(Closed) Do you believe that female sexuality is more fluid?

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Busy bee
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They have actually done some psychological studies in this. Women tend to see sexuality as more of a spectrum with some falling far toward the “strait” end with others falling towards the “lesbian” end with people falling happily at many in betweens. I’ve kissed girls but view myself as strait, so I’m probs like 80% down toward the strait end.

men tend to be more binary. 

Now these are not actual rules or anything, but it makes sense to me

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Sugar bee
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Sexuality is much more fluid for both sexes.  Both men and women can appricate art, and I know both mine and my FI’s “list” of celberty crushes contains both male and females.

I think that both men and woman are pigenoheld into a certain sexuality;

Women are always streight.  Even when they are Lesbian for years, with a steady partner, ect they are either “exparimenting” or “haven’t found the right man yet.”  A lot of people think that they can “fix” a lesbain woman with the right man to “complete her.”   Bi women are also exparimenting, and will always end up with a male partner, but this just happens sooner.  My least favorite phrase in this is “bi until graduation.”   College opens up to more sexual exparimentation, but that does not mean because I choose to marry a man that I am not still highly attracted to both men and women. 

Men are either streight or gay.  There is no room for bi.  Once you have had a sexual experience with another man, you are gay.  Even if it was just one kiss.  Men can not sexually expariment the way women can.   Even if a guy finds out after trying he is asexual or attracted to women, he is still slapped with the gay lable. 

I think both sexes can have what ever lable they want, but society has told us which lables we can give out.

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i’ve never experienced with a woman, but i have thought about it and ive had plenty of men partners. so ehh who knows

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I don’t think they’re more fluid than men. I believe both sexes have the potential to be equally as fluid, however it is more “socially acceptable” for women to be.

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I’ve been in groups, where when it was brought up in a specific way, men were more likely to have fantasized about men than the women about women.  As far as I knew at the time, everyone identified as being straight within those groups.

I think it’s probably fairly similar, but cultural infuences and societial normas bias how open people are to it.

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Helper bee
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I think putting labels on sexuality is wrong to be completely honest. I always say that, no I haven’t been attracted to another girl yet, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be in the future. So, I’m straight, but that doesn’t mean I always would be.

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Hyperventilate:  is right. A man who experiments is “sick” and “less of a man”. A woman who experiments is “hot” and “only doing it to turn men on”, on account of the fact that lesbianism doesn’t really exist, right? The lure of the great totemical penis is just so strong that nobody could possibly resist it… I mean, I worship daily…

Therefore, it’s OK for a woman to experiment, because all she really wants is the right penis to complete her. But for guys, the “one penis per fantasy” rule applies (see Richard Prior for details).

This is social… nothing else. It certainly isn’t biological… just look at the way male mammals mate with same sex mammals.

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Bumble bee
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I believe that sexuality is a spectrum for everyone, with very few people being 100% gay or straight. I also believe there are more than 2 genders.
Perhaps women have a biological affinity for being closer to the middle than men, but mostly, I think society puts more pressure on men to pick one or the other than women.

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Jennybee224:  It was actually fairly negative.  I forget exactly how it came about, but it was in the context of sinful thoughts.

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Jennybee224:  At least they felt supported enough to be honest about it.

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I believe that sexuality is fulid for both sexes meaning tha tmost people lay somehwre on a spectrum regarding their attraction to the same or opposite sex partners.

I believe that we see this expressed more in women in our culture than men do.  I don’t know if that’s influenced by our genetic make up, but my gut says it’s mostly cultural.

There have been many societies in the past where it was normal and socially acceptable for men to have sexual relatinoships with other men in addition to the sexual relationships they had with their wives.  (The Ancient Greeks, for example.)

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