(Closed) Do you get along with his siblings?

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Busy bee

That post is hilarious but I can’t say I agree it 100%.  We get along with each other’s brothers (I have one and he has two) but it’s a given that everyone treats everyone with respect.  No one individual has to "win" over the other through excessive bribery, gifts, or facebook friend requests!

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HAHAHAH, LMAO!  She’s hilarious, Mrs. Bee!  If she ever gets married (doesn’t sound like she is) you’ve got to MAKE her blog on here!  Plus, she sounds like she lives near me, so she’d be so fun to do a local Bee meet-up with!

I get along with my hubby’s brother, so much in fact that it’s like he’s my own brother–I love the guy! I have to say, that as his sister and my hubby says the same stuff, we don’t like his gf. She sounds a lot like the brother’s gf on the Xanga blog you posted.  We’ve seriously only met the girl once, the parents never have, and they’ve been together on close to a year!  She’s just so not right for him, and we said our peace about it, so now we are just waiting to him to finally get rid of her!

As for my sister, he got along with her, but now we don’t both because…well…she’s a loser and is married to one so we both don’t talk to her.  Other than those two, we don’t have any other siblings.

And I agree, if the new people want into "The Circle" they do need to prove themselves.

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Bumble bee

I am an only child & I was soooooo nervous about meeting his brothers & sisters…and WOW!!! they are awesome (well 8 of them, I haven’t met 1 brother), he has 2 older sisters that are around my age & they quickly added me to their "Circle"…sometimes I think they are even more excited than I am for our sometime-soon wedding! And the younger brothers & sisters…weellllll…there’s one that’s not one of my favorite people…but the rest are already "my family".

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Hehe, I love that she’s looking out for her brother.  Of my little bro’s two girlfriends, the one I liked more spent time with our family and was always engaged and polite.  It reminded me to be respectful and involved in my FI’s family’s life, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m super lucky that he and I have really great relationships with eachothers’ siblings.  His brothers are both introverts, so I don’t know them as well, but I swear his sister and I are meant to be! ๐Ÿ™‚   We love hanging out and shopping and being ridiculous with eachother.  And my Fiance and little brother have a lot in common, so they always have lots to talk about.

I realize more and more as our wedding date looms how HUGELY important your relationship with your FI’s family is.  That’s not to say that if your relationship with them is bad, your marriage is doomed, but whether you all are at least civil or not will affect your relationship with eachother for the rest of your life.

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Blushing bee
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Haha, the author is hilarious!  I have one sister and I definately feel this way about all her boyfriends…why do they all suck so much?  Couldn’t they at least try to make an effort. 

Although, I don’t have a great relationship with my FIs brother…I have tried, but he is so SO shy..every conversation ends up with me babbling or asking him questions and getting one word answers back.  I end up trailing off into silence because I don’t want to grill him for answers or just needlessly fill the space.  Someday I hope it can improve!

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Helper bee
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I get along great with his siblings, for the most part. He has two older sisters and one older brother. I’m very close with the younger sister, she was one of my bridesmaids. Everyone thinks that she is my sister though, because we look alot alike. And what’s funny is that her first name was my last name before I married. lol. The oldest sister lives in NY and thinks she’s too good for her family now so I’ve never even met her. She didn’t bother coming down for the wedding but she came a few months later to meet up with some guy she met online. She didn’t even bother to come visit my husband which upset him because she’s never met me or our son. She was only an hour and a half away from us and couldn’t be bothered to make the trip. My husband’s brother is the nicest guy and has always been great to me but he has issues and has been on a destructive path for most of his life. He is currently living in a sober house and we hope he continues to do good and not once again go back to his old ways.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Oh, I can’t read it because I don’t have a Xanga account ๐Ÿ™

I get along with fiance’s sister really well.  In fact, I knew and loved her long before I knew him.  I’ve never met his brother, who is quite a bit older than both of us and lives in the midwest.  We’re both physicians, so hopefully we’d have something to talk about… but he’s at such a different stage in life than we are that I don’t know that we’ll ever be close.

With respect to my sisters, I only really love their SOs because my sisters love them.  Otherwise, they are not people that I would hang out with.  We make it work because of our sisterly bond.

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bummer, i dont’ have a xanga either.  any way you can post the article here somehow? 

fi has a younger sister and she’s really cool & we get along…we just haven’t gotten to spend much time together…even though we live in the same town, hm.  i would love to spend some one on one time with her, but it feels a little awkward to be like "hey, wanna do something?"  almost like asking someone on that first date!  ๐Ÿ™‚  so perhaps we just need a little more time.

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Helper bee
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My guy has an older brother and sister and I’ve always gotten along with them. They’re both about 15 years older than us, so sometimes they’re a little more like extra parents for him , but they’ve always been welcoming to me and we hang out with them from time to time, usually to watch the Eagles play!

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Busy bee
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My Fiance just has one sibling, an older brother, and he and I get along well. He’s a high school English teacher and I’m a voracious reader, so we always find something to talk about.  My two older brothers were probably a bit wary of my Fiance at first (he’s older than both of them), but they really, genuinely like him now, and that makes me happy.

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Busy bee
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Interesting…my Fiance and I are both only children so I dont think I can relate.  It strikes me as though the author doesnt really know her brothers Girlfriend and doesnt want to get to know her.  Why does the Girlfriend has to go out of her way to get to know people that have already decided she’s not good enough for their brother?  I wouldnt FB friend her either.  Why should I stop at the bakery to get you cookies?  I am the guest…doesnt that you should make the first move?

Yesh…so glad I dont have to deal with that…

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Busy Beekeeper
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We get along great! He’s an interesting and cool guy and his wife is very very sweet and fun to be around. They’re expecting a baby in May and we’re over the moon happy for them.

My brother in law is literally my brother almost. We all grew up in same subdivision and I’ve known his parents (love em’) for over 30 years. Literally, my bil is like a brother! I love his sister too.

I feel very blessed to know all of them!

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Worker bee
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Absolutely! My future bro-in-law is 7 years younger than me, but he grew up with me and knew since he was 7 years old. So we’re pretty close and my fiance always jokes and tells him to get his own gf because he talks to me so much.

He gets along great with my family. They GChat, email, and talk together. He talks games and stuff with my little brother. He hugs and kisses my sisters on the head. He even hits the gym with my sister! He has no sisters and they did grow up with him too, so its another reason why he’s so good with them. 

I’m grateful that our families are so close in age and get along so well. It makes for a lot more fun during holidays and celebrations!

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I agree with FutureMrsMorgan.  I think it’s hard for someone from outside the family to integrate if the family already has expectations of how that person should act.  And, I didn’t read the xanga blog, but I think it’s ridiculous to dislike someone because they don’t bring you gifts and treats. 

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