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  • poll: Who does the laundry?

    I do my laundry, and he does his

    I do both of our laundry, and I have a full time job

    I do both of our laundry, and work p.t. or SAHM

    He does both of our laundry

    Other - refer to comment below

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    Mr. Duckerson can and does do laundry, but he doesn’t do it to my standard. So I typically do all the laundry and he’ll hang his own stuff up. Doesn’t bug me much, just drives me bonkers if he doesn’t put a dryer sheet in, or fabric softener, or my favorite when he forgets to do whites seperatly….

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    We both do laundry. I don’t put his up because he has a certain way he wants things in the closet, and I have yet to figure out what exactly his system is for organizing. I will hang it and leave it in the laundry room for him to put away. Like SeaSalt, whoever is home when the laundry needs to be done is who does it. 

    We both split up household chores as we always have. The only one that’s not split evenly is cooking, but FH doesn’t really know how to cook much.

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    We both do laundry. Our clothes go in the same hampers, get sorted together, then get washed together. Who ever is free at the time awitches them over and then we usually fold/hang the clothes together.

    We both work full time jobs.

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    I usually do the laundry, but that’s just because SO would wait until he literally had nothing left in his closet to do it. And he has a ton of clothes, so that would take awhile. We share a hamper, so it’d be way more work to sort out his clothes and my clothes – I just throw it all in together. I don’t always put his stuff away, though. I usually fold it and set it on this small table in our bedroom. It usually takes him a couple of days to actually put it away, but he’s getting better because he knows it bothers me. He will absolutely throw in a load or two of laundry if he notices it’s done or if I specifically ask him to. In no way shape or form does he just assume I’ll wash and put away his clothes for him!

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    I do our laundry. The house work is my area, the fixing things and outdoor maintenance is his. 

    He will help sometimes, but usually only if its raining out or something lol. 

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    I do all our laundry and we have a toddler in the mix.  And I also work full time.  And honestly your argument is kinda silly. It takes what maybe 30 seconds to flip a shirt to correct way.  My DH does that to, I just flip back after they are dry to hang up. Most of the time he will fold clothes if I ask him to.

    Besides he mows the lawn and snow blows in the winter so I can’t complain … about doing laundry

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    I work full time and we have a 2 year old, but I do ALL of the laundry. He knows not to complain if he has no socks clean at the end of the week (he wears like 2 pairs a day.. lol) or if they’re not put away to his liking. I only have time to do laundry on weekends, so if he wants something washed in the meantime, it’s up to him.

    I also do the dishes and good most meals.

    He snowblows, mows (although sometimes I do to, just for the exercise), looks after the garbage. builds and repairs around our house, etc. He also is an electrician and does much more physical labour during the day than I do, so I feel like it’s only fair for me to do a bit more around the house.

    I don’t mind though, he makes up in many ways. He does certain chores, and I do certain chores, and it works for us.


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    We each do laundry, typically our own but are also happy to add some of each other’s into it. I’d say I probably do more, but am okay with it because I don’t particularly feel like mowing the lawn, although I have also done that on occasion when needed. 

    If he’s particular about how a certain item is treated in the laudry, he’ll likely do it himself and vice versa (I’m particular about my pants, undergarments, and certain tops). 

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    In general, we both do our own laundry. Sometimes I will wash his with mine, because I don’t have a full load (my clothes are a lot smaller, and I don’t put all of them in the washer).


    DH actually does our shared laundry more often than I do – towels/sheets/dog beds. Up until a few weeks ago, we both worked full-time. He does the heavy loads of laundry because it’s hard for me to carry it up/down the stairs in our house.

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    FH does both our laundry most of the time, because he’s home more. That includes towels, bed sheets, and other things that need to be washed like curtains.

    Doing laundry seperately is definitely not economical because the loads would be small, use the same amount of electricity to wash and dry (when not air drying), and they use the same amount of soap and softener, as well as the same amount of water – and water bills can get quite high here and we just don’t have the money to pay for wasted water.

    Is there something positive to doing laundry seperately?

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    We both do laundry. I do it more often than he does, he usually works 11 or 12 hours a day. But even when he does wash/dry the laundry the folding/hanging and putting away falls to me because he doesn’t care if he’s clothes are folded or put away, he’s content just leaving it in the basket haha but I have OCD so even if he were to fold my clothes I would refold them. 

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    we both work full-time and the maid does it.

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    We both do the laundry. It mainly depends on who has the time to do it. A lot of the time, it ends up being me. He’s in his 2nd year of med school and has been studying like ALL the time. He hasn’t been able to pitch in with household chores as much as he did last year, but he helps out when he’s able to. And he never complains. 

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    I always do both of our laundry because sadly I actually enjoy doing it!! LOL I think DH did it once ever cause I was sick but I like to be the one that does it because I think I do it better and if left up to him it probably wouldnt be done for weeks!!!!

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    I do both of ours once or twice a week.  He folds his own clothes because he’s very particular about it.  I just leave his stuff in the dryer and he takes care of it.  We both work full time.

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