(Closed) Do you double up with protection?

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  • poll: Do you double up with your birth control options?
    Yes, we use the pill and condoms : (56 votes)
    22 %
    Yes, but we use some other combination (explain) : (18 votes)
    7 %
    No, we just use the pill/condoms/other : (157 votes)
    62 %
    We go au natural and take our chances : (24 votes)
    9 %
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    I have an IUD and we still use condoms as well. SO doesn’t want to risk getting pregnant before we are ready. I would prefer we cut condoms out of the equation as I’m allergic to latex and it is getting more difficult to find non-latex condoms in stores where I live.

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    I neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr used condoms unless it was with a new partner. Noooooooo waaaaaaaaaay.

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    Just the pill for us. I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me to take it every day so I never worry about missing it/taking it late.

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    @bostongirl27:  I really hate condoms and so does my bf. We only use them if I’ve been on antibiotics or forget to take a pill (rarely happens) or something like that. It’s like having sex w. a plastic bag… yuck.

    I know there’s all these ‘I got pregnant on the pill’ horror stories out there, but really it was designed to prevent pregnancy and if taken correctly should be good enough. Unless you’re on the mini pill, a couple of hours really shouldn’t matter. I’ve been on it for 10 years now and have never had a real scare (only in my own mind, but I’ve never been pregnant on it).

    I still worry about getting pregnant, but I guess I just chalk it up to paranoia. I suppose it doesn’t bother me enough to double up every time. Sometimes I’ll get him to pull out. If we had a baby then right now it’s not the best timing, but we’d deal w. it. We both have good jobs etc. so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. When I was 19 and having sex for the first time I sure as hell doubled up lol.

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    Use both the pill and condoms because I know too many birth control babies.

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    We used to use just the pill until we had a little bit of a scare and now we use both the pill and condoms. I refuse to be pregnant on my wedding day! And I don’t want to risk not being able to wear my gorgeous dress because I am fat and pregnant! LOL

    We will stop using condoms after the wedding, but will continue with the pill until we are ready or there is a surprise 🙂

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    just the pill for us, we did try to use condoms when we were going to have sex for the first time, but he usually can’t stay hard with them on, or at least he used to be unable to, so we went through several condoms trying to get it to work our first time (i was already on the pill) but finally gave up and just had sex with me on the pill, no condoms. the hotel cleaners must have thought we were doing it all night with the number in the bin lol. we have used condoms a couple of times since, but rarely

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    @arsing89:  DH is allergic, too, and non-latex condoms are so hard to find and SO EXPENSIVE!

    I have an Implanon implant in my arm.  It’s the most effective form of birth control out there, and I don’t have to worry about remembering any pills.  We’re pretty darn confident with it.

    That being said, if we DID get pregnant now…  Well, it certainly wouldn’t be ideal, but we’re married now and want kids eventually, so we would make it work.

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    We just use the IUD that I have. At 99.8% effective (i.e. I have a 0.2% chance of conceiving using just that over the course of a YEAR), it’s enough for us.

    As long as you’re using a hormonal method of contraception that is highly effective and you’re in a monogamous relationship then I don’t see the need to use condoms as well (especially as I would need to source latex-free condoms).

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    We only ever use one method. I just think that birth control is generally effective enough that the changes of pregnancy with one method are still pretty slim. Also, don’t jump on me for this, but we aren’t ready to be parents and on the rare chance that I did get pregnant, abortion is available.

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    Nope. I’ve been on the pill for 10 years. I, too, hate condoms and refuse to use them. I’ve always felt more confidence in my body being chemically altered than a piece of latex, anyway.

    And if we were to get pregnant, we’d be thrilled. No concern there. I guess if we were seriously in a position where we couldn’t handle a baby, I might double up. But we never have, even when we were dating. For me, if I wouldn’t be happy with a baby from the guy, I wouldn’t sleep with them. (that sounds really weird. what I really mean is that I’ve only been with men who I would have married… the first just didn’t work out, and I’m happily married to the second.)

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    Just the pill, it has never failed me. I’m on a high dose monophasic though so even if I miss one, I’m still good to go.

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    Condoms aren’t THAT effective, and I personally thing they are gross, so I only used them when with a new or temporary partner.  Darling Husband and I used Mirena, which was effective, and currently we are TTC, so nothing!

    EDIT: Condoms can be very ineffective because many people fail to use them properly.  My BFF got preggo twice using condoms…because it broke.  Because she failed to leave a bubble for the semen.  I never had a condom break, but I still hate them!

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    @GreenEyedMoon:  We found the brand I like on Amazon so that is where we get them from now. It seems like we can only ever find the Trojan ones where I live and I HATE them. It is weird that they are getting harder and harder to find since more and more people seem to be developing allergies to latex.

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