(Closed) Do you bring your sick kids to work?

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Um, I don’t bring my kid to work in the first place, so no, and HELL NO to bringing a sick kid anywhere other than to the doctor.  Ew.  Though, in a pinch, my mom and Mother-In-Law both live within about 30 mintues so if I were in a jam I could call one or both of them to stay home with Dirty Delete if she fell ill and Darling Husband & I both had to work.

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I remember going to work with my mom when I was sick as a kid, but it was because my mom was a single mom and she had no other option. I remember getting locked in her office with a type writer, a bed of blankets and pillows, and I wasn’t allowed to leave or touch anything. 

That was when I was really young though. As an older child I would stay home alone and complain about it. Once I was able to drive (14 in Alberta), I would drive myself to my mom’s work and sit there with her after work so she could take me to the doctors. Again, in her office, never touching anything aside from a few things and not talking to anyone but my mom.

I used to work with a single mom and she brought her daughter in when she was sick, again because there was no other option. If though, there was another option, then I would do that as a parent.

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Keep your kids at home if they’re sick. That’s just a bonehead move. Unless there is no where else to go and you’re at risk of losing your job if you stay home with your child, do not bring a sick kid into work. Don’t bring a sick anybody!

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I always think it’s so strange when people do this. If it’s something non-infectious? Eh, weird, but oh well.


…..STREP???? Uh, no. That person is a giant ass.


Santitize all the things!

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I’m sorry that crazy. Just because he is the brother doesn’t mean he needs to get away with anything. How much money would it cost the business if the whole office came down with this?

I am a pragmatist and if you feel you would get some repercussions for it then don’t do anything, but if there is a way you can check with Hr if they have one or speak nicely to your boss, then do it.


People are insane. I’m happy my previous office was a strict corporate place with procedures in place, because I’m shocked at some of the stories I heard on weddingbee about what goes on in other offices.


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@Treejewel19:  I don’t have a kid, so I can’t comment on your original question, but it drives me INSANE when people bring their kids to work. For any reason. The last thing I need is a child touching everything (because they always do) and then rubbing their noses, eyes, and mouth, and touching more stuff. 

I will say, our CEO brings his kids in once in a while, but they’re old enough to entertain themselves and are super, super polite. 

But… the office isn’t friggin show & tell. No, I don’t want to hold your daughter’s new baby. And no, I don’t care when you give me evil looks for cringing at the idea. I’m here to work, not to babysit. 

*Rant Over*

Hope you have a can of Lysol handy. That, or a giant bubble. 

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The fuck? That is so inconsiderate.

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@Treejewel19:  No kids for me yet, but I would never do that! My boss has brought her sick daugther to work too, and I was pretty irked when that happened. 

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@Treejewel19:  I wouldn’t do this. For a PA day, I might consider it. Most likely, I would just work from home (I’m in an industry where that is very common). A lot of people come to work when they are sick and I hate that. At least adults have some semblance of what is and is not appropriate to do when they are sick…children do not. They touch everything and are germ monsters. I think that is completely inappropriate and I’d absolutely say something.

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@Treejewel19:  I would never do it with any future children, and especially since I will be a teacher! They’d be infecting like 30 other kids!!!

I teach music privately in my home right now, and some parents still bring their sick kids around for a lesson. I don’t mind the common cold but anything beyond that is not acceptable. They don’t like having to pay for a lesson their kid won’t attend. Not to mention they touch everything, including putting their snotty hands all over my FH’s piano.

My mother runs a home daycare, and she does not accept really sick kids into her care (like if they have Strep, Chicken pox, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) until they are completely well for a full 24 hours. Simply because they will infect the other kids and possibly her. Some parents gripe about it and I know some of them take their sick tots to the office.

I think it’s extremely inconsiderate. Take the day off or send them to grandma’s for the day.


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Um, NO.  Very unprofessional and I can’t believe that is ok!  I get it if you need to bring him/her to run into the office to grab a few items you need.  But I’m in the camp that kids should not be at the office unless it’s a quick visit or for certain circumstances (like grabbing things to work on at home). 

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oh hell no.  kids do not belong at work – sick OR healthy!

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I don’t think people should ever being their kids to work outside of a five minute visit (which I’m still not a big fan of). I would have been extremely upset if a sick kid was brought in. There is a reason the kid isn’t going to school or staying home with her sibling- other people don’t want to get sick! So to bring your kid in and expose your coo workers is just downright rude.

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do you get paid sicktime?  If not then I would tell your boss about his idiot brother and his darling germ factory kid that he brought into the office.

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