(Closed) Do you drive wearing heels?

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  • poll: Do you drive in heels?

    Of course; why not?


    Depends on the style/type of heel.

    I don't ever wear heels, so this isn't even an issue for me.

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    I drive in whatever I have on my feet at the time… but am most comfy wearing flats or runners to drive in.

    I will wear my flip flops if that is what I have on, but I don’t find them the most comfortable… and I am fearful they’ll “flop” around.

    Many people assume (or have heard) that is illegal to drive a vehicle barefoot… it isn’t in most US & Canada Jurisdictions (look it up). 

    BUT it is a known fact that driving barefoot and you have less control… cause your bare feet won’t grip the pedals the same as a shoe will (any insurance company will tell you this, and in some jurisdictions so will the Driving Laws… “It is recommended to wear shoes when driving”)

    So altho it isn’t illegal, IF you are in an accident, you could very well be charged with “dangerous driving” if someone can prove that your feet being barefoot meant that you either lost control of the vehicle, or had less control.

    Stuff to consider.

    Hope this helps,

    PS… Not to mention, that if you are in an accident and need to get out of the car quickly… your shoes are going to be where ??? Probably no where easy to get to, if even insight inside the car, they could just as likely have been thrown outside the vehicle.  Now you are in a situation where you have to get out of the car in barefeet… glass, metal, and god knows what else underfoot.  Nah, trust me driving barefoot isn’t a great idea !


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    I drive in whatever footwear I’m wearing when I arrive at my car, unless it was already hurting my feet and I’ve been desperately waiting to remove the shoes. But I have to say, for me personally driving barefoot feels much less secure than in any shoe. My foot feels too soft to control the pedals the way I want, if that makes any sense. I also have really high arches, so I’m afraid that the ball of my foot will slip off the pedal and the pedal will go under my arch, where it would basically be released. To be fair though, I almost exclusively favor chunky heels just under 3″ high, so they’re very stable. 

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    How can you drive in more than a mid-heel?  Surely your feet are at strange angles in high heels?  I am learning in a manual/shift and think it will be best for me to drive with flat shoes.  And I don’t know anyone that has ever driven bare foot; this is complete news to me. 


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    As far as I’m aware, it’s illegal to drive barefoot in Australia and New Zealand, and I think (though I may be wrong) you’re also not ‘supposed’ to drive in jandals.

    Living where I do now, I never wear heels, so I drive in ballet flats or running shoes. When we lived in the city I wore heels regularly and will happily drive in them – except my 6 inch stilettos with a 1-2 inch platform, as the platform makes it difficult to gage my foot pressure on the accelerator properly.

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    No, but I almost never wear heels.

    I have a friend who LIVES in heels, though, and she always keeps a pair of flats in her trunk to change into for driving.

    ETA: I do wear wedges occasionally, and I’m fine driving in those.

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    I often do barefoot, but if I have enough forethought (and when I change careers) I will try to always keep a pair of flip flops or flats in the car! I mean it is a good idea in case a heel breaks off or something like that.

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    Gosh, I cannot drive in heels. I feel like I can’t sense where the pedal is. It’s so disorienting. I hardly ever wear heels though, so it isn’t much of a problem.

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    I can’t believe no one has said “it depends on the car” yet.

    My automatic econobox?  Yes.  I can, though it is not my favorite thing, and I pretty much have to pray I’m not ending up in a situation where I have to parallel park.

    Anything standard?  No.  Just no.

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    I think driving in heels is dangerous. A slip of the foot is amplified by a hundred in heels as compared to flat footwear, or no footwear at all. I would never drive in heels. I also try to avoid driving in shoes I could easily slip out of if something were to happen. When driving, safer is ALWAYS better.

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    I live in sneakers, I can’t remember the last time I wore heels somewhere it was definitely over a year ago. I’m on my feet all day in a lab at work and I walk to and from work so I need good walking/standing shoes. My go to brand in Nike because their arches fit my feet really well. I’ve driven in flip flops and bare feet before, but much prefer my sneakers. I have no idea how people drive in heels.

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    @ifoundmyprince:  I couldn’t walk in heels if my life depended on it, let alone drive in them. 

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    Most of the time I’m fine with driving in heels (I even do stick in heels). If they’re a pair of sky high stillettos? I’ll take them off if it’s more than a drive round the corner.

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    I drive with heels, flats or barefoot.

    I prefer to drive barefoot though.Smile

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