(Closed) Do you cage your dog while out?

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  • poll: Do you put your dog in a crate/cage while you are gone?
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    We have a 12 week old puppy who gets caged while we are out. But our 3 year old gets free roam of the house. As I like to say, he’s graduated from the crate ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Nope, mine have a doggie door and go in and out as much as they like.  It became a necessity since we’re away from home 10-11 hours a day (sometimes more). 

    When they were puppies, we did cage them because the two of them would get into too many things they weren’t supposed to.  (and we’d come home to “look what we destroyed today – isn’t is great??”)  But we have always made sure to exercise them in the mornings before leaving so that they can get some of the energy out. 

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    When he was really young, we used to cage him when we went out (he would chew everything and pee where he’d wish). After he hit about a year, we stopped caging him.

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    When we first got our lab, we crated her when we were gone.  But once we knew we could trust her, we stopped.

    She now gets free reign of the kitchen and living space all day (we do close the bedroom door when we leave).

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    I crate my 2 year old lab when we leave. We have left him out and he generally tears everything in his sight apart. We walk him daily, he gets tons of affection and attention and play time, he just has a lot of anxiety when we’re gone. He goes in his crate happily and will often lay in it when we’re at home. He has a bed in it and we put a blanket over the top to create a safe space for him.


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    If we’re gone for a short time, we don’t. But if we’re gone for a really long time (more than an hour or two) we crate him because he gets into stuff. Once we left him uncrated and we came back and he had eaten like, 12 fun-sized candy bars.

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    We were baby gating our dog in the kitchen so she had space to play but not the chance to run around the whole house, then I started letting her have the whole house for part of the day (I go home at lunch) and today was her first full day to be out of the kitchen so we will see how she does! She’s really good, and all she does is sleep while we are gone so I think she’s fine.

    ETA: we close all the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom, so really she can only roam the kitchen, dinning room, living room and hall.

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    We got our dog when she was 3, so no we never crated her. But if there were behavior problems, we could always get baby gates and use the kitchen as a cage. She’s never been caged, so I couldn’t imagine doing that to her now (she’s 9)

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    Omg Yes. My dog is turning 11 in a few months and he is not to be trusted. I blame my Darling Husband (our dog was 5 when we started dating). Its a giant pen and we leave a blanket in there for him to cuddle on but our house would be a wreck every.single.day otherwise.

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    No, we leave her in our sizable master bedroom suite (which has hardwood floors) and a doggie door to the backyard when we go out.  She would have free run of the house but she sometimes poops upstairs in the (carpeted) loft when we’re gone so she has lost her full house roaming privileges.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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    When my family got our dog I was a senior in high school. I remember we had a crate and hadn’t had a dog before so, we figured that she would be safe there. She was so calm when we got her.lol I was the first person to get home that day and I went downstairs to let her out and the little monster had ripped the plastic part that she sits on to shreds! There were pieces of chewed up plastic all over the room. When she saw me she was just sitting there giving me that “What?” look. lol So after that no more crate.

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    Yes, we crate right now because he is still only 5 months old and cannot be trust to have free run of the house.  When he can be trusted, then we’ll leave him out.

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    I do crate my 2 year old Maltese-Poodle mix. We actually put him in our laundry room and close the door (bigger than a typical crate). He is house trained and we do have to make sure that doors are closed and shoes are put away with him, but we tried trusting him and it worked for a while. But about 4 times he started to chew the carpet where it attaches to the wall and ruined it pretty bad ๐Ÿ™ So I just don’t want to take the chance because he’s bored. Luckily, he’s only alone for a 2-3 hour inbetween period when my SO leaves for work and I get home from work. It makes me feel sooooooo guilty lol the little look in his eyes when I pick him up to put him in there ๐Ÿ™ BREAKS MY HEART!! lol

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    I have a 5 year old dog who we recently (we’ve had her for 3 months) rescued. She doesn’t really understand the whole house training thing. As in, she goes absolutely every time we take her outside, sometimes asks to go out, but will also go in the house if she decides she needs to go. We have her on a pretty regular schedule, with the exception of meals. Shes generally suspicious of her food, and takes a while to decide to eat it. Which sometimes means she skips meals, and eats them later than shes supposed to. She lost her den instinct, because as a breeder she was crated her whole life and literally lived in her own waste. Since we got her, she is much better, and only goes in her crate every now and then (having gone right before we put her in and only been inside for a couple hours). My fiance and I are both students, so we have very irregular schedules. During the day shes never in for more than 4 consecutive hours, and we exercise her a lot. We just don’t trust her to not go while were out. If she improves a lot, we might start leaving her alone in the house, but I’m not optimistic. All that being said, growing up I always had dogs crated as puppies and confined to the kitchen while we were out. I think if we had a different dog who was a little more trustworthy we would not crate them. And I do love my dog to death. Shes great despite her difficulties with housetraining. Also I should probably mention, our dog loves her crate. She goes in all the time even when she has free range of the house and knows to go in if we look like we’re getting ready to go somewhere.

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