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  • poll: Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?



    I don't know


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    I honestly do.

    It might not make sense at the time and you may not ever understand why things happened in a certain way, but I really think that everything happens for a reason,

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    I think its a combination. I think everything happens for some reason but we choose how to deal with those circumstances. I have found that at the end of most horrible things in my life, I look back and see a silver lining, even when i never thought that would be possible.

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    I don’t.

    I believe things happen either randomly or because of choices we have made in our lives. Everything in life is a variable and we are just responding to stimuli.

    Bad things don’t happen to make you stronger. You become stronger because bad things happen to you.   

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    No. Even though I’m a very “religious” Christian, I’m realistic enough to see that enough cr*p happens simply because the world is a messy place. Yes God can use anything and move you on from anywhere, but it doesn’t mean it happened for a reason in the first place.

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    I don’t believe everything happens for a reason in a “grand puppet master” kind of way BUT I do think that good things usually come from tough situations and there isn’t really a way to see that while you’re “in it”. If that makes sense?


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    I do believe that and now do believe in signs now my sister is TTC and got pregnant 8 weeks- pregnany had been trying with fertility for 3 years now. Anyways  a girl wrote a forum online about her miscarriage titled “another one bites the dust” so she opened it and read it ect. that night my sister was worrying about her pregancy due to a weird feeling and took a drive, was crying and turned the radio on to exactly the song and lyrics “another one bites the dust” and  was starteled and quickly changed the station and the song was Rihanna at “I want you to stayyyyy” she said she started crying and a week later miscarried she was never a believer before… 

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    Not at all.

    Of course, everything has cause(s) and I’m one of those people inordinately interested in figuring out the causes for happenings.

    But most people who say this mean, “everything happens for the better, in the long run” and no, it most certainly does not. Good people suffer, innocent babies die, evil people go unpunished… none of these things lead to good outcomes, at any point. The world is not perfect, the world is complex with sad things and good things.

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    By The Way, sorry to hear you’re going though a rough time. You can and I’m sure will make the best of it. This too shall pass.

    Keep in mind that the most well-lived life is full and complex, with both suffering and joy. An easy life is an empty and flat one. Your sorrows will make your history richer and your personality more nuanced.

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    I do, but I don’t.

    I’m pretty religious, and I believe that God orchestrates everything, down to the little details, etc., etc., etc.

    But that doesn’t mean there’s a personal meaning for EVERYTHING that happens to us. I don’t think we were meant or created to be able to interpret everything accurately. We definitely project what we want to believe on certain events, and honestly, we’ll never know if our interpretations are correct.

    So I just like to take everything one day at a time, and I try not to assign meaning to certain things.

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    No. We are all masters of our own destiny and by relying on fate or “signs” we surrender all control over our lives to things that do not exist.


    The idea that something else is controlling my life is not a good one at all.


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    I voted No because I’ve seen too much with no good reason for happening to thnk everything happens for a reason. 


    I’ve looked back at some situations and can see how that situation has led to something better, but I don’t generally believe it.

    Edited to add: an example of a good outcome is being ina relationship with a guy who was abusive in every definition of the term. I got myself out and met a guy who I would normally have written off. But I was able to appreciate what a great guy I had finally fou d because of the shit I had to deal with previously. I wouldn’t be married to this guy if it wasn’t for what I had been through.

    Where I have seen no good outcome: a 29 year old man, healthy and active has a workplace accident which puts him in a coma and he almost dies. He miraculously comes through without brain Downside his body works fairly well and he’s quite independent, but he can never go to work like he used to. His internal organs will fail earlier, and his physical mobility will see him old before him time.

    He’s still having tests and operations two years later. The whole incident almost destroyed his family, emotionally, financially, every way

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    No, not everything happens “for a reason.”  I do not believe there is some grand puppet master or “force” guiding everything along.  Bad things happen just plain out of the blue.  People turn on you, the chances don’t work out in your favor, nature goes off the rails.  I stopped believing that after a wildfire threatened my neighborhood. Some asshole on the other side of the woods was playing with fireworks on a dry winter day where winds reached 40 mph, and the winds fanned the flames and sent them straight to my neighborhood.  Everything happens for a reason, all right…

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    I’m undecided. I think good can COME from most things that happen but I don’t think that good always is worth the bad that happened. I do tend to say “everything happens for a reason” though because I can often see WHY things happened and what they lead to. For example, I got a job almost 4 months ago. After a month, the long commute was already killing me. I applied for a different job and got it. I do know that if I wouldn’t have worked this job I wouldn’t have gotten the new one.

    But things like, why my cousin’s twins were born several months early & died within a day for one and a few days for the other? No, I don’t know why that happened. She’s not a better person for it, she struggled with it for a LONG time and I’m sure still does daily, only more inwardly.

    I don’t think everything happens for a GOOD reason I guess is what I think. I do think there’s a reason but sometimes it’s a really shitty bad one.

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    @alotlikelove:  I believe things happen for a reason all the choices we make shape our lifes the way its meant to.

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