(Closed) Do you block people on FB?

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    I have blocked a couple of people. One was because he was a rather aggressive ex boyfriend. He would do some really bold things on there and was just really overstepping boundaries both in real life and on facebook. The other is my sons father lol. I just dont want him knowing my personal business. not that i put too much up there but even pictures I upload or whatever I dont want him seeing it. so yes I do block people. but its only been in two very specific cases.

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    I have blocked so many people. I come from a small town and I was finding that too many people were involved in my business. Honestly, I have had little to no backlash and my facebook has 66 people on it. It is nice knowning every single person on there and it has also helped stop the wedding drama.

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    I blocked my ex. We were friends on Facebook, but then he got a girlfriend who did not want us to be in contact, so I thought that if we were to not see each other and not talk, I didn’t want access to bits of his life through Facebook and I didn’t want her to be able to facebook stalk me through him. So not only did I remove him from my friends, but I also blocked him altogether so the temptation would not be there.

    We now exchange emails for birthdays and Christmas and he thanked me for this, even though he first thought it was harsh.

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    You have to be either mean/aggressive or incredibly annoying for me to block you.

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    I haven’t blocked anyone, but my rules for accepting friend requests are generally that I have to actually know you… and if you randomly starting chatting with me – would I find it weird? If so, no friend for you. 🙂

    I do HIDE a ridiculous amount of people from my newsfeed, as well as applications/game crap, my search settings are set so you need to be a friend of a friend to find me, you can’t index me on the web through FB, and there are albums and occasional statuses that are only viewable by some people.

    🙂 Life was easier before FB, no?

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    i blocked my bosses. like to keep my work as my work, and my personal life personal. nothing against my bosses, i just didn’t want to have to ignore a request of someone i see all the time, so if they can’t find me, they can’t try to friend me=)

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    I have definitely blocked people. I would say my rule is pretty similar to yours.

    And also high school friends, if we weren’t friend in high school why would I want to be “friends” with you now?

    I do share things on FB so if I don’t want you knowing these things then we’re not friends. I’m not going to filter what I share on FB because of who my FB “friends” are.

    hehe. I initially thought you meant news feed. There are four people I have blocked from my news feed. One is my husband’s crazy ex-aunt who bombards my news feed with stupid Farmville. One is a ex-coworker who is ALWAYS complaining and I don’t think she should be! She found a guy, got married, got pregnant, healthy pregnancy. But she was complaining ALL the time. Drove me crazy. Another just posts way too much. Another is a co-worker’s wife whom I can’t stand but for work PC reasons I remain “friends” with her.

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    I blocked an ex-boyfriend who I care for, but who alarms me sometimes…He is severely bi polar and can become aggressive during manic episodes. I care for him deeply but I had to take that step.

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    I never have – but @MrsE.ToBe: I never knew that you can block youself from a search. I also like to keep work & social life seperate, and have recieved a few requests that I just ignored, but it would of been nice if they just thought i wasn’t on fb to begin with.

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    I haven’t blocked anyone, but I do not accept random friend requests either. My requirements are that I know and like the person, and if it isn’t someone I have been in contact with for a while, it has to be someone I am interested in reconnecting with. I feel like that is how I am in real life too, though. I’m just not interested in collecting ‘friends’ that aren’t people I genuinely want in my life.

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    I used to do modeling and pageants so I’ll often get requests from random dudes where the only “Friends” we have in common are the girls I met during those things – so I deny and block them because it’s not like they really know me.

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    I HATE that FB changed the privacy settings so that you can no longer set No One as an option for who can search for you. Due to this, I have mine set to Friends of Friends, but that still lets people request me as a friend that I haven’t spoken with in years, or barely know. My rule is I ignore them once, and if they ask again I block them. My friends on FB are my ‘real’ friends. I don’t use it as a virtual life, but a way to stay connected to my true circle of friends and family.

    And totally agree @Gerbera… Why do people from High School think that you should be FB friends when you spoke to them once in the four years you went to HS together, and that was 15 years ago (in my case)…I can’t wrap my head around it. Plus I grew up in a small town, and lots of folks are still there…No need for them to be in my business.

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    I blocked my Future Father-In-Law…. YES I DID!!!! And a guy i knew from high school who tried making out with me AFTER i told him i was engaged and had 2 kids with someone he was friends with in high school… He wasnt even on my list until after that so when he requested me i blocked him… lol

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    I only block in extreme cases or if its a spammer. And I also blocked my ex Fiance. It was easier to move on without the constant contact and seeing the updates.

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