman who’s lives seemed to parrallel one another. When the young man was a boy he was playing softball at the local baseball diamond. I can’t remember how it exactly panned out, but he had a medical emergency that resulted in his heart stopping. The woman who is a part of the study was also at the softball fields that day, despite not planning on it. For some reason her shifts as a nurse had changed from the norm and she unexpectantly was able to attend the game (which she had never been able to do before). She pounded on the young boys heart with two great slams and he gained consciousness. There was no one else at the softball game who would have known to do this and she therefore saved the young boy’s life. The ambulance would not have made it in time.

    Fast forward 10 years to a diner in a different town. The young boy is now a young man working for his parent’s at their diner. One afternoon the boy gets a call that a couple of his coworkers are ill and he will need to come in on his day off to help out. During his shift the boys mother begins to frantically call to him from the seating area. He rushes out to find a woman chocking on her food and turning purple. No one, but him, knows first aid so he gives her the heimlich maneuver. With two great slams he frees her airways. His mother than looks in amazement and says, “Son do you know who’s life you just saved?” It was the same woman who saved his life with two great slams 10 years prior. Both of these individuals were propelled into each others lives on two separate occasions and in turn saved each other.

    There is a theorist who has developed a model to examine this case, among others. He believes that there are many dimensions of frequencies that we as humans cannot detect. This is similar to how we cannot see UV rays, micro waves, gravity forces etc. He believes that some humans connect to one another in a parrallel of energy that perpetuates the cycle of life and life on earth.

    I know it all sounds a little far fetched, but studies like this are certianly interesting to learn more about. Wasn’t it common knowledge, afterall, that the Earth is flat? Or that Earth is the centre of our galaxy? When we enrich our minds with things that seem untrue or unreal we are giving ourselves a far greater advantage in deciding what the scientific facts are. Just because something cannot yet be explained does not mean that it is untrue. People called Galileo, Edison, and the like crazy but were they? It’s always best to keep an open mind or you may be robbing yourself of knowledge.

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