(Closed) Do you get yelled at on the phone at work all day?

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In my line of work, I deal with pure stupidity, over inflated egos, and just plain rudeness daily…and of course they yell!. I find that my patience has grown very thin for almost anything and everything. I just have no tolerance. I have reputation in my office for being “too direct” and “quite bitchy”. Mind you I work in a male dominated field (Architectural Lighting Designs)

On the phone or via email, My customer communications are firm, but somewhat pleaseant. I mean some of the stuff I get from people is just ridiculous! I can’t even begin to describe just how dumb the stuff is. A lot of my work interactions remind me of the show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” I have come to realize most of these people are not!

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goldgoldgold:  I used to work at a call centre for a bank, it was entirely incoming calls.  I got yelled at daily.  I would often put customers on mute, let them scream, and jump up and down at my desk or make profane gestures at the phone.  We all did it, no one cared and it made you feel better.  As long as you were professional in coversation, what the customer didn’t know didn’t hurt 🙂

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I unfortunately get to hear them yell at me to my face.  I work retail and our store is closing and I had a lady that was buying things but kept saying, “I’m glad you are closing,” and “You can get this cheaper other places.” All I could do was smile and bite my tongue.  I’m human and made an error yesterday and my lead was going to fix it right after he was done helping someone and you would think I was the worst person in the world.  

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I work in public schools with children with disabilities. I play a key role in determining if children are eligible for services, as well as support children who do receive services. As you can imagine, things can get very heated. In person during meetings as well as during phone calls. I always try my best to empathize,  these are parents with concerns for their children of course they’re passionate. It’s not that uncommon to deal with a parent who makes it very very hard to feel empathy for them. Or an attorney who just has no idea about anything educationally related.

It used to really get to me. It was so disheartening how many parents felt like I was trying to pull one over on them, when really I truly believed I was doing what was best for the child. I had to learn to not take it personal, otherwise I’d cry in my office and be no good to my students. I try to always focus on the good moments, the successes I have with students. It’s a long process, but it’s getting easier!

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I feel you.  I work customer support at a software company.  I know that the nature of our job is dealing with customers who are experiencing problems and that we’re usually the target of their anger, but some days just suck.

Just this week, we had a lady who called us asking about autopsy results for a family member.  We’re a software company, so she obviously called the wrong number.  When we told her this, she flipped out about how unhelpful we were that we couldn’t provide the autopsy results and demanded that we send them to her.  I felt bad for her because she’s probably going through an emotional time if she’s dealing with an autopsy, but she just would not listen to anything we told her.

My colleagues and I keep a “wall of shame” for customer stories.  We’ll also skype each other to vent about crazy stories throughout the day.  It’s therapeutic for us.

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goldgoldgold:  Sounds like you have my mom’s job. She is a case worker for the county welfare department and basically has to go over why people do or do not qualify for government assistance.

So I don’t have much advice for you, but I know my mom gets pretty run down from it time to time. Just try to remember not 80% of humans are like this! Just 80% of the ones you *get* to deal with.

I felt the same way in retail. Nearly every customer is dumb and rude and hostile for no reason.

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I work with auto insurance claims. Coverage, specifically. I can tell you some fun stories along with some very inventive names and words 😉

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goldgoldgold:  Yes, some days. And it’s 99.9% never my department’s fault, it’s the employee’s (I’m in payroll). Fridays are the worst for it so lemme just tell ya, I’ll be glad when the day is OVER.

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I have worked plenty of these jobs, and my way of staying sane is really just to laugh about it.  Granted, not on the phone with the person, but when you hang up and take a deep breath and just think “Wow, that person was angry that we couldn’t get her dishwasher fixed on a Friday at 4:00 because she was having a fancy dinner party and her maid wouldn’t do the dishes by hand because she just had her nails done” =true story.  It also helps to know that every proffession has these kinds of problems.  My DH is an attorney and he deals with these types of people.  I’m a high level proffessional, and I deal with these types of people. 

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A small portion of my job revolves around collections – mainly in the winter when things get really slow. We also do electric collections, and assessment fee collections, but by far the really old collections are the worst. I really hate doing them and refuse doing the over-the-phone ones. I still do the mail ones, though.

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I used to work for a financial company when the market was going nuts in 2012.  For about six months there, it was 80-some calls a day of unhappy, angry, people who unfortunately couldn’t do what they wanted because of mean old me.  I ended up quitting and getting a job at a small insurance agency doing commercial customer service.  So. Much. Nicer!  There was the oddball meany, but most people appreciated the help, were glad when they had a problem and we could fix it for them, etc. 

I still don’t understand why people think they can get mad at customer service agents.  It doesn’t do any good; I knew several people who, if the customer was being overly rude or unpleasant, would purposely make them wait, not be as helpful, etc.  If the customer was polite and honest, however, all sorts of things would get done in a miraculously timely manner. 

Parents need to teach manners because clearly people are growing up without them!

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I work in a contact centre for a major UK supermarket and we deal with customer contact via phone call, emails, letters and online chat. I did four and a half years on the phones. I then moved to our emails operation for two and a half years and have just started a secondment in letters. I’m much happier dealing with customers via the written word than the spoken word!

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I talk on the phone and email with customers all day too and they suck!!! Alot of the people I deal with are straight out of jail crack heads.  They are rude,  illiterate and can’t even form proper sentences so I have no idea sometimes what the hell these people want.  They also feel it’s ok to take their bad attitudes out on you and bc the “customer is always right” and ou have to take it.  Sometimes I get mad and fight back with them.  I feel your pain I really do!

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