(Closed) Do you count your rings and dress as part of your budget?

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  • poll: Does your wedding budget include your dress and rings?
    Yes, it's all money for the same purpose. : (97 votes)
    58 %
    No, I counted my wedding ceremony and reception as one fund, my dress and our rings were seperate. : (54 votes)
    32 %
    I didn't pay for my dress, so I don't count it as part of the money spent. : (16 votes)
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    I don’t think I’d include it ours (someday) but then again I’d have to see what SO says when that time comes

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    • Wedding: September 2013

    If we’re paying for it, it’s accounted for in the budget. If I so much as sneeze, I want to know how much the tissue I blow my nose into costs.

    As far as dress, my stepmom bought it for me, but I will be paying for any alterations, my shoes, and hair pins. If it’s an outfit-related cost, it comes under “dress.” My engagement ring is already paid for, but hell year our wedding bands have a line item. I said X amount of dollars, and damn it we are staying within that number!

    We’re going on our honeymoon in 2014, so we will start setting money aside after all the wedding expenses are paid.

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    • Wedding: October 2011 - Bed & Breakfast

    Our “wedding budget” was for anything exclusive to the wedding weekend. SDo rehearsal, all attire and accessories, paper products, food, newlywed breakfast, photographer, accomodations, etc. The rings, since they are for use both pre- and post-wedding weekend, were considered as seperate from our wedding budget.

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    • Wedding: December 2012

    Q – Does Your Wedding Budget include your Dress & Rings ?

    A – YES

    The ONLY Non-Wedding Expense is my E-Ring… as I have always determined that to be seperate and apart… as it happened first (lol, without an ERing / Proposal there would have been no Wedding / Marriage)

    That said…

    Our Budget has many headings and sub-headings

    We have the TOTAL AMOUNT that includes everything we’ve spent… then we have SUB TOTALS for different categories

    Rings & Our Wedding Present / Watches for each other – Wedding Attire (mine & his… including for myself… My Dress, Slip, Hair Clip, Wedding Day Jewellery personal grooming things like my Hair Appointment) – Ceremony Etc (Marriage License – Officiant – Flowers – Photographer etc) – our Vacation & Honeymoon** (also divided into 2 parts… as there was a Pre-Wedding Trip as well as our after the Wedding Cruise) – and then expenses associated with Back Home Reception for Friends & Family (Invites – Postage – Hall Rental – Catering – DJ – Cake – Champagne – First Drinks etc).  And lastly a Misc Category that covers things like Wedding Announcements – Thank You Notes – More Postage etc

    All in, our Wedding Expenses will turn out the way we expected… with the most money being spent on what we see as the most important elements for us (memory generators)

    Our Extended 5 Week Vacation & Honeymoon (LARGEST EXPENSE BY FAR… that one includes the whole enchilada… Hotels – Restaurants – Sports Activities & Entertainment – Sightseeing – Travel Insurance – Car Expenses for the Car Trip portion including Gas, Tolls, Parking while we were cruising – Airfare – Cruise Tickets – and all things we spent on the cruise be they ON SHIP or OFF) – our Rings & Wedding Watches – The Back Home Reception Party for our Friends & Family – and lastly Wedding Photos and sentimental things from our Wedding & Honeymoon to decorate our home.

    All in, we may have eloped (and been married before), but we easily have spent what an “Average” Pouffy White Family Wedding would have cost someone who went that route.  It just was that as Encores this was more our style… and what we wanted to do to make Our Wedding… more US at this stage in life.

    Hope this helps,

    ** NOTE – Our Wedding happened over the Christmas Holidays… so we were away 5 Weeks in total (as planned).  The whole thing was sort of a Honeymoon / Wedding Trip for us… with due to logistics us getting married in the middle of the timeframe not the beginning or end.  So all the expenses for the time away are part of our Wedding Budget… BUT we did make it very clear that the actual Honeymoon part of our vacation happened after the Wedding… so once that happened we certainly ramped up our spending / expectations to make the rest of the trip more spectacular / memorable.  Lol, our Post-Wedding Hotels & Cruise may have only filled up 10 days of our 5 weeks away… but they certainly fill up more than 50% of our travel budget for the entire timeframe !!  We consider the whole thing … Extrended Vacation / Wedding / Honeymoon a “Trip of a Lifetime” for us.


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    • Wedding: September 2012

    i didn’t vote, but we didn’t count the rings (both my rings and his ring were purchased a few months before the proposal and paid off 6 months after). i didn’t pay for my dress (but i did pay for the alterations), and i still counted it as part of the budget. my mom surprised me by paying for it the day i picked it out.

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    • Wedding: April 2015

    Nope, not putting my dress into the budget for the overall wedding. Fiance bought my wedding band with my engagement ring, so it’s already paid for. And I plan to pay for my dress outside the overall budget.

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    • Wedding: November 2013

    My parents paid for my dress so we didn’t include it.  We’re including our wedding bands in our budget, but not my e-ring. Fiance had a separate savings account for just the ring. Our “big” honeymoon is not going to be part of the budget either. .We’re doing 2 honeymoons, a mini moon right after the wedding where we may just stay in our home city at the hotel we’re getting married at, or we’ll fly to Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa/Vancouver the day after the wedding and stay in a nice hotel there for 2-3 nights. tTen we’re doing an all inclusive in January for a week. It didn’t make sense to go away somewhere warm/tropical at the begining of November, when it’s still warmish here. Getting away for a week or two in January though when it’s -40? Much better idea, and it breaks up the long cold winter.

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    • Wedding: June 2013

    I counted my dress but not rings (or honeymoon).  Those are the only things my parents aren’t paying for and the only things that arent just for the day of. 

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    • Wedding: May 2012

    I included the dress but not the rings!

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    • Wedding: June 2014

    I am planning on counting my dress as part of the budget, and our rings as well, especially FIs since his is mostly a stage prop since he can’t wear jewlery to work and doesn’t wear it at other times. His band will likely only come out a few times a year. I will not be wearing my engagement ring and wedding band together because of work, so if it wasn’t social custom and Fiance insisting I need both, I have both, just like I wouldn’t buy a “one event white dress” if it wasn’t for the wedding and my family. I considered not counting my jewelry since I will wear it again, but since I am buying it for the wedding, it counts— same with FIs clothes.

    I am not counting makeup I buy for the wedding, since I am likely to use most things again both before and after the wedding. I am not counting our gifts to each other or our honeymoon as part of our budget (nor items/clothing I buy for it, including wedding night lingerie), nor am I counting “after wedding” expenses like our albums (we are making our own) and thank you cards (which will have photos in them as our favors to our guests– plus this should be under 40 dollars including postage).I am counting engagement pictures since they are part of our photography package. I also am counting the amount we spend on gifts for our families and those that have helped us out with the wedding, since we will have to save for it. We’d like to make it a healthy sum because our wedding is a “homegrown” one and our families are helping extensively.

    I am also not counting any pre-wedding parties or get togethers as part of our budget since as I will not be hosting them, and am hoping my immediate family won’t feel the need to either since they are helping pay for the wedding. Even though the sums of money that our families are providing are gifts, I included the expenses they paid for in my total wedding budget.

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    • Wedding: November 2013

    I’m including everything except my wedding set (e-ring and wedding band) because they were paid for before the engagement. I’m counting every. little. thing. like even the headband for the flower girl. It helps because we use our “pocket money” and not our savings for all of the little things and it’s like a built in buffer, on top of the 10% emergency buffer for unforeseen expenses. 

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    • Wedding: October 2009

    I could sort of see leaving out the rings, on the theory that they are for life rather than just the wedding day (although I did count the one I bought in our budget).  But on what theory would you leave out the dress?  Unless it’s something you could wear again, it seems like it’s definitely a wedding expense.

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    • Wedding: September 2013

    I include my dress but not rings or honeymoon

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    • Wedding: July 2013 - UK

    For me, EVERYTHING is part of the wedding budget. The stamps for your invitations. The 20p piece of ribbon you got to fix the back of a flowergirl’s dress. The cake cutter you bought second hand. The minute piece of tulle you bought to make your own cake topper. YES, wedding rings and dress are a big part of that budget.

    … however, I am not including my engagement ring in the budget because I simply don’t know how much it cost. In fact, I know nothing about it save that it is platinum, with an IF diamond, which was bought from X store (and I only know where it was from because I have to return it there to be cleaned every year). I don’t even know the carat size. Fiance and I are traditional that way (although not in other ways, LOL!).

    EDIT: Yes, in response to PPs I include everything, including the honeymoon, the hen and stag dos, etc etc in the budget.

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    Well, I’m planning far in advance for something I want that might be controversial and is definitely expensive: which means if I want it badly enough – and I want it my way – I’m counting it in the budget. That includes the engagement ring, though I hope it, at least, ends up being something I don’t have to pay for to have be just perfect.

    Don’t get me wrong.

    It’d be so nice if my partner matches my preplanned budget but since I’m planning full in fairytale mode, I don’t expect them to. And I already know there’s no way my family will be contributing to costs, at all. Even if they did, I have absolutely no stomach for any of them having any say in anything I want to do for my big day (“that dress is so tacky,” “why do you want that, that’s so weird,” “we need blah blah blah that you don’t care about at all,” “who are they? Well get rid of them so I can bring this coworker/friend from highschool i haven’t seen in 30 years but want to impress,” bip please. Not gonna happen.).

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