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  • poll: US bees only - Do you have a passport

    Yes, I have a passport

    No, I don't have a passport

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    I’ve had one since I was 4 because I lived in Canada for about 11 months; however, mine did expire 2 years ago and I haven’t gotten a new one yet.  I just haven’t had the need to, so I keep putting it off, especially since $120 is a lot to spend if I don’t have any pressing need.  My Fiance has never had one.  He’s lived in the same place his entire life and with 7 kids, his parents could never afford to leave the country on vacation.  He’s a teacher so it’s not necessary for work either.

    we will both be getting one soon, though.  We are going to the Bahamas for our honeymoon πŸ™‚

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    I’ve had a passport for years!  I think I’m on my third one now (at age 25).

    I love getting new stamps in it and hated having to switch from my most previous one because it had a lot of stamps.  My current one looks a little empty at the moment – I need to fix that!

    Personally, I would never not have a valid passport at this point in my life.  I like having the knowledge that, if the need arose, I could hop on a plane and go.  For instance, on about 2 weeks notice last year, my company decided to send me to a conference in Malaysia.  If I hadn’t had a valid passport, I’d have missed out on the opportunity.

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    Me and my Fiance got passports..but we just got them this year cuz we were going on vacation!

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    I had one when I was 15 since I went to Europe three times in high school. Hoever, since I got it as a minor it expired after 5 years (so it expired 2 years ago). I ended up getting an enhanced drivers license for now so that I can at least go to Canada when I went (I live on the border). I want to renew my passport, but I just haven’t had enough money

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    I have had a passport since my early 20’s once we could no longer travel to our neighbor countries with birth certificates.

    Most of my family cannot travel abroad due to immigration status.  Aside from that, I think a lot of it is their lifestyle choices.  As some one previously posted…a lot of it is choosing between having a fancy car big house versus extra vacation $. 

    I hope to always keep a passport current and up to date as you never know when an opportunity might land in your lap that requires one.  I’ve been able to travel with work because I was one of the few in my area who could get on a plane the next week.

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    I never had one until this past spring break when we went out of the country. So… in answer to your question- no need for one πŸ™‚

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    Nope. My family vacations have always been inside the US. (Hawaii was our tropical destination of choice 3 times) With the way things are these days, I don’t have a desire anytime soon to travel outside the US. ( I also had a bad experience in Mexico when I was younger that scared the shi** out of me) Plus, everything I have wanted to do has been here in the USA. Most of the big out of country trips cost money that I would much rather use to make upgrades on my home or keep in a savings account for future use.

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    I’ve had one for a couple of years now…but only because I was literally forced to study abroad in Spain for school. As in, if I didn’t do it I would not graduate. However, I am so happy and thankful that I had that opportunity, and now I can’t wait to travel again!

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    I got one in college and it has since expired and I renewed it.  I’m no world traveller, but it seems like a good thing to have.  My husband grew up all over the world, however, and was never without one.  We’re going to Europe for our honeymoon now, so I just sent it in to get my new name on it. 

    I’ve only been to Canada and Korea (that for work) so far.  However – my parents took us all over the US.  They wanted us to experience everything in our own country before going abroad.  My husband has been to Hong Kong but never seen Old Faithful.  My mother has never had a passport – just never had the need.  My dad did when he was younger but it’s long since expired. 

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    @SpecialSundae:  I just got one as I had to travel to Canada for work. I had one in high school but it expired.

    Passports are pretty expensive and unless you have plans to travel outside the country, it seems like a needless expenditure to spend the time and money to get one. It takes more planning to go out of the country. FH and I can barely take time from work and plan a weekend trip, let alone going overseas.

    Most of my family doesn’t have passports as they don’t want or can’t afford to travel that much.

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    I live to travel! It saddens me that so many people are unwilling to see the world.

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    I’ve had one but it expired. If I had the money I’d love to go to Japan πŸ™‚

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    I didn’t read all 5 pages of this thread so sorry if someone already pointed this out. CHECK out the size of Mexico, Canada and the US. Up until a few years ago all you needed was a birth certificate to travel to Mexico and Canada. No need to have a passport unless you wanted to travel abroad. I don’t think the low number of people with passports is shocking at all. In the UK all the countries are so close together and you get 5 weeks off a year. Here, you get 2 and most people take off one week at a time. My family would take our week long vacations to somewhere in the big old US or we would fly to Mexico and be there in four hours.


    All that being said, I do have my passport because I have been lucky enough to have enough time off to travel around the UK plus I need it to visit Mexico and Canada.

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    I’ve had one since I was a wee child. I’m surprised most people don’t have one or didn’t get one until older- just never thought about it I guess. 

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    I’m from Europe and maybe it’s a cultural thing but most people i know have traveled intercontinental. It shocks me to hear people say that everything they want is in the USA or that they are scared. Yes the country is big but the differences between states are smaller than say the difference between England and France.

    Americans spend so much more on weddings and on rings than Europeans do that i think the money excuse is invalid but i understand the lack of time. 

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