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  • poll: Do you have a housekeeper?
    Yes: we both work full-time, have kids : (4 votes)
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    Yes: we both work full-time, no kids : (11 votes)
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    Yes: only one of us works full-time : (11 votes)
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    No: we both work full-time, have kids : (9 votes)
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    No: we both work full-time, no kids : (45 votes)
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    Busy bee

    No, you’re not being lazy. I have someone who comes in once or twice a week  (depending on what I need) and helps. It’s soooo nice. We still have to clean throughout but it’s easier to maintain. I’ve never understood the women who managed to keep a spotless house with a full time job and children. Hats off to them but at 31 I still can’t seem to figure it out.

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    Helper bee

    We have one. We both work full-time (my Fiance working almost 12 hour days) and the housework was just piling up. We have a 1000sqft condo and couldn’t keep it clean. Yes, i’m sure not everyone agrees but it is our choice and we work hard and this is how we decided to spend our money. 

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    Helper bee

    charlie486:  exactly. I have those friends who love cleaning and do it all the time….ya thats not me or  FI.  We both hate it and much rather spend our weekends together rather than cleanin and doing laundry. I also agree that It helps you maintain a clean home. 

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    Sugar bee

    We have one. I work maybe 45 hours a week and my Fiance works ~70 hours a week. I could probably manage to keep our apartment clean by myself, but we are financially comfortable and I’m not really dying to spend my free time on chores, so why not?

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    Helper bee

    We always debated getting a housekeeper.  My husband and I both work full-time and we’re very busy, but I always felt I could take care of the house on my own.  Well, when you work full-time and have kids, you know how exhausting it is to even look at cleaning the bathroom, never mind put in the effort to do a good job!  We finally got one (after my SIL highly recommended her) and she is fantastic!  I cannot tell you how nice it feels to come home and the house is sparkling clean and you can eat off of the floors and you’re not afraid to look behind the toilets!  She comes in once every two weeks.  We have a bigger house (just over 2400 square feet) so this really helps us out.  I say if you can afford a housekeeper/cleaner, get one!  Totally worth the investment for us!

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    Sugar bee
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    Do what’s best for you.If it’ll help and you can afford it then I see no problem.


    I work fulltime and go to school parttime. My fiance works fulltime. We aren’t too messy. I think the worst thing to happen is the dishes from dinner may sit in the sink till the following morning once in awhile.To me it’s just natural to pick up as you go or clean any messes as you make them but that was part of my upbringing. He was brought up in a similar fashion.


    I know some people don’t have a housekeeper come very often but do like to it every once in awhile for a deeper/detailed clean. Even if you get a system down, it may pay off to have someone come in and do the more tedious aspects.

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    Busy Beekeeper
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    Don’t worry about what other people think, it’s really none of their business.

    FWIW, growing up we had a housekeepr and my mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom. Granted, she did keep the books for my dad’s business, was PTA president (so at the school A LOT) and ran us kids all over. I’m sure some people thought it was “lazy” to be a Stay-At-Home Mom with a housekeeper but you know what….they could afford it and it made her happy so it was what it was.

    My BFF has 2 school aged kids and only works 2 days a week – she still has a house keeper. She comes every other week. 

    Darling Husband works full time, and is usually travelling for work. I work full time, but from home running my own business. People think it’s easy to work from home and that you have all this free time to stop and do chores but you don’t. The second I stop working to do laundry, I can’t get motivated to start working again. I used to have my BFF’s cleaning lady during my super busy season, come every other week. I stopped using her because I wasn’t super happy with her work, and just haven’t replaced her. I’m seriously considering getting another one again, because my 2016 year is going to be insanely busy. On top of all that, I’m a really crappy house keeper. 

    Here’s the way I see it. Some of my friends spend their money on $6 coffee from Starbucks every morning on the way to work. Some love to shop and eat out. I don’t really do any of that (although I do love to shop) so I think if you can afford it and it makes your quality of life better – go for it. There is such a stigma attached to having a house keeper, yet no one says anything about people who shop all the time or blow their money and random stuff.

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    Bumble bee
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    I want a housekeeper so badly!  We moved into our house and it seems like another full time job just to keep it dusted and the windows washed. We both work full time and pick up as we go, but even then there’s always something else to do 

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    charlie486:  we have one. We both work full time with a lot of side hobbies and have two cats in our 850 sq foot house. We have someone come every two weeks for about two hours. I LOVE IT!!!!! So worth it. 

    As for other chores, I find that once all the yucky cleaning (sweeping, mopping, bathrooms) is taken care of, we divide our other stuff out pretty easily. He does most of the cooking and cleans the kitchen / dishes. I do all the laundry and putting away of clean clothes / linens, and most of the picking up of clutter. Since we each have our own realm of chores, we just focus on that and I don’t have to nag him to help me clean. 

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    Blushing bee
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    I am a Stay-At-Home Mom who has a housekeeper come once every week or two for two hours. I found I did not need one when I was working because the kids and I weren’t home long enough during the day to make a huge mess over and over again. I feel like it’s worth it to me and my kids to be able to choose a park or a picnic over washing walls. When they’re both in school and I’m back to work we may not need her anymore but who knows I might be too spoiled by then 😉

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    Buzzing bee
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    We don’t have one,  and thankfully we don’t need to.  My Darling Husband is a clean freak,  he deep-cleans the house every week,  plus vacuums in between cleanings.  We have two German Shepherds and they are the messy ones in the family.  I told my then Fiance, that if he wants dogs he will be the one cleaning.  It’s been 7 years since the first dog arrived and he is still doing his chores. I help out by cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen sometimes, but not every week.  DH had his own cleaning business on the side,  and works full time at another job,  but his cleaning skills are incredible,  he does a better job than me.  I also work 40 hrs a week.  My chore  is cooking and gardening.  His chore is cleaning, laundry, lawn care and doggie care.  We both do grocery shopping,  he does canned gods and non perishables, and i get meat and veggies. We worked this out based on personal likes and preferences.  If it so happens that i decide to be a Stay-At-Home Mom one day then i will take over the cleaning part,  but so far it’s working well the way it is 🙂

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    Sugar bee


    I have one for 3 1/2 days a week and I do not work.  I own a yoga studio but left teaching when my luck changed for the better.  I have two teen boys and a fiancee.  She cleans, does laundry, shops and generally cooks something because she knows I hate to cook. Our house is not large.

    She only works on the first floor of the house because I want my sons to clean their rooms and shared bathroom themselves, and I don’t want anyone in my bedroom.

    It frees me up to volunteer in my community.

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