Do you care what people think of your child's name?

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Brickette :  I obviously wanted people to like my daughter’s name but nothing will please everyone. My husband and I are the only opinions that mattered.

That said we were aware that people will make initial judgments on names and we wanted something that we felt aged well. I get compliments on her name all the time and I while I didn’t think I’d care that much – I actually do really love all the compliments we get on it. 

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fromatoz :  

My stepkid is elementary age and so is surrounded by unique names. In fact, in their class alone there were multiple Axl’s, Jayden/Jaylen/Brayden/Brycen, Harlee Rae, Kelson, etc…

I wouldn’t say these are particularly unique, but they are definitely bogan! 😉

I decided on it because (1) we liked it and (2) it is a nod to both my husband and my ancestry. But point #1 is really all that matters, because I’m more worried about raising a young man that when people hear his name, they think of his character vs nit picking a name.

I agree – it’s important to raise good people. However, I don’t think parents liking a name should be the #1 reason for choosing it. As parents we have a lot of power and responsibility, and we give our children a name they have to live with every day. I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to try to find something we like that also doesn’t disadvantage the person who has to have the name. Yes, kids get made fun of for pretty much anything and everything – why provide another reason, or an obstacle to overcome?  Just some thoughts. My Mom was a bit of a hippie and almost named me something very ‘unique’, but my Dad put a stop to it and they agreed on something else. I am SO grateful to him!

This isn’t an attack on you by the way – I don’t know what your son’s name is and I’m glad you found something that was meaningful to you. 🙂

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Aussie bee here…I was going to say it brings to mind “dacks’ like another poster said.  Also, Dax rhymes with tampax if you’re looking for rhyming insults kids might say lol.  I’m also a believer that name can ‘predict’ future pathways and I don’t see Dax being a doctor/lawyer/businessman/banker/policeman/fireman/teacher etc…Dax seems like he might end up on the dole.

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yes and no. I tried to pick names for my kids that were normal but not super common. I don’t want something totally off the wall and out there, something that could make it hard for them to be taken seriously, etc. 

That said, I like the name Dax and wouldn’t think anything of it if I heard it. 

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Yes and no. DSD’s name is Yuana (pronounced yu-AH-nah), and I wondered for a bit before her first visit to the US if I should suggest she use Joanna, or something else more typically anglicized. She can be a bit shy when put on the spot, and I was worried about Starbucks baristas asking “What??? Your name is what??? How do you spell that???” while she worried about if the problem was her English or her accent or what.  But then I figured every third kid is named Snowflaykke or something similar now; everyone’s heard more unusual names than Yuana. And in the end it was fine.

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I haven’t had children yet but my fiance and I often talk about this. I have a very generic name and my fiance has a non-generic name.

I’ve always hated my name because it’s boring and in school I’d be in class with 4 other girls having the same name as me. For my first part time job I worked in a convince store with 8 other people with the same name. It’s extremely annoying and I have considered legally changing my name but weirdly I’m too embarrassed to ask other people to call me by anything other than my birth name.

My fiance grew up being bullied because of his name. Now he loves his name and grew into it.

So when we do decide to get pregnant we do have a couple of unique names that aren’t too uncommon.

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I’m an immigrant and grew up with an extremely “foreign,” long, and hard to pronounce name. I actually don’t have a particularly strong attachment to my name. It’s fine, I don’t want to change it, but I’m also not hurt and upset when people mispronounce it. I also don’t feel any special disadvantage due to my name. I still managed to fulfill all of my educational and career goals with my non-common name. People live and work in international environments these days so there will be plenty of people who are not named Jennifer and John.

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No name is gonna please everyone. Imo as long as you don’t give your kid a name that’s totally fucked like Moon Unit, or something with a universally bad connotation …no harm no foul. I do side eye people who choose deliberately bizarre spellings of otherwise normal names just to be unique, but I’m not sure that would set the child back in life…more just create unnecessary hassle for them. My mom has such a name and she still rolls her eyes about it at the age of 61.

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Fiance and I talk about this quite a lot.  He has one of the most common surnames in the world, and neither one of us want a common name, but we also don’t want something too off the wall either. 

My name is Scandinavian, and in the US is very similar to another suuuuper common name and I get called the wrong name all the time.  People I’ve worked with for years still call me the wrong name.  It’s constantly spelled wrong too. It’s ridiculous.  So my daughter (from a former marriage) has a 4 letter name that is fairly rare.  She still gets called the wrong name.  Most people though have loved her name when they find it out, and I did put a lot of though into how it would “age” with her. 

As far as kids with my Fiance, we are both of Scandinavian descent and want to use a Scandinavian name.  This was brought up to my future Mother-In-Law in casual conversation, and it didn’t go over well.  Needless to say, she will not be told the name before any baby is born.  I don’t want or need the comments. We plan on picking one that will translate well to being in the US, because some names really don’t work well here (pronounciation issues, spelling issues etc), but since his last name is so common we don’t want a common first name. So, no, I don’t exactly “care” what people think of the name I pick but I also wouldn’t name them something I think might hinder them in the future.  People make judgements based on resume’s and applications before meeting someone unfortunately.

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I did.  Older bee here, I had my child in 1982!  They didn’t do ultrasounds much then, usually only if they suspected problems so we didn’t know the gender.

My ex decided he wanted to name a boy Damien.  This was shortly after the movie “The Omen” came out, this evil child-character’s name was Damien.   I said no way.  I even asked the nurse if it comes down to it, who actually gets to decide?  She told me you do.  You are the one that will fill out the birth certificate and name info and it doesn’t matter what fuss your husband might make.

Baby was a girl, but it literally got down to that.  He was such a ***khead.  You know, for the record!  The kid is great though!  🙂

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I think Dax is a cute name, but I’m not sure how well it suits an adult.  I personally don’t know any Dax’s.  I’m a US Bee and see Jax (short for Jaxon/Jackson) used a lot nowadays.

Naming our daughter was one of the hardest things my husband and I have done.  Coming up with a prenup was 100x easier!  We couldn’t agree on anything and part of the problem was my husband did very much care about what others thought of the name we would pick.  We both have relatively common names and he definitely did not want something Yooneek.

I had my heart set on Kinsley Paige.  My husband said he didn’t even know how to pronouce it correctly, LOL.  So we settled on Brooke Kinsley Paige (yes, she has 2 middle names).  I’m glad we went with a more conventional name because I’ve never gotten a side eye with her name.

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Brickette :  I just had a dad and son come into my office, and the son’s name was Dax! I Googled Bogan and I would say they were definitely not that lol! 

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Yes and no.  I like uncommon names, so I understand that not everyone will like them.  However, I like real names and I don’t want anyone to think we purposely mispelled it.

Also, I love Dax. I think you should go for it.

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In a way I would.  If it was a name that 90% of people just thought was plain stupid then I wouldn’t because it quickly stops being about me and the names I like and it becomes their name which will be a distinguishing feature of them for their entire life. 

However too often I see comments that you should give your kids easy to pronounce names which I don’t agree with.  My kids will have cultural names and if people give a shit about me or them then they can learn to pronounce it. 

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I used to be a recruiter and I saw some brilliant names. I had one CV from someone called Godknows! 

I think it’s important to think of the adult with the name. I see lots of babies with ‘baby’ names or the shortened version of a longer name and I wonder whether those names with grow with them. I have a friend who is a lawyer called Tammy and she is so upset with her mum for calling her Tammy not Tamzin. She felt at least Tamzin sounds more professional. 

I think if you are going to go ‘out there’ with a name, it’s a good idea to give a seriously boring middle name so they can use that if they want.

My son has a very traditional name and my daughter has a welsh name which isn’t very common here in England – of course I say that and I’ve already met another baby with her exact name lol.


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