(Closed) Do You Care About Labels and Status Symbols?

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  • poll: Are status symbols important to you?
    Yes, status symbols are important. They are an outward indication of your social status and success : (41 votes)
    9 %
    No - Not at all. : (80 votes)
    18 %
    I like nice things, but for the thing itself - not its label or pricetag : (303 votes)
    67 %
    If something is cheap/non-designer, its crap and it tells the world you're nothing special. : (11 votes)
    2 %
    Other - Explain : (14 votes)
    3 %
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    Wow. Never realized there was so much hate/judgement for people who enjoy designer items.

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    I voted for the 3rd option, but there are instances when I would buy the brand name a little bit for it’s status symbol.  I can’t really pinpoint it exactly, I’m not a flashy person.  If there were 2 purses with a similar sized logo, one was $100 and an unheard of brand whereas one was $105 for a status symbol brand but otherwise the same in every other way, I would go with the more expensive one.  I wouldn’t pay a $50 difference though.

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    @Birdi:  LOL then you are just like two of my friends. 🙂

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    @Zhabeego:  As for the tony zip codes, I don’t even know if Canada has what would be recognized as tony postal codes 🙂  I’ve never heard someone picking an area over another due to it’s symbol status.  I’d love to hear from someone who feels otherwise!  Amenities, crime, etc. yes, status – no.


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    On some level, I think everyone is concious of and aspires to obtain certain items, statuses that society deems as a successful. That’s where motivations/apsirations are derived from. But I think everyone values it differently and goes about pursuing it in different ways.

    Nope, I really couldn’t care less. I don’t own any desinger purses, I drive a nice car (Mazda CX-5), but it’s not a luxury car. I own nice clothing, but only two or three pieces are top brand names, but I got those at the thrift store. We are buying a nice, new home, but it fits our needs/budget, not because of a societal status symbol.

    I did, however, care about what college I attended and graduted from during undergrad. I really wanted to attend a top tier private college that had a great reputation and was highly ranked. Fortunately, I was able to do so on generous scholarships. For me, university status really mattered.

    In contrast, my Darling Husband didn’t care about what college he attended (he went to one close to mine), but he cares about the brand of clothing he wears, likes expensive watches and buys only certain brands of shoes.

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    I like nice things.  Am I always willing to pay for nice things?  No.  I also love a good deal, so I am no stranger to Target, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack.  I often choose what to spend money on…it’s usually makeup and skin care, which of course no one can really know if I’m wearing something expensive from Sephora or Cover Girl so that’s just for me.  Sometimes though I do splurge on a nicer pair of jeans or a more expensive purse.  I try and balance everything though, and feel extremely blessed that my husband and I are able to live within these means.  

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    I care about status and prestige when it comes to my education. It was important to me to go to a school with a great reputation. When it comes to other stuff, I don’t really care. I don’t feel the need for a huge fancy house or a luxury car or anything. I guess I only really gravitate towards higher end makeup and clothes when I notice a difference in quality or if I really like a brand (like Coach, which is more masstige than prestige anyways).

    I live in a small town and grew up in the country. Because of our location, low-key environment, and limited access to ‘luxury brands’, I feel like a lot of the stuff my Fiance and I (and my family) have does act as a status-symbol when in another location it would be seen as ‘normal’.


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    Yes and no, but I will pay more for something I think is actually WORTH more, if that makes sense.  I do own a lot of high-end things but I refuse to buy something simply because it has a designer label if the item worth doesn’t reflect the actual price.  I also don’t particularly care for things with the designer label splashed all over them though.  

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    @Zhabeego:  This is interesting.

    I own a lot of “name brand luxury items” especially for my age.

    I have 10+ Coach purses. They are amazing quality, if anything ever happens to anything I’ve purchased from Coach, I can go to the store and they will do something about, whether I have a receipt or not. They check if it’s authentic, and I either get a credit to spend at the store, or they send it to be fixed, etc. Also, not all Coach purses are covered in C’s.. I actually think I maybe own 1 with the C pattern. The rest are different style and colours, some fabric, some leather.

    I got a brand new 2012 Mazda 3 (obv not luxury).. I wanted to have a car that wasn’t constantly breaking down. Honestly, I do wish I had just gotten a good quality used car.. I’ll be paying off my car for a few more years at least.

    My engagement ring is Simon G, but my diamond is from an online retailer. This I do not, and never will regret. They have a lifetime guarantee, and i have never questioned the quality of my ring. You can tell just by looking at it that is amazing quality, and the little diamonds aren’t going anywhere. I have however, heard scary things about tacori and Vera Wang.

    Pretty much all my make up comes from Sephora. I definitely appreciate good quality make up. Mascara is the same everywhere, but I’m really picky about eye shadow, eye liner and lip stick, the rest is mostly the same quality. But I am a sucker for anything that smells or looks pretty so Sephora tends to drag me in to buying the other things too.

    Fiance and I currently live in a small apartment, and the only thing I would leave it for would be to have a backyard for our dog. I feel like if I had a fancy house, wore louboutins everyday and drove a BMW, that my friends would roll their eyes at me lol. I know my mother rolls her eyes everytime I buy a coach purse, but that only happens once a year other than boxing day.


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    @lolot:  Haha…yup Darling Husband drools over $8k road bikes.  I have found that nicer brands are better for athletic endeavors, whether that’s running, hiking, biking, whatever (versus going to Wal-Mart), they can be worth it if you’re doing it a LOT or for a long time!

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    @foreverdreaming:  You really believe that a pair of shoes from Forever 21 are going to last as long as handmade Italian leather? I have owned pairs of Forever 21 shoes and you and I both know they don’t last all that long. The heels wear off quickly and often to a nub within weeks, the seams come apart (depending on the fabric) and the inner padding wears down/slides/comes off. There is no way to salvage these. Take into consideration vintage designer shoes that I have owned for years and that are nearly as old as I am. They look and feel amazing and with a bit of maintenance here and there are like new.

    While there is nothing wrong with buying discount or affordable (who doesn’t love Target?) you cannot compare the quality and design of higher end (in most cases). If you dislike designer items because of their look, price or the idea behind them that is totally reasonable but disregarding the quality of higher end items doesn’t make more affordable items any better. As someone who owns and loves both affordable and designer I see the very obvious difference on a regular basis.

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    I voted yes.

    As much as I want to say I don’t care, I really do care about status symbols, and often want to buy things that are expensive or designer. I buy expensive clothes, I’m pretntious about education and careers, and I’d love a huge e-ring.

    That being said, I realize that this is a manifestation of insecurity on my part. I’m pretty young (mid-twenties) and while I’d LOVE to be secure in myself and not care what other people think, I still do. I want people to think I’m successful and have everything together, and status symbols are a reflection of that. It’s something I’m working on, but I definitely have a ways to go with it. At least I’m self-aware 🙂

    More power to all of you that voted no!

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    I have coach bags bc an outlet is less than one mile from my house, so I can get good deals. my husband and I wear nice sunglasses bc I worked for a sunglass store in college, and once you own a nice pair of polarized sunglasses you really can’t go back. I also live in a nice house, and own a black lab (in the suburbs nontheless). Guess I’m a yuppy who is too obsessed with status, and people should feel sorry for me? Or, I just like what I like?


    I don’t run marathons or do yoga…does that make it any better?


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    I can be a bit of a brand-oriented person when it comes to quality. For instance – I usually only buy OPI nail polish and Essie (even though it’s not as good as it used to be). Nobody knows I’m wearing OPI but I feel better painting my nails with it. 

    Same with makeup – most of my makeup is from Sephora. Would you know? Nope. But I feel better wearing it and applying it. 

    The only name brandy things I have in my wardrobe include my roots trackpants and quite a few lulu items, a tna winter coat and I do enjoy a good quality hoodie for summers around the campfire. All of these things are probably not considered too brandish for someone shopping designer! 

    The rest? Doesn’t matter much to me if you know where it came from. I’ll never be flashy with brands.

    You’ll never see me carrying a coach wallet, MK bag or anything of the like. Although… I do only wear Ray Ban sunglasses… guilty there!


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    My hobby is horseback riding and that’s where I put a lot of weight on certain name brands, not because of the “prestige”, but because they indicate quality. When it comes to my riding equipment, I use the heck out of it so I want it to LAST. Those $700 tall boots aren’t because I want to brag about the brand of my boots, but because they fit incredibly well and will hold up to longer use than the $200 boots.

    When it comes to everyday items, I don’t care too much about brand name. There are certain brands I gravitate towards due to fit/quality, but not because of the label itself. I would rather spend a little more and have something last a while than buy on the cheap and need to replace it again soon.

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