Do you guys have a good relationship with your in laws?

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My husband got on like a house on fire with my mum from the moment they met until the day she passed away. He and she had the same sense of humour and they really enjoyed each other’s company.

My in-laws are nice people but they are very reserved, bordering on formal, even with their son. It is just their way. My husband is an only child so we had to gently set a few boundaries at the beginning of the relationship but we all get along just fine.

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I get along amazingly with my Father-In-Law and his fiancee, my Brother-In-Law and his fiancee, and all of my husband’s grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. I think I talk to most of them more than he does!! They all love me like their own and I really enjoy their company. Exception for me is my Mother-In-Law. She is just a very spoiled person who was pampered her whole life by her parents and her ex-husband. She’s so used to getting her way that she will steamroll you if you stand in her way. We’ve set down boundaries 100s of times, and even given her consequences for them, like cutting back how often we see her. Nothing stops her and she doesn’t improve. She has zero boundaries and zero respect for our wishes or how we want to be treated. She isn’t nasty or malicious, she just is selfish. If it comes down to respecting our wishes/needs or doing what she wants, she will always choose her desires/wants over our wishes/boundaries. She’s just selfish, and acts a martyr when called out. Very difficult woman to like or want to be around. I adore my Father-In-Law and his fiancee though, and my Brother-In-Law is one of my best friends. 

My family is much less close than my husband’s. I grew up in a different state than all my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, so while I am close with some of them, there are others I barely have a relationship with. Even my father and brothers, we are close but somewhat distant. Darling Husband gets along with them all but I’d say he’s only close with maybe one of my brothers and that’s it. They can be tough nuts to crack. We’re a quiet family. 

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