Do you drive your SO's car?

posted 2 years ago in Married Life
  • poll: Do you and your SO drive each others cars?
    No, we each have our own cars and respect those boundaries : (8 votes)
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    Busy bee
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    We previously had our own cars but only have one which we share now due to city apartment living (no space for a second car) and we simply don’t need two as I am able to walk to work.

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    Bumble bee

    Nope.  We have to sign a bunch of paperwork with our jobs in order to do that (God forbid one of us got into an accident with the other’s car & we weren’t authorized drivers).  Also I like my car 100x better 😏

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    Sugar bee
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    Darling Husband had his car before we lived together and combined finances, so I do consider that “his” car. I do drive it on occasion, but I don’t like to – he hasn’t really looked after it so it’s messy inside and has had a few mechanical issues over the years. I did have a car that I purchased prior to us moving in together, but we sold that before Christmas and bought a bigger one in preparation for us starting a family. I consider this “our” car although I drive it most of the time (I take it to work Monday – Friday for example). 

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    calliekalico2 :  He drives his ooooold car and I drive “our” car which is newer (and was bought when we were married, thus is “ours”). But since “mine/ours” is more reliable he only drives his to work and on the weekends he drives mine (with me in it) or if he had to drive somewhere further than normal for a meeting or something I suppose we’d switch for the day. 

    We had only his old car for a long while, so I would drive him to work and then take the car for the day. So we are used to sharing. 

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    We each have our own cars – but for a couple of years after we moved in together, he got rid of his car and we were a one car family. He worked from home and my car was newer, so we kept my car. It depended on where we were going who would drive. 

    When he changed jobs and started working outside the home again, we bought another car. I usually drive mine and he drives his because my car is the car our dogs ride in and I’m the dog person most of the time. But sometimes we switch, depending on what is going on. 

    But I honestly think we both prefer to drive our own cars now. 

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    Honey bee
    • Wedding: April 2017

    We’re only using one at the moment so we share. We work in the same place so it’s easy. He does have another car currently unregistered and I wouldn’t drive it but that’s because it’s manual and I can only drive auto, otherwise sure I would. 

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    calliekalico2 :  My Fiance drives my car regularly, as mine is the more fuel efficient (Mine is a hybrid, his is a large truck). I drive his when he is out with mine. We share, and the cars are “ours” but obviously I drive mine to work daily, and he drives his.

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    We each have our own cars but we use each other’s from time to time.  I wouldn’t call it a free for all, but we do let each other know when we’re taking the other’s car.  DH is in the market for a new car and he’s been driving mine more because it’s a SUV and sits up higher to what he’s used to.  He drives an older luxury sedan and is debating another sedan or a SUV.  He doesn’t have any car payments where I do and we pay my car out of “our” account.  We will pay his new car out of the same account.  We don’t really have “boundary” issues with our cars.

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    We pretty much always drive our own cars.  I think that’s because we still have the cars we came into the relationship with, so we didn’t buy them together.  We do drive each other’s car, but only if it’s a longer trip and we switch off driving, or if the person who was originally driving drank too much or is too tired to drive.

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    we just got a minivan that is my main car to drive and Darling Husband now drives my old car.  he said i could drive that one if i needed.  his prior 2 cars he didn’t feel comfortable with me driving because he said they were quirky and didn’t trust them.  i’m glad he is rid of those junkers and driving something more reliable now.

    he prefers to drive and i don’t mind, so he’s always driven my cars.

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    Helper bee

    Not by ourselves, but if we are going somewhere together in my car, sometimes we will switch if I don’t feel like driving. He has a stick shift so I can’t drive his, which means if we go on a long trip somewhere, we have to take my car if we want the possibility of sharing driving. 

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    calliekalico2 :  Yep. He has a big truck. If I need a truck rather than my SUV, I take his truck. If he’s driving somewhere lengthy in distance, he takes my car to save on gas mileage. If we go on a trip together, we take my car and he drives. 

    He also has two sports cars which I do not drive. They’re both a manual transmission, and while I can drive a stick, I’m not super comfortable driving his nice cars and risking messing up the clutch or rolling into someone on a steep hill or something 🙂 but he’s tried to get me to drive them more so that I get to where I am comfortbale. 

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    Helper bee

    He drives mine sometimes but it’s rare. I rarely drive his. When we go out together, he or I usually drive mine (because I have the better car).

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: October 2017

    We each have our own cars so no we don’t really drive one anothers. I couldn’t drive his if I wanted to because it’s a manual and I don’t know how to drive one! When we go out together usually he will drive his car, but on the rare occasion we take mine out, I will usually drive it since I hate having to readjust my seat and mirrors etc. I dislike driving a lot and would much rather be the passenger so sometimes even still when we DO take my car out, I ask him to drive lol. I wouldn’t care if he ever wanted to take my car to his work or something though! 

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    My SO and I don’t live together, but we’ve been together for 3+ years. We each have our own vehicles, but we are always allowed to drive one another’s car if we need to. I commute/rideshare, so I rarely drive, which is good because if his car is in the shop, he can borrow mine. My car is also a big pickup truck, so if he needs to borrow it to move stuff or do anything big project-y, he borrows it (always asks, though). I never borrow his car because I don’t need to, but I will drive sometimes. SO hates my driving, though, so even if we’re in my truck, he drives because he says I drive too slow :). 

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