(Closed) do you fight over the thermostat?

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    My fiance and I fight about it all the time.  I like to have it cold all year round.  I have a fan next to my side on the bed that I run in the summer and the winter.

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    We never actually fight about it but it usually goes a little something like “I’m always freezing!” and he says “I’m burning up!” and then he wins. lol 😛


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    No, we never fight over things like that.


    We try to compromise and keep each other happy. I like it cooler. When we watch TV, he bundles up in blankets and never, ever complains. I think my husband is a saint. 


    I try to turn the A/C up sometimes so it’s not like the Arctic in the house all the time. 


    I think in general though, he lets me keep it cooler for the most part because if you’re too cold, you can always bundle up and wear socks. But if you’re hot, there’s not much you can do other than sit right in front of a fan and suffer. 

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    Nope we don’t fight about the temp.  We set a compromise 

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    ALL the time!! 

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    We like mostly the same temperature (~76 summer, ~72 winter), but since I grew up in a more money-conscious home, I’m used to being slightly warm/cold for the sake of saving a few bucks. So while he is home, we have it at our “comfortable” temperature, and while it is just me I have it a few degrees off.

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    @Stace126:  God, yes. We fight over the thermostat.


    I’m kind of your Fiance in this battle. My Darling Husband is all about saving $$ and will shut off  the AC as soon as the outside temps go below 80. Nevermind that then the house still gets stuffy/humid and my allergies act up from him opening up all the windows in the house and leaving them all night. In the morning, the damp/cool air from outside gives me a hoarse throat. 


    I grew up without AC, and endured absolute misery in the summer, including constant headaches from the heat. I LOVE the cool, dry air from the AC in the house, so I leave it on, even if it doesn’t run but once or twice a day.


    My Darling Husband likes it to be 78-80 and have a fan on high at all times. It irritates me to constantly have a wind tunnel blowing on me, and yet still feel “sticky”.


    We compromise by keeping it around 74-76 in the house. I would prefer 70-72, he would prefer closer to 80. Sometimes he sneakily turns the AC down and the fans on when I’m not home, and hopes I won’t notice. If he’s not home, I bump the cooling down a few degrees. When we are not home, the thermostat is set at 78.


    We don’t fight about it in the winter because he turns the heat down, and I prefer it that way. I just wear a warm robe in the morning and change clothes as fast a possible.


    Don’t even get me started about the AC in the car. It is constant war. He almost always drives, and the AC in my car doesn’t work anyway as of this summer. I HATE being hot in the car. It’s like some kind of claustrophobia…. being in a hot, small, stuffy space, with the sun beating down on me.  He tries to turn off the AC and blow the vents instead = I feel like I’m suffocating. He refuses to open the windows because it hurts his ears (?) and the main reason he doesn’t like the AC on anything but the lowest setting is that he likes air on his feet, but not enough that his feet then get too cold (usually in sandals). I’m so short my feet don’t even reach the air vents, and with the AC turned down so far, it might as well be off.


    God, we are strange people…

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    Nah. We both like it HOT!

    We don’t wear a lot of clothes at home. No complaints have been lodged from either side.

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    No. We keep it around 76. Honestly I’d like it a little higher and he would like it a little lower lol. We just split it and he wears less clothing and I put a sweatshirt on

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    @Stace126:  we argue over this constantly. SO likes it around 70 and I say 73-76 because of electricity bill is OUTRAGEOUS 

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    @Ninteenthchance:  I completely understand your point, and that my Darling Husband is trying to save $$, and so I am willing to compromise even though I am sweaty and uncomfortable in my house over 74 degrees… but you better believe that once I finish grad school and land a “real” job, I will be using whatever extra money I make to be more comfortable in the summers!


    You would think that growing up without AC, and until very recently only owning cars with no AC would have made me more tolerant of the heat. NOPE. I get overheated very easily, and feel like crap when I’m hot. I’m also super grumpy in the heat.


    Thank goodness our area had a much cooler, wetter summer than last year. Our bill was WAY lower than last year’s over a month of 100+ temps. I think I need to move farther north…

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    @MsBlackberry:  it’s funny but I get overheated easily too and when I get hot I become a raging bitch!!! I think 74 is very comfortable for our condo being that we have hardwood floors and tole that help keep it cool…keeping it at 70-72 all month, My daughter and I are freezing and our electricity bill is 160$+++!!!!!!!!!! It’s crazy

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    We only bicker about it in the winter. I want to turn on the heater and he doesn’t. We’ve compromised and I’ll run the heater just long enough to take the chill off. In the summer, we keep the house cold.  I hate being hot and sticky and Darling Husband turns into an insufferable whiner when it gets about 72 in the house. Our electric bill is outrageous in the summertime but for the sake of marital harmony, we pay. 

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    @RubyLeprechaun:  Me too I always need a fan to be comfortable which he does not understand. My husbands extremities get cold if its below 70 degrees.

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