(Closed) Do you ever wish you were a Christian?

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yes i do wish i was gullible again so i can believe in a invisible man who can make everything ok, i wish i could believe in Santa again, i wish all my working was for something better….but then again back to reality, praying really really hard wont save my sick father who i prayed for not to die (he did, thanks god), wanting so much to have something wont make it happen…i wish i was as gullible as all my christian friends in thinking something”remarkable” will happen because it was “gods way , and he wanted me to be FINALLY happy”….no sorry if i want something i have to work for it… no thanks i often thing Christians have a mental issue the same way a psychopath has imaginary friends, or puts 2 and 2 together and gets 22 instead of 4….it works in there head but not for anyone else…no thanks

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I used to.  I REALLY wanted to my first year of college, but it wasn’t really about fitting in.  I was open and nobody had a problem with it.  When I first became atheist, I definitely did, and yes it was partly to fit in (then I realized trying to fit into THAT town is a bad idea).  


But when I was 18-19 it wasn’t so much fitting in as it was a sense of routine, purpose, and struggling with mental illness.  

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I’ve occasionally wished I was a Gentile, because it seems like it would be so much easier — American society is designed to make the life of a Protestant easy, really.  You get your holidays off work, no question, and they’re celebrated openly, with abundance.  Sundays are frequently slow/low/no business days in this part of Virginia, or things open late so you can always get to church.  Anti-Christian intolerance isn’t really a thing, and if it is, it isn’t the kind of violence I’ve encountered for being Jewish.  You don’t have food laws, you don’t have to learn another language to fully participate in liturgy, your ethnic/cultural/religious heritage isn’t used as a shorthand stereotype for greed or taking over the world, and the worst that happens is people assume you’re an uneducated bigot.  My FI’s family would probably be more accepting of me if I was a Gentile.  

But frankly, belief in God or not doesn’t change the fact that I’m a Jew, and antisemites don’t stop to ask me what my theological positions are before they spew something nasty or turn violent.  It’s a tribal affiliation as much as a religious one, and I can’t shake that easily, even if I were to convert to Christianity.  I’d still be a Jew, just an apostate.  So I try to revel in the difference and get involved in my community, but it’s hard sometimes, living in the South.

So man, atheists, agnostics, I hear you.  It ain’t easy being anything that isn’t Christian in some parts of the US.

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No, not at all. The whole “God” idea sounds to obscure to me, I don’t understand how people can believe in it.


I acually think I am a better person not being religious than if I were. I am an apathetic agnostic/ existential nihlistic and i’m very proud of that!


Another things that turns me off from religion is that I never met a “true” religious person, so I just feel it’s very hypocritical. I am an all-or-nothing type of person, I have always been this way about everything, not just religion. You either do it to the full compacity or you don’t.

That being said, I am 110% with people being religious and believing whatever they want to believe, but if someone is going to label themseleves a christian then they better live up to that. If the bible says beer is forbidden and you drink beer, in my eyes that person is just a hypocrite and i’m not okay with those types of religious people, or people that pick and choose what parts of the bible they will follow and what they don’t.

If I had to pick a religion, it wouldn’t be christian, I feel they are the most corrupt. I would pick muslim or judaism.

Sorry about the rant, I get very hot-headed when talking about religion haha, and everything I said was just my personal opinion.

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