(Closed) Do you consider lateness to be rude?

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  • poll: When you are meeting up with someone, you usually...
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    @MrsPanda99:  I hate it too!  Of course my BFF is ALWAYS REALLY REALLY late.  So I’ve just started planning on being an hour late no matter what we do.  If he’s early he waits for me (although I think that’s only happened once so far).

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    It bugs me, but I don’t see it as disrespecting me.  I see it as “life happens.”  If people are constantly late, I usually just build that into my planning.  To me, seeing a friend who may be as busy as I am is worth adding in an extra 10-15 minutes.  I just bring my Kindle and get some reading done as I wait,

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    Ugh, drives me insane! I’m generally early places because I don’t want to arrive late. For me, if you’re running late or whatever, call or text me and let me know!

    It especially drives me bonkers if I make plans with someone for the day, they’re already running late, and then they never show up. I had a friend that did that chronically for several months once, so I stopped trying to hang out with her. And then she got mad at me becuase I never wanted to do anything!

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    I definitely think lateness equates to rudeness.  If we agree on a time to meet and I make the effort to be there and you dont, why are you exempt? how are we even on the same level?


    Granted there can be special circumstances that, though suck, interfere but those dont occur often.

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    Yes, it bugs me. My friend is like this and when I take trips with her, it’s to the point that I arrange the travel and then tell her a fake time about half hour earlier than it really is. I imagine I’ll have to do this for the morning of the wedding too. 

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    @MrsPanda99:  It definitely irks me, especially since I’m the type of person that will give myself an extra 10-15 mins of travel time just so I don’t end up being late.  I definitely don’t put as much effort in for someone that shows up late, be it friend, vendor, or whatever.

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    @MrsPanda99:  There is nothing quite as condescending and rude as a person who behaves as if their time is more valuable than yours….I understand that life happens, we get delayed, distracted and have personal emergencies, but if someone is chronically late, I just start telling them earlier and earlier times for things so that I trick them into being on time…and I only wait 20 minutes for anyone….no phone call?

    I leave

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    @MrsPanda99:  I am almost always late and I hate it. It isn’t because I am trying to be rude or that I don’t care but frankly I have way too much on my plate and I try to get too much done. My friends know and I apologize. I also make sure to communicate in advance when I know I am going to be late.

    With this in mind I am more than understanding if people are late and have communicated to me accordingly. Can’t be hypocritical.

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    @MrsPanda99:  Totally with you!  I hate being late to the point that I carry a book with me so that I have something to do when I arrive early.  My parents are both chronically late people and my Fiance is a in the nick of time guy.  Everyone jokes about it but I take it as a huge sign of disrespect to be late to things.

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    I’m generally pretty forgiving, but yeah, if I had to hurry to make it on time, or I have something later that day, and they’re late… I get annoyed. At work it’s huge for me, but I do try not to overschedule myself in my personal life too much so if my friend is a bit late or my sister is a bit late it’s not that big of a deal.

    I annoy my SO when I take a long time to get ready for work in the morning (we’re up so bloody early, I can’t help it!!!), but once I’ve actually woken up I am generally quite punctual.

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    Lateness is my biggest pet peeve. If you are early you are on time, if you are on time you’re late!

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    ugh yes. i have one friend who is ALWAYS late. there is nothing more infuriating than being ready for a dinner or something and having this chronically late person picking you up. i just pace and get ragey with each passing moment. we had tickets to a musical once and were supposed to have dinner beforehand… we almost didn’t even get there in time for the show (and we didn’t have dinner!). she is a teacher and we met up after I was done work one night this summer and she was SOMEHOW late… even though she didn’t work that day and I did! wtfffff. it makes me (unreasonably, maybe) angry. so i’m with you.

    IF something were to happen and I am running late, I ALWAYSSSSSSSS call and apologize profusely and figure out some way to make it up to the person who is waiting for me. but i usually err on the side of being way too early (for flights, for example…)

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    Hate it. I am consistantly on time for everything. I just plan for it. I’m not saying I’ve NEVER shown up 5 minutes late, but it’s super rare. If a normally very timely friend showed up late, I wouldn’t be furious, but if I had a friend/relative do this on the regular, I would be majorly pissed. My sister does this. Darling Husband and I have gotten in the habit of telling her our plans are for 30 minutes before they actually are, that way she shows up on time. We said brunch was at 10:30, but it was actually 11. Guess who showed up around 10:55? It worked like a charm.

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