(Closed) Do you ever wish you were a Christian?

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Like deathbydesign said, I think it really depends on where you live and can go both ways. In the NW where I live, I think it’s more accepted to be a non-believer, so it’s harder sometimes to speak up and say that I am a Christian. When I do, I often get judged and have even been mocked, or treated like I’m an idiot. It’s interesting for me to read a lot of these perspectives and how many of you tried to believe and couldn’t. For me, it’s the opposite–even though in my life I have questioned a lot when it comes to religion, I’ve never been able to believe that there isn’t a God. 

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No, although I do sometimes find it awkward when people talk to me about god. Inevitably if I can’t ditch the conversation it comes around to “I’m an atheist” and then I feel like I’m just basically saying “I think you’re stupid.” 

I’m generally just super uncomfortable around mentions of god/god paraphenalia. Like my bosses’ office is just covered in crosses and poems about Jesus and I hate being in there. I don’t know why that is – maybe I’m subconsciously afraid to have The Atheist Conversation with people and when I know someone is “churchy” I’m nervous they’ll bring that up. 

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I sometimes think it would be easier to “cope” with things if I were Christian. It ocassionally makes me wish I could believe it. 

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uhhh, no!  Hell to the No actually.

I am proud of who I am.  And I have morals, ethics, I volunteer and give a lot to my community.  I do not do that for some idol.  I do it for me, and for those around me in my community.

I am not christian.  But I am deeply spiritual.  Spirituality does not rely on an idol.

I am comfortable with my beliefs, I know I am a good person, I know I teach my kids manners and ethics.  I do not need a god to teach those lessons for me.

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Blushing bee

Oh gosh no! I chose to leave the church when I was a teenager. My mother was so disappointed in me and tried all sorts of ways to bring me back (ie guilt trips, threats, bribery, attempts at humiliating me, you name it, she tried it). I will admit she did it out of supposedly “good” intentions (doesn’t want me going to hell).

I made that decision because I simply could not stand the hypocrisy and the conservative views of most Christians.

On a side note concerning this “hell” my mother believes in, if it is real, it sounds like it’s where all the fun people go, so I’m not so worried about it.

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I second the people on here (such as deathbydesign) who say that it works both ways. Whenever I say I’m a Christian, I get loads of stick for it. Here are some of the comments I’ve had:

“But… you’re intelligent”

“Really? An educated girl like you? How can you betray your education like that?”

“How ridiculous. How can anyone believe in a God because [insert reason here]!”

I also remember my cousin saying that most of his friends were married. I said that this was unusual surely, as he was younger than me (in his early 20s at the time). No, he said. They’re mostly Christians. But so am I, I said. He replied “yeah, but you’re not a real Christian, are you?”, presumably meaning non-dogmatic, non-creationist, non-preachy. I gave him a wry smile and tried not to be hurt by this.

I think I should also say to the people here who are afraid of death that people who follow Christianity for the religious brownie points (cushy spot in heaven after death etc) are doing it entirely for the wrong reasons. I don’t know what will happen after I die, and quite frankly I don’t care. I have faith for two reasons. Firstly, because I believe in my heart that there is a God. You either believe this or you don’t, and nobody can teach you to believe or disbelieve. It’s just something you have/ someone you are. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

Secondly, I am religious because I feel that there was a guy long ago who went around basically preaching a message of social justice, being a great example to everyone, and fighting for the rights of the dispossessed. He was a nice guy, and a smart guy, and despite the fact he was killed horribly for basically protesting the status quo, I think he’s a great example to follow. I never think about the afterlife… Jesus was all about this life. If you concentrate your energies on living well, the rest will take care of itself.

So: don’t be afraid of death! No matter what you believe, the key is to focus on living! I also think you shouldn’t be afraid to follow your personal convictions, whatever they are (religious or non-religious).

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Blushing bee
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Seriously?! No.

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No, never have.  I just wish people could be more accepting in general.  And know that you can be a good moral person and you aren’t wicked and sinful just because you don’t believe in God or any gods.  I don’t try to “save” my Chrisitan friends and family from themselves and I would like it if they would stop trying to “save” me.  I’m good, thanks!


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Yeah, sometimes I really do, but it’s all for the wrong reasons.  Like it would be way easier to be a christian like everybody else.  Living in a rural area where everybodys christian people find out you’re not and they are all like “how, you’re such a smart girl!” and “you were raised by such a nice family!”  Suddenly it’s like they forget everything about me and I turn from a nice person into a horrible person with no moral code.


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Nope. I went to church as a kid and ended up getting kicked out of Sunday school because the old ladies who taught it didn’t want to deal with my questions about the inconsistencies in the Bible. I was 10. I will say that I do really enjoy my grandma’s church (the one I used to attend) and their new pastor is pretty funny, but it’s just not my thing.

I’m comfortable with what I believe, which is a really weird set of random stuff I’ve gathered over the years. I don’t have a problem with other people being religious, as long as they can stay civil and not pushy.

The only thing that bothers me is that I have a friend, love her to death, she is a wonderful, amazing person, but anything she does  is “God is SO good/God gave me the strength to do [this]/etc.” It’s like…take some credit for what you did, for once. We had a discussion about religion once (because she posted on Facebook about removing someone toxic from her life and I replied that she did a good thing for herself, and some lady came in and posted like 15 comments on how God doesn’t allow that and blah blah and called me the devil for giving my advice/personal experience on cutting people out) and she actually goes to a church that tells them not to go out and try to “save” other people, but to live good, virtuous lives as an example. She also apologized for that lady. I really admire her, though; she doesn’t make a lot of money and has three kids of her own and took someone’s else’s two kids into her home to raise.

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Helper bee

There is a huge difference in being spiritual and religious. You can believe in something bigger than yourself, whatever that may be. Or, you can believe in a God/Allah/Buddah/etc. In the end, we are all here together, and we should focus more on not being judgmental of others, being kind to one another regardless of someone else’s belief system.

Many people are turned off by the Christian faith because many of them dont practice what they preach. If Jesus was here today, he would be the first person to help someone and NOT judge someone. Especially when it comes to the gay community. My dad is a Christian and has studied the Bible more than anyone I know, and he’s gay. Who is to tell him he isn’t going to Heaven? 

As for me, as long as someone doesn’t push their own beliefs on me, I am okay with anyone and everyone. Like I said, we are all here together, so we should be kind to those around us.

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Busy bee
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No, I have never wished I was a Christian or anything else.  If I did, I would make it happen.  It’s not like being born Asian and wishing you were black; you can be whatever religion you want to be.

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hmmm, I am a Christian as in im a follower of Christ, but i wont say im religious, spiritual yes, but I left the church. I have my beliefs and I have my faith. I find it hard NOT to believe in a God. I cant wrap my head around there not being a higher Power, with that said i respect others for their beliefs or non beliefs. It really bothers me when fellow christians are the bible thumping ram it down your throat type, those types of people are what pushed me out of the church. I tend to agree with alot of the thinking of Rachel631. I also cant stand the focus on death ,and some churches that try to scare people into believeing based on fear of the afterlife….I focus on the here and now and the rest will happen as it happens.

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Blushing bee
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I could easily be a christian if I wanted to be…so no I don’t wish I was one

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Sugar bee
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Not for a second. My family left the church when I was 10 or so, and we have been Unitarian ever since and never looked back.

I get wanting to belong to a community of like-minded folks with similar morals and values – and I would say I got that and more from the UU congregation and UU summer camps.

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