(Closed) do you ever think you’re pregnant even though you’re on bc??

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Sugar bee
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um did you just read my mind!?

i have thought this nearly EVERY month since we’ve been engaged. (My poor naive parents, tho we live together, have yet to face reality that i am not a virgin and i am not going to break their hearts by fessing up).

anyway, it’s been my deepest fear that we’d wind up preggo before our wedding. now with just 4 months left, i FREAK OUT even if i miss a pill by an hour or two. i’ve been on it since i was 18 (on/off, but pretty consistently for 8 years) but now more than ever, being 4 months away from the wedding… i’m in HIGH paranoia mood. i even freak myself out when i see lil kids playing soccer or looking at baby clothes in the mall store window… etc…

i’ve gone through several tests through the last 8 months or so… and i’m THISCLOSE to buying another for this month!

i know i’m totally being a headcase, but i guess i need the reassurance.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I really don’t think it.  I know how safe BC is compared to other methods.  I’m going off it though so it will probably take me a while to get used to whatever I choose after this.

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@bloodgo1 Most women don’t get morning sickness until 6-8 weeks in. You’d be much more likely to notice peeing all the time, extremely sore breasts, implantation bleeding, dizziness, etc. first. i hope that makes you feel better :-). I did get pregnant taking the pill perfectly (within the same 30 min window every night) and not on antibiotics or anything with known interactions. So, if you are really nervous, definitely have a second line of protection – cervical cap, spermicide, condoms – there’s tons of options! Although the pill is on *average* 95-99% effective if taken perfectly, there’s a wide range of effectiveness for the general population (ie 50% of women experience less than 95% effectiveness). We double up now, for peace of mind!!

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Bee Keeper
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I’ve had “scares” about four times since we started having sex about four years ago. Even though we never were unprotected, and sometimes use a condom even though I’m on the Pill. I’m just crazy paranoid!

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Honey Beekeeper
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Even when I was nauseus for a whole week or two straight, I never really thought I was pregnant. I was having some GI problems and chalked it up to that. Or a bad dinner. I get nauseous frequently depending on my blood sugar levels so my first thought is never “crap i’m pregnant”. I just figured if you take BC religiously (as I do, too!) the chances are so low. Nausea can be a symptom of many many things. I have endometriosis, too, and never have a period. But it’d be something i’d find out about a few months in because i’d start picking up on all the OTHER symptoms.

Maybe you just need to poop more Laughing

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Bumble bee
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I think I get paranoid just thinking that the wedding is so soon- something like that will happen. So we’re doubling up until we say “I Do!” It was the easiest way for me to not worry until after we’re married!!! :]

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Buzzing bee

When I was on birth control, it did kind of worry me about if I would even know if I got pregnant. I wasn’t on BC continuous though. But yeah, the thought frequently crossed my mind lol I had a friend get pregnant while on BC though. She’s quite a bit over weight though and I’ve read that can make the pill less effective. She also didn’t take it exactly at the same time every day, but I’ve read that unless you are on the mini pill, you generally have about a 12 hour window where you should be fine if you forget (but don’t quote me on this because I’m not a doctor and I’m not positive! so don’t start taking your pills later thinking it’s ok. follow the rules the pills and your dr gave you lol)

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Sugar bee
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haha this is totally me. I am always thankful to see flo arrive (as is DH!) but then instantly hate her again. We only have done the skip a cycle thing ONCE for vacation b/c it’s just reassuring to see it. Plus I have a huge fear of being pregnant and not knowing about it b/c I don’t monitor my activities as I would if i were TTC, ya know? I feel like if i’m ever going to have a baby, i want to be freakishly prepared for it.

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Buzzing bee
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I never once thought about it until I started learning that miscarriages may actually be really common and that a lot of times the woman may never know she was ever pregnant.  My periods have slowly been getting lighter so if it regresses to a heavy one I always think “could it have been?!” or with spotting now that I know about implantation bleeding.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I have been for a day or so before but I’ve never worried about it sticking.  One of the reasons I switched to an IUD is because I didn’t trust the pill so I feel pretty secure now.  Of course, now I sometimes wish there was the possibility of an oops baby.  Go figure.  🙂  (Not really because I’m too much of a neurotic planner but I’m also not good at pulling the trigger on big decisions.)

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Bumble bee
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I am also on continuous BC because of endometriosis! I have the Mirena IUD and I get no periods at all. Every now and then I think ‘What if it isn’t working! What if I’m prego and don’t know it!’ But no baby has showed up so far so I think we are ok.

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Busy bee
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The only times I’ve wondered if I was pregnant while on birth control was when my period decided NOT to show up!  I’m on the pill and so my period is usually very regulary – every 28 days!  But every so often (has happened like three times in the past five years), I just won’t get it!  And I’m like “WTF!!!!  Am I pregnant???” and I freak out for a month until I get it the next month!

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Sugar bee
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ALL THE TIME! I used to be on continuous birth control but I asked to switch back because I need to security of knowing I’m not pregnant! I swear every month I think I am!

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