(Closed) Tell Me!!! Do you creep on exes?

posted 7 years ago in Relationships
  • poll: do you facebook creep?
    yes, but I only creep on my exes : (60 votes)
    32 %
    yes, but I only creep on my SO's exes : (17 votes)
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    I creep on both! : (60 votes)
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    Nope, I never creep : (50 votes)
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    Guilty! I have creeped majorly on one of DH’s exes in the past, via going through all of her pics/comments on fb. Early into our relationship, he had TONS of pics of the two of them on his computer…she was drop-dead gorgeous (I was a *little* green with envy), but she cheated on him (whore), sooo… one day, I gathered all of the photos and wrangled them into an Desktop Album. The files were named appropriately: mydearest_and_mariamthewhore_1 and so on Smile The photos have long since been deleted, but I can’t help but check out her fb page every now and then…uggh

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    PPs, your posts are HILARIOUS!!!

    I hate to admit that I’ve creeped DH’s ex…but not on FB…she still has a myspace account (seriously!) that she uses and she STILL says she’s in a relationship with him and has all their pics up. 

    In the beginning of our relationship (over 3 years ago), I was PISSED but now, I’m just waiting til the day when she deletes them….and thanks to myspace, it tells when the person last logged in and she’s on there at least once a month (last login was 3 weeks ago) so it’s not like she forgot about it.

    She DID get a FB account last year and “friended” Darling Husband so he accepted it b/c he wanted to see if she was gonna post those same photos of the 2 of them.  He updated his status to engaged and she immediately “defriended” him.  Then she “deactivated” her account until a few months ago and never uses it….just her myspace account.

    I’d like to say I feel sorry for her but seriously, after this many years you’d think she’d be over it.  Now I understand all the crap she put him through during their relationship.

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    i read this and just went to creep. but i dont know why i feel funny when i do it i dont want my EX or anything its been over for 6 years i guess caz i never got closure.

    4 1/2 years is a long time to just call it quits and not speak to that person anymore.

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    lol good one! i used to but now i no longer have facebook or twitter so i dont do any more. it used to bug me too much becaue i used to creep on ex and his gf and any other ppl hes close to hahahaha. hahaha creeping is just something else and it consumes you. lol social networking sites make stalking fairly easy

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    I do on my ex, just because we were best friends for so long its weird not talking and the fact his in the Army over seas, so I check up on him to make sure he is still alive. 

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    Never.  They’re exes, and because of that, they don’t matter to me.

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    I actually really like 3 out of his last 4 exes, in fact two of them are my BMs (it’s totally not weird, one has turned into one of my best friends and is in a relationship of her own, and the other is engaged to another one of our good friends). The ex I “don’t like” I’ve never met but have heard stories, but I only looked her up once, and the third I like lives far away but she’s a sweetheart. They all ended on good terms from what I understand – relationships turned friendships. So I don’t stalk, we’re already friends.

    I stalk my own ex about every few months to mentally make fun of his receding hairline at 24. Haha. 😛

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    Sometimes… ive stopped since getting engaged though…funny isnt it. lol i just dont care anymore and also hope they dont care about whats going on in my life

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    @Vidya:  +1

    Me too. I like to know things. hahaha

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    Total creeper on my exes! SO doesn’t have any exes, so I can’t creep on his, but if he did, I would probably creep on them too. Just cause I’m a creep. LOL

    I’m actually friends with several of my exes. Before SO there was really only a very select few that really got me all in a Twitter, and most were just the passing boyfriend/flavor of the month. I especially love creeping on my exes that are now married with families! 🙂

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    Eh… not so much anymore on exes of mine – but once in a great while I’ll creep on SO’s ex-wife.  Just to make me feel better about myself. 😛

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    Not really.  I am still Facebook friends with a few of my exes that I’m on friendly terms with, so I occasionally look at them if they come up in my feed, but it’s nothing that I don’t do with all my other Facebook friends.  I don’t creep on the exes I’m not on good terms with.

    I DEFINITELY don’t creep on DH’s exes.  I like to pretend they don’t even exist.  One of them just recently got on Facebook and sent Darling Husband a friend request.  He found out that she’s married now, and he started looking at her wedding pictures.  He then called me over to point out that her dress was almost exactly like my mom’s (that I was photographed in and then had altered so I could wear it to the rehearsal dinner).  It was so awkward, and I hated it.  Then, last night, he reposted a couple pictures of the stray momma cat and her last kitten that we’ve been taking care of – we’ve been trying to find forever homes for them.  Almost immediately, she commented and said she would take the kitten.  Then she emailed him to ask when she can come over to meet the kitten, and she said she wants me, Darling Husband, her, and her husband to all be friends. 

    And then I had a super crazy moment last night and completely broke down and sobbed like a crazy person to Darling Husband about how I hate the whole situation and waaah waaah waaah boo hoo.

    Yeah.  It’s better if I just continue to pretend like they don’t even exist.  No e-stalking for me!

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    I dunno if it’s creeping, but I still keep in touch with one of my serious exes and I’m actually friends with his wife on facebook, she’s a sweet woman and perfect for him in a way I just never was.

    A few other exes though? Ugh, no. Good riddance, and I don’t care if your new gf is hotter than me because she can have your crazy self.

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    I did a couple of times on facebook lol. One of my old ex flipped when my facebook status turned to ‘in relationship’ after him. so I checked on the next to make sure I’d blocked him! lol

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    I have creeped my exes a couple of times, but I really try not to.

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