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  • poll: Who does the laundry?

    I do my laundry, and he does his

    I do both of our laundry, and I have a full time job

    I do both of our laundry, and work p.t. or SAHM

    He does both of our laundry

    Other - refer to comment below

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    I do all the laundry and always have. This is nothing new… I did my fair share when I was growing up as well, because my Mum was ill.

    Recently, DH had complained that his work shirts are not neatly ironed enough for him. My response? “Well, you know what the answer to that is, don’t you?”

    If he doesn’t like how I do it, he can do it himself, but he doesn’t get to complain. I draw the line there.

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    I do both of our laundry. His stuff is ALWAYS turned inside out but I do it anyway. I work at an office job, yes I’m tired when I get home but he is much much more tired. He works a full time job as well as a construction side job every day.

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    We both do laundry, with him doing slightly more  than me… I pick up the slack in the kitchen. We both work full time with long commutes.

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    It’s my responsibility but he occassionally takes care of it. Team work makes the dream work 🙂

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    @Jamieg:  i’m engaged but I live at home and Fiance lives on his own. I will not wash his jocks or anything else until we are married and livng together….hehe!

    Having said that I will occasionally wash his shirts if we are going somewhere fancy….he washes like a boy and never gets out the blackish marks around the neck!

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    I do mine and he does his and we split the towel/sheets sometimes i’ll do it or he will… but he’s super picky about his clothes and how they are folded so i don’thave time for that lol, and he likes to use scented detergent and i can’t because i have sensitive skin so i have to use free and clear. But we split up the house hold chores he does most of the out door stuff and i’ve offered to help but hes particular about the lawn so i’ll do the flowers. he’s not afraid of the vacuum and dusting but i do the bath room.


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    We take turns. He works nights I work days and go to school at night – so whoever gets to it first. We should probably set up a system around our schedules.

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    My Fiance and I don’t live together, so I bring all my laundry to his house and do it along with his. I have to pay to do laundry at my condo, so this arrangment works better for both of us. Sometimes we fold laundry together after he gets home from work, but I don’t mind doing it all myself either. I work shift work, so I only work three days a week, which means I have lots of time on my days off to do laundry and other household stuff. Fiance works about 10 hours a day, five days a week, so I like making his life a little easier.

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    I do the laundry for both of us…but that is because if he were to do mine and mess something up I would freak! It gives me peace of mind to do it, even though he would if I told him to.

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    My chore is laundry and he does vacuuming and dusting. I figured I would do the laundry because 1. I dont mind it and 2. If he did it, my clothes would sit in the washer or dryer all the time and that is a huge pet peeve of mine!

    He also does all the yard and I tend to the grocery shopping/cooking and dishes. He cleans the bathrooms while I am pregnant so I can avoid the harsh cleaners. We try to keep it pretty even as we both work full time.

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    I only work PT, so I pretty much take care of the household duties, which is fine with me. Then again, my DH never complains about the way I do laundry, cook, etc. It might be a different story if he did!

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    I do his laundry, we both work full time, but he is the main house cleaner – he does all the vaccuuming, floor cleaning, rugs, etc… My mom still can’t believe I managed to find a husband who does all the outdoor & most of the indoor cleaning. 

    On my end I do dishes, beds, laundry and some upkeep cleaning. I definitely think I got the better deal. 

    Also, he totally can’t be trusted with laundry – throws everything in together, doesn’t check for stains before drying, leaves clothes in dryer until they are hopelessly wrinkled.

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    It’s easier for just one of us to do it – we both have our own methods.  🙂

    When he started refusing when I asked him to go down and change the wash is when I started involving him.  I sort and bring it downstairs, wash and dry it.  Most loads I even fold into the basket as they come out of the wash.  But the whites, towels and sheets are all him.  He also has to fold the underwear and match all the socks – cause I hate that.  And the whites are 80% his t-shirts.  Those loads I bring up and dump on his side of the bed.  When I put it away I sort our stuff into piles on the bed (hey, it works for me), but I don’t put his away.  He usually ends up putting his away so he can get in bed at night.

    ETA – our household operates on the “If you care, you take care of it” mantra, for the most part.  I hate grass and would kill it all and plant a garden.  He likes it, so he maintains the lawn.  He thinks flowers are fine, but doesn’t really care if we have nice gardens, so that’s my deal.  He’d wear every piece of clothing he owned and then spend a whole weekend doing laundry, so I do the wash once a week.  Dog hair on the carpet doesn’t bother him, so I vaccuum every couple days, etc, etc.

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    He used to do his and i’d do mine and the household but lately we switched to me doing all the laundry cus i no longer trust him not to ruin his clothes. lol But thats not working out too well cus its just too much for me to do everything. I tried giving him the job of washing the towels instead but he doesnt care about clean towels, he’ll just use the same towel for 3 weeks and not care so thats not working too well. I may end up letting him do his own laundry again.


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    I typically start the laundry because I get home from work earlier but we both load it into the dryer/hang what needs hanging and fold. He usually puts the clothes away because its the task i hate most in this world lol.


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