(Closed) Whats your views on drinking alcohol?

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  • poll: When do you drink alcohol?
    Everyday : (36 votes)
    12 %
    Once or twice a week : (155 votes)
    50 %
    Only on special occasions : (88 votes)
    28 %
    Never : (32 votes)
    10 %
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    @sweetchiquita12:  I drink moderately (a few times a week, usually just one drink, never more than 2-3). But my Darling Husband is like you – he never had a drinking problem, but he thinks it tastes disgusting. Alcoholism runs in his family, so he has extra incentive to abstain.

    When he was younger, he got SO MUCH CRAP from people about not drinking. It was like they simply could not comprehend that he could have a good time without alcohol. Now that he (and thus his friends/coworkers/peers) are in their mid-30s, people are a lot more chill.

    I really enjoy a glass of wine. I like the taste, and I like how it makes me feel – a little extra relaxed and bubbly. But I wouldn’t say you’re missing anything. Certainly don’t start doing something you don’t want to just because everyone hassles you about it!

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    I guess the only thing yhou are missing is the experience itself. I actually use to love being drunk, believe it or not, but I think that’s because I was pretty insecure growing up, so it was my way of having false securities. Anyways, the last time I got drunk must have been almost 2 years ago at a christmas party after my son was born ( I had no tolerance, because I hadn’t drank more than a couple drinks in about a year). I completely blacked out, and became vulgar and mean (I remember bits and pieces, and I was told).My son wasn’t there. I promised myself I would never do it again. And I haven’t. I do enjoy a buzz now and then with a group of friends, but I never go past my limit anymore. I have some internal voice that tells me when enough is enough now.

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    My thoughts … All things in moderation.  For me, this includes alcohol.

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    I’ve been drinking since long before I was legally able to. Actually, the majority of my partying was done before I was 21 which is pretty common around these parts. I rarely get belligerantly drunk but I definitely enjoy a good buzz and the occasional drunken episode. I voted that I drink a few times a week but that’s not entirely true. There are some weeks where I don’t consume any alcohol and others where Darling Husband and I have a few drinks a night. Alcohol is certainly not something that I need to be able to function, though. When you get to that point, it’s time to reevaluate. 

    As for why people drink… because it feels good and they like it? Sure, hangovers suck but not everyone gets them. I rarely get a hangover anymore unless I’m mixing which is always a recipe for disaster. 

    I have no issue with alcohol consumption as long as it’s done responsibily. Meaning, don’t operate heavy machinery while under the influence or pick a fight that you know you can’t win. 

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    I love my wine, love my cocktails, and beer is far distint third. I drink several times a week. From a beer to wine with dinner, to after work cocktails one day a week, and lots of cocktails on the weekend.

    If you don’t like the taste then don’t drink it, you aren’t missin out on anything because you don’t like it. My views are as long as people drink and behave themselves I see no issues with it.

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    I don’t drink at all.  Can’t stand the smell of it.

    I never wanted wanted to ingest anything that would impair my judgment.  I don’t like feeling out of control.

    Plus I figure the problems you are trying to drink away (not everyone, of course) are still there when you sober up.

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    @sweetchiquita12:  I agree completely! I’m in exactly the same boat: I’ve never tried an alcoholic drink that I like, so I stopped trying them. And when people would find this out about me (when I was still dating), they either told me I was a prude and needed to loosen up or they tripped over themselves trying to come up with “non-alcoholic” places to have dinner. Just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean nobody else can! And just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy my time at a bar, as long as they serve food or non-alcoholic beverages. The same was always true of coffee. Don’t like it, so I don’t drink it. But omg, how ever will we have a daytime date if not at a coffee shop. Because, you know, a coffee shop serves ONLY coffee. 

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    I love wine and cocktails, but really don’t drink that often. Doesn’t take me much to get drunk anyway, haha.

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    Only on special occasions for me 🙂 the last drink I had was on my birthday and before that was Christmas. 

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    As a “drinker” yes, you’re missing something. It loosens me up, makes me more likely to socialize, helps me relax.

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    I drink once or twice a week, usually 2-3. If I go out drinking (which is rare) it can be upwards of 12-14 over the course of the night. I should add, I have an extremely high tolerance, so that’s what it takes for me to get a good buzz/drunk.

    As far as other people drinking, or not drinking, I don’t really care. As long as you’re not trying to drive or do anything stupid like that it’s not my business.

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    I have 1-2 drinks every other week or so, not because of any particular reservations about alcohol in principle. Mostly I just rarely feel like being tipsy at home and we don’t get to go out much because of busy schedules. On a more special occasion that lasts for hours, I’ll have more. I hate the feeling of being fully drunk though, so it’s self limiting. 

    Fiance never drank before he met me, and I got the sense he was a little afraid of it, but now he shares my habits, so he sometimes likes to have a drink at home (maybe 2 times a week)

    Edit: in response to your question, my Fiance is a pretty reserved guy, so when we meet up with other people in social situations, he swears a drink does wonders for helping him loosen up. I know if I have a really crappy day, sometimes a drink can help me start to take it less seriously. I just depends on how drinking affects your personality. 

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    @Mrs.KMM:  +1.

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