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  • poll: Eating While You Work?

    I eat at my desk if/when I need to.

    I don't ever eat at my desk.

    I don't care- People can do what they want at their desk

    I don't mind it as long as the food smell doesn't bother me

    I hate it when people eat at their desk

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    Everyone I know eats at their desk every day – there’s nowhere to go to eat other than the gross cafeteria in my building, so most people just stay put.

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    At my old job EVERYBODY ate at their desk. I hated it, not b/c I was grossed out, but b/c I didn’t want to work through lunch.

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    I bring a lunch, so I always eat at my desk.  My coworkers also eat at their desks.  I may be slightly annoyed if the food smells, but that’s rare.  I definitely don’t think it’s gross.

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    before i went to grad school, i ate at my desk like 95% of the time, and the other 5% was mostly lunch time meetings where they’d serve lunch 😛 i didn’t get a lunch time though, so if i left to eat out i just had to work later. i had my own office though, so it would be different in a cubicle i guess… i actually hate eating noises when i’m not eating, like if i’m sitting with hubby while he eats….but i think in an office i’d understand and just tune it out or put headphones on and listen to music….

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    I eat at my desk but I touch the mouse and keyboard only with a tissue.  Like if I am eating chips, I have a tissue that I grab the chip with and a second tissue to grab the mouse with.  Then I wipe down the keyboard and mouse with alcohol after I eat just in case I spilled something on it or got any chip grease anywhere.  This is my private desk at home.


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    I don’t mind if people eat at their desk – I eat at mine every day! I read a book or magazine though, not work, while I eat. 🙂

    It grosses me out when the woman a cube over burps and it smells really bad though. She doesn’t eat at her desk though, just burps after lunch a lot.

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    I have my own office and I try to eat in the staff room whenever possible.  I don’t like leaving a food smell in my office.  On days where I’m super busy and if I have food that’s not too pungent, I will eat at my desk.

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    I wouldn’t eat if I didn’t do so at my desk! I think Americans get really bent out of shape about what is sanitary, and most of that was put into our heads by media marketing soap and sanitation products. We actually don’t need to shower everyday, but it was really hard to sell shampoo until people started thinking that they needed to… so commercials constructed the need. As long as someone is respectful and not like cracking crab legs open in the cube, I don’t see what the problem is. Wash your hands, wipe your desk, move on with your life.

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    I guess I could MAYBE understand if you had to SHARE the computer, but if it’s their computer in their cube, who cares??  I had an ex-BF who had a mental thing about people eating “noisily.”  Now I find that particular personality trait strange and annoying.

    Now what DOES gross me out is people who talk on their cell phone while peeing.  Ew.

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    I snack at my desk all of the time. Sometimes I am too busy and just go pick up lunch and eat my whole lunch at my desk as well.

    HOWEVER, the sound of someone smacking their lips when they are eating sends chills down my back. I hate it! I eat very quietly and am always aware of it. Other people I have found just do not understand what loud, obnoxious eaters they are. There is one guy who works across the room from me that I literally had to walk out of the room because I was getting so annoyed by his lip smacking when he was eating his lunch. Gross.

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    I think the unsanitary part depends on how often they clean their desk. I clean my desk, mouse, keyboard, phone, pens etc… with antibac wipes several times a week so I’m confident it’s clean. I still don’t eat there though, I work in a hospital and due to infection control policies we are technically not allowed to eat at our desks.

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    I eat at my desk almost every day, and so do most of my co-workers. It doesn’t bother me for the most part, but like @luckyprincess, mouth noises gross me right out. There is a big difference between chewing with your mouth closed and slurping, smacking, and the worst (for me) chomping or popping your gum.

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    Pretty much everyone in my office eats at their desk.

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    Food for thought!

    Making an assumption that every persons cubicle is unsanitary is the equivalent of making the assumption that every persons kitchen is clean!

    I would also agree that the sound of a coworker chomping a carrot like a horse is far more offensive. And don’t even get me started on people clipping their nails in the office! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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