Do you check expiry dates on your food?

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ashleyroo :  oh yup!! Cream/cheese/eggs. Some veg. Everything seems to come in huge packets and it’s only the two of us so we end up not using it and it goes off. That even includes bread. We don’t use it a lot so we only buy it when we need it (fiancé isn’t a fan of anything doughy) and usd 4-8 slices and then it’s mouldy. So annoying! 

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I definitely pay attention to dates. I don’t eat dairy items past the expiration date. If we buy things that are too much for us to eat in the week (which is rare), we freeze them. Bread, cheeses, sauces, extra veggies, fruit or bananas for smoothies… I hate throwing away food so I do my best to save extra in the freezer, find 2 recipes to use what I’ve bought that week, or substitute another item so I don’t have to buy one off things that go bad. 

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We always check the expiration dates on our food! We will eat things even after the expire date honestly, as long as they don’t smell,look,or obviously taste weird. I think for some things the expiration date is just a ruse. 

For things that come in a bigger amount I 9 times out of 10 end up freezing parts of it because if I didn’t I would end up wasting loads. I freeze everything from meats, breads, pastries, vegetables, desserts, etc. literally everything lol people may think I’m nuts but it really saves money and also I’m not wasting or throwing food which I absolutely hate to do. 

Also, like the PP, I try to make my meals according to what I already know I have to use them up. 

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ashleyroo :  I do pay attention, but most of them are a “Sell By” or “Best By” date. That means the quality is better before the date, not necessarily that it’s unsafe after that date. If it looks and smells ok, I’ll probably eat it. If it’s a “Use By” or “Consume By” date, I’m more likely to throw it out, but I might still eat it depending on what it is and how far past the date. Fancy yogurt expired yesterday but still looks and smells fine? I’ma eat it. Deli crab salad expired 3 days ago? Yeah no, not chancing that one. 

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Daisy_Mae :  what she said. Most food dates are “best by” or “sell by”, not “consume by”.

We buy a loaf of bread and keep it in the freezer because we don’t eat much bread either.

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It depends on what it is, but for most dairy products I stick to the dates or for something like yogurt might go one day past.

Things like mayo, certain salad dressings and plain greek yogurt (we use it as a condiment) almost never get finished before we trash them.  Lots of the condiments that have a fair bit of sugar/salt we’ll go past the best before date, but it’s common for those to get thrown out before we use them too.  Those types of things we ddon’t usually look at every time we use them, we’ll just sort through a bunch at a time or check if it’s been a while since we used it.

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I check expiration dates right before I’m about it eat/drink it. lol We both love cooking, so we fight over who gets to cook what. I would still say that I do most of the cooking, but honestly that’s not saying much because we both work so much that we really don’t have time for that. 

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Mostly – no. I’m careful with fresh meat and fish products. I’ll happily eat things like salami past its expiration date but am more careful with ham. When it comes to dairy, I smell and taste it and if it smells and tastes fine, I don’t care if it’s over the date. Same for eggs. I check bread, fruit and veg for mould. If it’s a very hard, salty cheese, I cut off the mouldy bit. If veg/fruit is a bit soft or wrinkly, I cut it open and smell and taste.

I know most people will think I’m taking risks but this is how my mum taught me and she was taught by her mum who lived through the war and lived to be very old. A while ago I found a jar of pears in syrup my grandma made in 1983 (!!!). I ate it and it was delicious!

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ashleyroo :  I hate to waste food so I’m very careful about what I buy and plan my meals around what expires  soon. I so most of the cooking so this makes it easier to work around dates of things. I prefer to cook because my husband will just buy whatever he needs without checking if we already have some at home. Drives me bonkers when he does that because for a lot of years we had limited kitchen and fridge space because we lived in a smaller home. We live in a bigger house now and it still drives me bonkers but for a different reason. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pantry items like a packet of dry crackers or a tin of peeled tomatoes are not such a big  thing if it goes a little past an expiry date

I’m still shocked and envious of your willpower regarding sour cream. Sour cream never goes off at my house because I’ll demolish a tub of it in two seconds flat because I love it so much! Now I’m drooling like Homer Simpson just thinking about sour cream! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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Most of the time “expiry” dates are very exaggerated – producers playing it safe rather than food actually being inedible.. so I would also use some common sense sometimes as to whether the food is actually bad or not.

Also, as a PP mentioned – a lot of them are also “ sell” or “display” by dates for shops – again, not always an Indication or whether it’s good or not.

take them with a pinch of salt..

Also, a lot of the items you mentioned can be frozen for later use if you are worried about the dates on the packets. Milk, buttermilk, cream, bread etc. Worth doing to avoid wastage.

I don’t mind cooking and I’m decent at it – can manage quite varied stuff, but I’m a bit lazy with it. like when I lived alone it was egg in a cup for dinner!

my fiancé is a fab cook and will cook a proper meal every night even if just for himself. So I let him do most of it now.. it’s great!! 

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I check the expiry dates on packaged foods, but for the veggies and free range farmers eggs and such I usually eyeball it. ๐Ÿ˜€

I don’t use any meat after it’s best before date but I might be guilty of drinking milk 3 or 4 days after opening the carton.

Not paying attention to the expiry dates is one of the biggest causes for food waste in the world. 

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Only for meat. For eggs I’ll do the “float test” and use them way after the sell by date. Anything else, I eyeball/smell. 

FYI since you specifically mentioned sour cream – it’s usually good for 2-3 weeks after the date. It’s pretty obvious when it starts to go bad.  

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Nope, I won’t use or eat anything past the expiration date. I also don’t do the ‘sniff’ test, as food can be bad without really smelling ‘off’ too. I also can’t stand certain smells, like milk, so I can’t rely on my sniffer to tell me if it smells ‘ok’.

We’re very aware of what we’ll use meat wise for the week, so we very rarely have to discard any meat items. We’ll freeze it before it expires. 

Veggies are a different story. So many times we have to buy a larger pack than what we need, so often they’ll go soft or moldy in the fridge. Those we just toss to the chickens, so it really isn’t wasted in my opinion. They also get our tossed leftovers too. Those little buggers eat everything and anything. 

Condiments are the biggest things that we toss and/or waste. I’ll go through our fridge occasionally and toss items that have been opened for far too long. We’re getting better at not purchasing more than we need and using what we already have. Not perfect, but getting better. 

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Fish and chicken I stick strictly to the use by dates. Anything else I keep an eye on them but usually judge it by smell or eye. Most meat I’ll have a day or two after, eggs again a day or two. Anything else as long as it hasn’t gone mouldy and as long as it smells fine it’s fair game. 

The thing I end up wasting most often is salad stuff. Or usually stuff like cream or milk I’ve just brought for a new recipe I want to try

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