(Closed) Do you ever not tell people your carat size?

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Busy bee
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I will answer depending on who is asking.

If it’s a stranger then I usually say “I’m not exactly sure”.  I don’t want to get into any conversations with people I don’t know about my ring.

If it’s a close friend or family, I will tell them and have.  My Future Sister-In-Law asked because she was comparing her ring to mine.  She has a cushion about the same size as my round and was disappointed to find out hers looked smaller.

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Buzzing bee
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I’ve never even been asked, but no I’d never dream of mentioning it. Honestly, I’d have to go pull out the paperwork to be able to tell anyone. I think I know the range but not exactly. 

Who asks others how big their diamonds are?  

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Honey bee
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If she is going to use it against you, like to create family drama of some sort I would just say you are unsure and she should ask your Fiance.  If you think she is just curious and can be happy for you without jealousy, I would tell her.  Maybe you two could share a love of sparklies??

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Blushing bee
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+1 I have no problem anwering truthfully if someone asks. They’re usually just curious or admiring it or it’s a close friend with whom I’m comfortable discussing anything. When a stranger has asked, it has always been because they’re admiring it. Pre-engagement I used to ask friends so that I could get a feel for what the different sizes look like on someone’s finger, and I’ve had others ask me for the same reason.

@cls9q:  I do think it is rude though if someone asks mutiple times, especially when you clearly didn’t offer the size the first time. If she asks, I would just tell her the truth though so that it doesn’t become a big issue. Maybe ask your Fiance about how he thinks she’ll react.

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Busy bee
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People ask questions about jewelry all the time. It’s not like she asked you the cost, she asked the carat weight. Would you find it rude if someone asked you the carat size of your diamond earrings or a necklace with a diamond pendant? I’ve had people ask me numerous times because they usually assume the stone is bigger than it is (I’ve got small fingers). I don’t lie to them because the size of my ring doesn’t affect their lives in any way. 

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Buzzing bee
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I see no harm in someone asking that question. If someone asked about my diamond size, I would tell them.

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Bumble bee
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I’ve been asked by friends and strangers, but never family. I either tell or say “just right” 🙂 


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Honey bee
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I haven’t had anyone ask, but I wouldn’t tell people. If anyone did ask, I would probably say I didn’t know just because it would then open me up for other questions. Really, family or not, after the first time, she shouldn’t ask you again. I have a moissanite and I am very vocal about it with my family and friends, but certain people who would hear “moissanite” and think “fake ass bitch tryin’ to pass off a diamond” so if they heard “2.5 cts” they would assume it is simply fake, end of story. I’m superficial enough I don’t want people to think it’s something it’s not in a negative way. Plus, my stone doesn’t look as big as it does on my fat fingers anyways. It’s just an uncomfortable question for anyone.

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Bumble bee
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literally nobody has asked in the 4 years that I’ve had my ring. I don’t think it’s a rude question though.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I answer honestly. I don’t see why it’s rude to ask, honestly. I always like it when people care enough to ask anything about my ring since I love talking about it (when asked).

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Busy bee
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@cls9q:  No one has ever asked and if they did I would probably reply with something that deflected and changed the subject.

“I didn’t buy the ring, so your guess is as good as mine! Do you have any honeymoon location suggestions?”

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Buzzing bee

@cls9q:  I think if someone asked me, I’d also say something like you did or just be vague about it unless the person was someone I was close to and comfortable telling (like a one of my best friends for ex) and/or the person was genuinely curious because he/she is in the ring buying process. But yeah, for people I wasn’t especially close to or people who I know are judgmental in general I’d probably be vague. That’s just my personal comfort level, though.

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Sugar bee

@cls9q:  I think it would be patronizing to lie, but I’ve never been asked.

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Bumble bee
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If someome specifically asks, I tell them.  

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Busy bee
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People ask me all the time!! At first I was kind of like, ‘WTAF!?’ now, i just laugh and have to give them credit for being ballsy enough to ask. I always say ‘it’s around 2 carats’ and then change the subject 🙂

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