(Closed) Do you donate blood? Why or why not?

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  • poll: Have you ever donated/sold your blood?
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    It’s one of those things that I’ve always felt like I should do but I’m highly unlikely to when it’s inconvenient.  In my area I believe you have to call and make an appointment and go…who knows where.  Yeah…too complicated.

    I would totally donate if it was convenient.  For example, if when I was at a hospital if they had a big arrow saying “this way to donate blood – we’ll have you in and out in under 30 minutes!” I’d do it every time.  Or if there was a mobile blood drive at my work or even outside the grocery store or something.

    There is no pay for donating blood where I live.  Wouldn’t really make an impact though.

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    I haven’t donated and I probably will never be able to! Weight requirements and other medical issues…

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    I tried to donate for the first time last year, I thought it would be a good thing to help others and I am the “universal donor” in terms of blood types. 

    Four nurses tried unsucessfully to find a vein on me.  Apparently my veins are too small and they couldn’t find one.  After 20 minutes of looking for a vein I told the nurses maybe it wasn’t meant to be. 

    I don’t think you get paid to donate blood in Canada.

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    I only have once, every other time my iron has been too low.  I did it and continue to try because I believe it is important for my community.  I have not been paid, although sometimes there are promotions like a raffle or $2 coffee card or something.

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    I used to be a regular donor, particularly plasma if I had the time. I’m B+ so about 20% of the population shares my blood type. Unfortunately two years ago my iron levels were too low to donate but these days they’re back to normal. I moved about a year ago and no longer know when and where blood drives happen, but I admit I’d love to donate again soon. I’ve got nice, big, visible veins that don’t roll and I’m an easy stick. I’ve never had a vein collapse on me, thankfully, but I have had a few bad jabs with inexperienced people before.

    The discrimination against gay men with regards to blood donation rubs me wrong, but I honestly can’t boycot donating precious fluids when there are so many people out there who need blood. Is it asinine to discriminate in these days of quick test results and safe sex awareness? Yes, very. But there are people out there with nothing to do with the discrimination who need a chance at life.

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    Also, the Red Cross recently changed their regulations about piercings and tattoos. Depending on your state, you no longer need to wait an entire year post-ink or six months post-piercing. Sometimes the wait is as little as 30 days.

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    I’m no longer allowed to. I donated blood once though I was technically under the weight minimum and nearly passed out. My veins have also been designated as too small to use the normal size needles. It’s sad really, because needles don’t freak me out at all, and I’d love to be able to give blood. Fiance has giant monster veins and is terrified of needles. *sigh*

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    I tried to donate regularly, but my iron levels didn’t get repleted fast enough. I have an easy time, but here in Canada we do not get paid just cookies and juice! My city doesn’t do plasma only or else I could do it more frequently.

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    Not allowed too. Up until five years ago I never met the weight limit anyway but I’m chronically anemic so my bloods not good for them. 

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    babeba:  Unfortunately, I get tattooed too often (you have to wait some number of years after a tattoo in many states) and also faint when stuck with a needle. Even if I waited long enough between tattooings, I’m probably more trouble than I’m worth.

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    I’m also in the UK so we don’t get paid.

    I used to live in Manchester, and donated regularly. I never failed a donation or had any problems. Then I moved to Cambridge and later to just outside London, and I never managed a complete donation since then. The needles started to collapse my veins, and after collapsing the big veins in both arms so completely that I started brusing and swelling up, I just got sick of it. The last time I went, the veins in both arms collapsed, I barely managed to donate any blood at all, I ended up with an irritated nerve, and I had massive track marks and bruises. So I quit.

    That was a few years ago now. I really should go back. I donated for years with no problems at all prior to this…

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    babeba:  I donate sometimes. I haven’t in a little while because of getting tattoos. I used to do it often. I don’t get any money for it but a blood mobile comes by the college or the high school a few times a year and I gladly do it. I have a common blood type so I see no harm in donating. 

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    I donated regularly for years — up until about 2 years ago. Admittedly, I should make more of an effort to go to school/church drives. I always went to a donation center, but in the last year that I was donating there, it was an increasingly hostile environment. I’d make an appointment and walk in, only to be told that it didn’t matter — there’s no difference between walk-ins and appointments. Every time, it was, “It’s probably going to be a two hour wait, do you want to reschedule?” I eventually just stopped rescheduling after it happened for the fourth time.

    In the past, even with similar numbers of donors (and staff!), the wait was usually about half an hour tops.

    One time, I made an appointment. I was in my car, about 2 minutes before my official appointment time, when I noticed a woman in plain clothes going in. “Oh,” I thought, “I guess they opened earlier today.” They had irregular hours — opening at 8 sometimes, 9 on other days (appointment was at 9). So I walked in, signed in silently and sat down to read their booklet. I never bothered anyone or said anything to anyone. The woman came over to me and instantly tore into me about how they aren’t “even open yet” (Lady, I walked in less than TWO minutes early) — turns out she was supervising the place or something. I’d never seen or met her before and didn’t see her after that again (thankfully). What a bitch.

    The next time around, my birth control pill caused my blood pressure to zip from its usual 110/70 to 140/80. Since BCP do not prevent someone from donating blood, and prescription medications like that are not asked about in the interview, it was never mentioned. Of course, I’m overweight (albeit, at this particular time, not that significantly). After taking my blood pressure, the phlebotomist gave me a long, lingering look and said, “You’re too young to have high blood pressure.” You think so, bitch? After a lifetime of being fat-shamed, I just sat there silently.

    That was the last time I donated at that clinic. Unfortunately, many of those employees do the local drives. A few of the other major clinics nearby have shut down.

    I will probably eventually get back to donating…in 2015, after I give birth. For anyone else into this sort of thing, it’s also wise to consider getting on the National Marrow Donor Registry.

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    I donate every 8 weeks. They don’t pay you for it in California, but I have plenty of blood… So why not! 

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    Anything involving needles I have no part in! LOL! I donate money to Red Cross. I often travel as well so I’m not eligible to donate blood.

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