(Closed) do you blend finances or split down the middle?

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I think it totally depends on the couple. My mom and step dad split everything down the middle and have their own accounts. That it what works for them. Fiance and I are more loose about it. We take turns paying bills and things like that and plan to open a joint account soon. We will both keep our own “rainy day” accounts though.  But thats just what works for us…

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We still have separate checking accounts. Its mostly laziness. We don’t keep track of household expenses enough to split them down the middle exactly. i.e. I pay the water bill and he pays electric/gas and I’m pretty sure I’m making out like a bandit. I just think sharing would be annoying. How do you check for fraud? Do you ask your Darling Husband about every little thing you don’t recognize to make sure someone isn’t using your card?

We do share a savings accout/rainy day fund. I don’t see anything changing until we have kids.

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Everyone’s going to be different, but I pay Fiance a flat rate through direct deposit every month that covers my half of the mortgage plus a little more.  I pay for groceries and he usually picks up 80% of our dinners when we go out and everything else.

When we get married we’re planning on a joint checking account and contributing an equal percentage into it every month… like 60%.  The other 40% is our money to play with as we choose.

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We have combined everything. Most expenses go on a joint credit card and we pay that out of one of our accounts (used to be his account but I was added to it). We pay our rent out of our other account (used to be mine but he was added to it). We personally don’t see the need for keeping separate money, since joining our accounts didn’t change our spending habits at all (i.e. we’re not individually spending more just because we have access to more money). For us, this is much easier and makes more sense. 

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Nope, as of now, things are separate. We plan to open a joint account for household bills when we’re married, but we still keep our indvidual accounts. He wants to pay his financial obligations on his own because he doesn’t want me to be responsible for his past mistakes. After he’s paid them off, we might join finances.

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We have a “Yours, Mine, Ours” system. The joint checking and savings accounts are for all household expenses, dinners out together, vacations, etc. We both contribute equal amounts to this account. And then we have individual checking and savings accounts so that I can treat my girlfriends to lunch and he can buy a new toy, all without having to check-in with one another.

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Everything is combined for us too. We sat down and made a firm budget together and we go over it once a week to make sure that we’re on track/see what we need to cut back on to make sure that we stay within the budget for the month. We talk about any major purchases together and we make decisions about how much to put into savings, etc. together.

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before we were engaged we had a giant spreadsheet where we’d keep track of who had spent what on our joint expenses (car, rent, pet bills, groceries, etc). it was never even though–i’d bought a bunch of stuff at the beginning of living together, like furniture, so he always “owed” me. then when we got engaged we just stopped keeping track since it was eventually all getting combined anyway. now that we’re married we share a credit card, but then we’re also joining our checking/savings too, eventually (when we get around to the paperwork…oops…)

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We have combined everything. We personally see no need to keep anything seperate and have been this way even before marriage. But this is what works for us.

There’s nothing separate. My family would scoff at it! They believe in the female having her own nest egg. My SIL does and my brother is totally fine with it! It’s common in our culture.

Whatever works for the couple.

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Busy bee
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we blend 100%. theres a hundred reasons why,but the main ones are that Im not such a spend freak anymore. When it was my own money,I was stupid with it and would pretty much blow it without thinking too much about bills (I was terrible,I know!) and also,Darling Husband earns much more than me so it seemed silly to have a seperate account for what little I was bringing in.Its just easier to have one account together than have to worry about who pays what,and when. We can have it all just come out of one account. But we also withdraw X amount each week,and thats the money we have to spend and play with.

Any big purchases we clear with each other first,but mostly its just things like food shopping and travel expenses.

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Fiance and I plan to keep our seperate accounts for now.  For the most part we will have certain bills we are responsible for.  FI makes more than I do, so he’ll handle the rent and larger expenses, and I’ll handle groceries and the smaller bills.  And we’ll  each continue to pay our individual bills as needed. This is pretty much how we live now, even though we don’t technically live together yet.  

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We put 60% of what we make into the joint account (savings adn checking).  This covers all of our joint expenses as well as things one person may want and the other agrees to (i.e. my ring upgrade, my student loans, his new TV, etc)


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We don’t have a joint account, but we do have linked accounts.  That works best for us.  We use the same bank but have seperate checking accounts.  Both of our names are on each others account though so we can see each other’s account when we log on to web banking and can transfer money between accounts online.  We do keep seperate savings accounts though.  

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