(Closed) Do you fit your SO's "type"? Does your SO fit yours?

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  • poll: Do you fit your SO's "type"? Does your SO fit yours?
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    Helper bee

    I think that I fit my SO’s type.  He’s always telling me that he loves how laid back and easy going I am.  Now, I’ll be honest, though, and say that I don’t know if I fit the body type he would have wanted 10 years ago.  I’m a bit overweight, and I’ve seen pictures of some of his exes.  I don’t think that he would have given me a second glance 10 years ago.  I could be wrong.  He is definitely my type.  He’s a bigger guy, and I love having something to hug!  The only thing that makes him way different from guys I’ve dated in the past is his gift giving sense.  He doesn’t just give me stuff for no reason like exes have done for me.  I’m not saying that I want him to give me flowers all the time, but I wouldn’t mind it every once in a while.

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    Honey bee
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    My Fiance likes smaller girls. He slightly prefers brown hair, but he doesn’t really care that much. The biggest thing that attracts him is a pretty face and a nice smile.

    I’m short, but not thin. Definitely smaller than him though, and he likes that. My hair is blonde. He loves my smile. But I know I don’t quite fit his type.

    I’ve been more attracted to darker men all my life. I love more rugged men too.

    My Fiance is as pale as they get, but he is rugged and scruffy!

    What is far more important is that our personalities fit our “type” and it does for both of us. We both wanted intelligent educated partners with a zest for adventure, but also a love of curling up at home.

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    I honestly have no idea if I’m his type or not,but having secretly saw pics of a few of his ex-gfs,I can say I feel pretty secure looks wise lol  I’m sure they were awesome girls,but they just aren’t attractive at all to my eyes.Not ugly,just “I wouldn’t give them a second look” kind of girls.If anything,that made me feel like with me he went for a much bolder looking girl.I’m short,not overly thin but not fat,I’ll say I’m curvy right now,with green eyes and red hair.I also have a pretty bold style and personality,so yeah,it’s difficult not to notice me in a crowd lol


    The exactly opposite thing is true for me with him.He’s not my type look wise.My ideal guy would be a rugged,dark,tattooed “bad boy”,the kind of guy that’s kinda scary looking,but then has the biggest heart.My so has no tattoos,is thinner,taller and lighter than I’d say I usually prefer,but somehow on him it just works for me.I find him extremely attractive.His personality obviously comes into it,because he’s the best man I’ve ever met,just an all around amazing person and a great partner.


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    My SO is totally my type: furry chested manstud.


    His ex was soooooo skinny. No tits or ass, bony chest/arms/face… (Im sure the adderall snorting helped).


    They were together 4 years, even lived together. It makes me feel so insecure! Im not a skinny minny. Im not “big” either (size 6). Im petite but curvy. I certainly have thighs, T & A, lovehandles… etc.


    My SO worships my bod, says I am the most sexy & gorgeous woman, loves my butt, and is seemingly thrilled with me so he doesnt make me feel like he misses miss skin and bones… but when in my darkest hours I facebook stalk her (hatebooking I call it) I get so worked up over it. I gotta stop doing that.






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    Buzzing bee

    I was talking to my SO a few months back about how I never would have imagined him as my future husband. It’s not so much about his looks, but we are kind of just opposites when it comes to personality. He always says that when he saw me he thought I was “fiiiiineee” LOL, but he didn’t think we’d end up together a month after we met, and still together five years later! ๐Ÿ™‚ He basically said he thought he’d “tap it and run” LOL, but he soon realized that that’s not how I roll LOL.

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    @MrsBuesleBee:  When a man finds the woman he loves the body type that he desires suddenly becomes whatever body type she has. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @beetee123:  Thanks for that ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Buzzing bee

    He is definitely my type (nerdy, sweet, dark red hair, slim and a goofball) but his type is more geared towards taller redheads that like drinking and going out to clubs and bars. I’m a really short blonde that prefers staying in on the weekends. Most of the girls he’s attracted to are stunning and I’m, well, let’s say that genetics weren’t exactly kind to me.

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    I don’t really fit my DH’s type in some ways, but in other ways I do..

    This is what I know him to prefer – dark hard women, thin with lots of voluptuous curves (ala Scarlett Jo), very intelligent, enjoys traditional “wife” duties (as in cooking, cleaning), feminine. 

    I am very fair, strawberry blonde. I am not huge, but not thin (I go up and down, right now I’m up), I’m not quite as smart as I’d like – what I mean by that is I’m not as book smart as some, and I’m also not great at debates/articulating my point of view. I do enjoy traditional womanly duties but I’m not very feminine/girly (some may argue that).

    Anyway, I usually prefer tall, bigger guys.. But my husband is short and thin. 

    Even tho we aren’t exactly what each had envisioned, we fit eachother perfectly. We compliment eachothers differences.

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    I fit my husband’s “type” and he fits my “type.”  Since my husband and I met online playing WoW, we didn’t really know what the other person looked like; so it was very fortunate that we were both exactly what the other person wanted.  I’m actually super picky (must be at least 6′, light colored hair, light colored eyes, dimples, not skinny, etc) and it’s pretty amazing that my husband actually had all the physical/superficial qualities I was looking for.

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    Bumble bee

    SO swears he doesn’t have a type but most of his exes/fwbs have been thin Asian women under 5’2″ I’m a 5’10” curvy black woman. It works but every once in a while I get a smidge of a complex.

    Fiance is my type, he’s chubby. I usually like taller but we’re the same height so I requested that he grow out his facial hair to complete the package lol

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    I am definitely my SO’s type! I am older than him (by 3 years), have dark hair, tattoos, and I’m a tiny bit nerdy but not so much that I’m socially awkward, haha. He loves all of those things. There is ONE exception… he typically likes small breasts, and I do not have those. However he says that he has a newfound love for larger breasts because he loves mine! ๐Ÿ™‚


    On the flip side, he is NOT MY TYPE. He’s younger – which originally DID send me running, haha. He is also a gym rat… when I first saw him, he had a faux-hawk and looked like a total fricking douchebag. I could have gagged, LOL. He looks so much better now! He wears shirts that actually FIT and are not too tight, and doesn’t have d-bag hair.

    I love him so much, and I am so glad he was persistent – never judge a book by its cover ladies!

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    Before me, my Darling Husband only ever dated/slept with (and one ex-w) non-white woman.  Asian, hispanic, black, didn’t matter, just not white.  I’m white, blonde hair, blue eyes.  Sometimes I worry he’ll decide he isn’t attracted to me because of this, but we met online.  My insides count to him and I always know he’s attracted to me. 

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    My Fiance claims he doesn’t really have a type, but he totally does.  I’ve seen once of his ex’s, and know celebrities he likes.  I pretty much fit the bill as far as build, hair color, etc goes.  It’s funny I don’t know why he doesn’t just say he has a type, I obviously won’t be offended because I am his type!  Maybe it’s subconscious and he doesn’t even know he has a type.

    On the other hand, he fits my type personality wise 100%.  Sense of humor, hobbies, and stuff like that he could not possibly be more my type.  Looks wise I’m attracted to him of course, but if you were to ask me years ago what my type is I wouldn’t have described him.  But now it’s hard to say, as I’ve grown more attracted to certain traits because of him.

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