(Closed) Do you hate any of your coworkers?

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I don’t hate anyone, but a couple drive me insane.  They’re both just so nosy.  I was late to work yesterday because of an accident on the highway (my bad for my being psychic and knowing I should have left the house earlier) and this one guy (who is not in any way my superior) made a huge fuss about me not being in on time.  My boss was fine with it, I always stay late if I come in late.

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Yep, I’ve got one who acts like a petulent two year old most days.  We sit in awkward silence now, because I can’t tolerate her and she wants to provoke arguments.  She acts like she’s being a bigger person but throws out insults in the most catty way possible.  Honestly, I feel like I work in a daycare when she’s around.  You have to walk on eggshells and keep your guard up, because you never know if she’s going to play nice or throw a temper tantrum.

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We’re a pretty small company right now. Just myself, my Darling Husband and three employees. We all get along great, actually! 

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When I used to work in a clinic, one of the therapists was NUTS. She was one of those people who had an opinion on EVERYTHING, and would try to brainwash you into her views.

We had a patient who was openly a stripper. When I was talking to the patient about her job, I referred to her as a “dancer.” Immediately the patient was like “no no, call me a stripper. It’s what I do and I make great money.” Point taken. So from then on, myself and the rest of the staff referred to her as the stripper. (Not in a catty way!) 

One day I asked the counselor for her patient chart, and it went something like this:

Me: Do you have patient (stripper’s) chart?

Her: Who’s that again? (we had 100’s of patients)

Me: You know, the stripper. The really pretty one. 

She was a huuuuuge neo-feminist, and she pretty much ripped me a new asshole for calling her a stripper. I calmly explained that the patient had specifically TOLD me to refer to her as one, and not a dancer bc she was proud of her work and didn’t care. 

The counselor emailed head office on me, saying that I was degrading patients, etc. It was a huge deal…the only reason I got away with it was because it was a huge office, and 3 of the doctors working immediately came to my defense along with the nurses. 

In the end, head office specifically told her to stop emailing them so frequently because she was sending in staff complaints EVERY day.


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Yes, i have a completely bipolar relationship with my main coworker, depending on her mood that day. 

On the bright side, she’s bubbly, friendly, smart, and energetic.  On the minus side, she rarely applies any of those skills to actual productive work.

She is completely obsessed with her kids (to the point where I wonder why she even bothers to show up to work if she’s not going to work at all).  As a result, she talks about them constantly (rather than work), comes in late, leaves early and generally is unproductive. 

I try to ignore it and just do a good job myself but I get a little crazy when I have to pick up all the slack or she tries to tell me how to do my job.  We work in a very hard-working, devoted profession where sometimes even having weekends is a privilage and she feels that she’s entitled to a 35 hr work week.  Plus, she’s senior to me so she gets paid a ton more for way less work. 

So, yes…. I would enjoy my job a lot more without one of my coworkes.

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Busy bee
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I can’t stand most of the people I work with. They’re either lazy pieces of shit, bitch, whine and complain all the time or they are incompetent.


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@Paigey:  LOL I know how you feel. Might I just add that my boss seems to always have it out for me…because I’ve been here longer than her and she’s afraid of me. Oh man, At least I’m working though

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Blushing bee
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Yep! I have one in particular that makes my life miserable. I am one of the oldest here at 32 and I thought I graduated high school MANY years ago! I want to come to work and at least be happy but all these girls want to do is gossip about people. When I took it to my manager (who is about 6 years younger than me) I got a poor rating on my yearly review for team work. Really?!?!

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My boss and immediate co worker are pretty great, and the coworkers at my old office were awesome with a few unfortunate exceptions. However, the new temp paralegal that was hired 2 weeks ago who was driving me NUTS with how loud he was all the time just got fired. So, done and done.

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Buzzing bee
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This was definitely posted on the right day for me! 

My co-worker/assistant came back today from maternity leave. She’s younger than me (24), has 2 young kids and a husband who worships her. But OMG she is so spoiled and whiney! Everything is about her, her kids, her husband, her family, her dogs, her car, her house, etc. Every little problem (work and personal) is a huge deal and she gets flustered easily.

It’s been nice having her gone for the last 2 months despite the extra work that’s been piled on me. Luckily, she’s only going to be in the office 1 full day and 1 half day each week. I’m trying to keep our conversations work-related so I don’t get sucked into her immature, self-centered drama. I don’t hate her, but she gets annoying really fast. 

That said, my boss is the best and there are several other people in my office whom I really enjoy working with (on a personal and professional level). I’m lucky that there are only a couple of irritating people here. 

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Blushing bee
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There are a FEW people I dont get along with. My morning shifts throughout the week are spent working with people 40+. Im 20 and the Manager. I get ALL kinds of attitude. At night I work with people my age and get the same thing. One girl who has a major attidtude problem decided she didnt want to work her scheduled time and decided to come in an hour or so later. It happens and i just brush it off because this job pays my rent. And I love my job from time to time.

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Bee Keeper

I don’t hate anyone at my office. Of course there are some that I don’t get along with as well as others but I’m pretty lucky in that we generally have good people.

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I don’t hate any of my old coworkers but some of them were complete aholes. I’m 25 and a nurse so all of the older techs don’t think I  have the right to ask them to do anything. I get all kind of attitude, have been sabotaged in cases, and bad mouthed to no end. I ended up leaving there and I hope my new coworkers act their age, not their shoe size!

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