(Closed) Do you feel guilty for buying designer bags? $1,000+

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    No. Here’s why. Darling Husband and I give to charity, and volunteer at our big homeless shelter, and do heaps of things for those less fortunate ALL.THE.TIME. If we see a homeless person begging for money, we offer to buy them a meal or things they claim they need. If they refuse, you know it was for drugs. That way, we are weeding out the phonies. I LOVE designer things. I will admit I’ve gone a bit overboard since my husband got a great job, but at the same time, I travel with him most of the time, and I have to look well put together as his wife anyway. I don’t feel guilty every time I take a bite of food because other people go hungry. I also don’t take anything for granted. My husband could lose his job. Something could happen to one of us. Anything is possible. I cherish every second I have with him, and every second I am able to buy something nice I like.

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    LovesBeingAMrs:  I love purses/shoes/jewelry. I have felt guilty spending 1500 on a LV, and got a 3.5K Chanel from my parents for my masters degree graduation gift, and I cherish them. I have several other 1000+ bags, and honestly I love them. I did feel guilt, like you, thinking I could be saving this or spending it on a vacation, but I feel like I don’t do it often enough, and I didn’t spend money going out drinking, etc.

    Now that I’m pregnant, I am SO happy I bought them when I still had disposable income because I have a feeling that all my purchases will be for the baby from here on out for many years to come. The reason I’m totally fine with that (apart from the obvious LOL) is because I DID treat myself while I was able. Honestly the dissapointment I’d feel now knowing I could have bought them when I was young(er) and had way more disposable income and didn’t, would outweigh any of the guilt I had/have about the purchases.

    You do you! No need to justify it to anyone, but I definitely feel where you’re coming from cos I’ve been there too 😉

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    I don’t feel guilty. Darling Husband & I work very hard and maintain a balanced life 90% of the time. That extra 10% is sometimes filled with an extravagant purchase or a luxe vacation. We also set aside a certain budget to donate to causes close to our hearts each year. Trying to find time to volunteer more, but we do feel good about researching local causes that need financial assistance.

    I dont have a problem treating myself and when we come into more money as the years go on I won’t have a problem with it either. I don’t think you are wrong to put yourself first sometimes. Like I said, we live a balanced life and do try to be charitable.

    To each their own 🙂

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    It’s not guilt that stops me from buying designer bags, clothes, shoes etc. It’s just principles. I don’t have a problem to $200 or even $5000 on a bag, but when I do it’s because I want a good quality bag, not because it has a LV-pattern on it. IMO designer bags are ridiculously over priced and mostly worn to make a statement. I don’t have that desire. $1500 I could never in my life justify to spend on a bag though, even if I actually can afford it. I can easily spend $1500 a month on shoes, clothes and makeup, but on ONE bag? Hell no, lol! 

    When I was a child, my parents were struggling finacial from time to time. We were four kids in the house and only my dad was working and my mom stayed at home. So I was brought up on red price tags and home baked bread. I learned the value of money which is a very good thing. As an adult I have always made pretty good money for myself and the last years my husbands and mine business is going great. I’m still very consious when it comes to money and I always try to get the best deal when buying something. I do notice that the limit I pushed constantly. A few years ago I would never have thought that I would spend the money I spend today, on clothes and shoes. 

    Spending a lot of time and money on charity as I do, helps with guilt I guess…

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    I spend a lot on things that are important to me. I don’t personally have any more than a passing interest in handbags (is it cute? is it big enough to hold all my crap? ok, good). However, a luxury vacation, a rare bottle of wine/liqueur or a gourmet meal? Yeah, I spend unapologetically on those things. I budget my finances well and only spend what I can afford. I graduated a long time ago from feeling the need to justify my life choices to other people. Do I do charity work and give back to the community and what not? Maybe. But if I do those things, it’s for my own personal fulfillment and not to be able to rattle them off to strangers in case they question my right to spend my own money the way I please.

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    I wouldn’t feel anymore guilty than having a Starbucks  vs Dunkin Donuts coffee. Economic disparty always has been and always will be. Everyone has something they choose to indulge in. Makes no difference to me.

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    DisneyKb:  I agree with you wholeheartedly! Since I switch bags based on my outfit they hold up very well. As a result I feel like I am actually saving money buy purchasing designer bags because they can and will last longer than the less expensve ones other people may carry. Just my 2 cents..for what its worth!

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    No.. But, then again prsonally I don’t feel bad about any decisions I make in life. My life, my decisions and if I want to spend 1000+ on a bag.. I do. Everyone has their indulgences.

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    I don’t feel guilty at all in treating myself, but I just have different preferences on what I splurge on. Generally I wouldn’t drop $1000 on anything unless it was a joint purchase with my Darling Husband. But I could easily spend $200-300 on a splurgy product….a skin care device, yes….but a purse, never. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $50 on a purse, but that’s just because they’re not important to me.

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    I always just get what I like – regardless of the label.  I have buyers remorse when I spend money on frivolous items I know won’t last, but where designer items are concerned, they’re generally in posession longer.  I’m a big fan of doing whatever makes you happy so long as you’re able and not hurting anyone!

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    I’ve recently aquired my first designer bag it will be my christmas gift from Darling Husband. It’s our first christmas married and he wanted to splurge, while i did feel guilty at first, I love it and it will always hold a sentimental value to me so I got over the guilt quickly. Also I know it will last me for years to come and that I can always take it back for repairs if need be. Also I find alot of the deisnger bags I like are classics therefore i will get more use out of them rather than trendy short lived less expensive bags. 

    Also Darling Husband and I work very hard in our careers and we like to enjoy ourselves before we start a family in which case we know our money will be needed elsewhere. 

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    I am dying to know how many of the bees who admitted to spending $1000+ on purses wear moissy rings. Are these the same bees who don’t understand why someone would spend so much on a diamond ring that you’ll wear forever? Just curious. I never got into designer bags. 

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    That IS an interesting question!

    Personally, I do like my designer bags (I don’t have a bunch, but the ones I have are classics) …I am also a 100% diamond girl…

    I buy things for me, and what I like – not what other people may or may not be impressed by – I would never carry a fake bag – I would rather simply buy something less expensive…I also would not have been ok if my fiance bought me anything other than a diamond engagement ring – I am not having a big elaborate wedding – we are going to elope…we are paying for everything ourselves…we are older and we both have good jobs – I would rather wear my money on my finger for the rest of my life, than on a dress I will wear for a few hours, or on a few hundred of my closest family and “friends” to party for a few hours. 


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    “I would rather wear my money on my finger for the rest of my life, than on a dress I will wear for a few hours, or on a few hundred of my closest family and “friends” to party for a few hours.”



    YESSSSSS to this!!!!!! 

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    Nope. We see all types of variations on this board alone. Some people want a diamond ring that’s at least 2 carats, while others could care less about carat size, or don’t desire a diamond at all.  As I always tell my friends and family, everyone has their vices. One of my friend’s posted a pic on FB of material possessions and vacation destinations, basically making a jab at people who choose to buy nice clothing or shoes opposed to going on vacations. She enjoys traveling, and I told her that’s her vice but traveling isn’t for everyone. So if someone chooses to buy a Chanel bag, and she chooses to go on a vacation with the same amount of money, the value may very well be the same depending on personal tastes. My pops has a car that cost 6 figures.  Cars are his vice, he enjoys them, has several, and frankly can afford a car note that’s comparable to a mortgage lol. I don’t judge him. He’s a retired veteran who made sacrifices for this country and he should be able to purchase what he enjoys and makes him happy. He has also purchased cars for several people who couldn’t afford to themselves. I volunteer for different causes monthly and I also make charitable contributions, but that’s because those things make me happy. I’m not obligated to help others, but I choose to because I enjoy it. But, I also love fashion in general and will splurge every now and then. I don’t think people should be guilted because of personal indulgences. Just because someone buys a $3000 bag doesn’t mean that they should have used that money on something else if it’s in budget!  Having that type of disposable income also doesn’t obligate people to help those in need, that’s a personal choice. Would it be nice? Yes. Is it a requirement? No. As long as it’s not hurting anyone else, do what makes you happy. Life is about happiness.

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