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  • poll: US bees only - Do you have a passport

    Yes, I have a passport

    No, I don't have a passport

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    I agree that for some people, the issue is money…..but many of my friends use money as an excuse, when the truth is just that they aren’t comfortable traveling out of the country.  They will take a 3-4 day weekend to go to Vegas, or to NYC, or to Disneyland, or to California but not a 3 day weekend to go to Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Iceland, Canada, etc. (I went there once for a 4-day weekend, in and out of Liberia airport, spent time at Playa Tamarindo).  That would only be 2 vacation days and my flight was only $400. 

    Anyway, I work in education, so I definitely get more time off than the average person, but even some of my teacher friends have never been out of the country and they have all summers off and make exactly what I make.  But they’d rather spend their money on car payments, highlights, department store makeup, nails every two weeks, etc.  I don’t do that stuff, and –suprise!– I have an extra 1,000 to spend on a flight and cheap hostels somewhere in the summer.

    I think when you have itchy feet–as I do–then you find ways to travel.  I have a friend who has one of those typical 2-weeks of vacation time a year jobs….and he pretty much quits his job every 2 years so he can take a month or two off and travel.  But again, he lives super frugrally to do this.  He would rather travel than have a big wedding, or a nice car, or even a nice place. THen he has time to travel and to job hunt after returning.  Although sometimes he finds the new job first and then tells them he can’t start for 6 weeks to finish up current projects.  THen he actually quits his current job with 2 weeks notice and travel for a month.

    No judgements on how people decide to spend their own money, but I think it’s a question of priorities over money/time in 90% of cases.  I totally understand why some people would rather have a nicer car or bigger house…I’m just not one of those people.  I travel, and drive a piece of sh*t when I’m home.  ;-0

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    Yes, I have a passport and I’ve had one since I was a child. We love to travel.

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    I don’t. DH does but that’s because when he was little his parents went out of the country a lot. Growing up in a rural farm in Missouri I was excited when we got to go to a city! Our first family vacation was to a lake and I remember being in heaven! I would love to travel more but the cost is just too much and I can’t see spending 70 dollars or however much it is on something I won’t use. Some day though!

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    I don’t have a passport & neither does Fiance. Although, we will be getting them soon! We are definitely planning on doing some travelling. My parents loved going to a few specific places in the US, so we did lots of vacations here, so they don’t have passports either. But now that they’re getting closer to retirement age, they’re planning on finally travelling to some places they’ve always wanted to go! FI’s dad is not a US citizen, but a permanent resident, so to get his passport he said he had to go to his country’s embassy or something (I don’t know if that’s even true) and it was too much trouble.. but he really just hates travelling I think, so that’s why Fiance never went anywhere.

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    i dont have a passport… but always wish i did. i have always wanted to go on a cruise and sometimes i get emails for last minute cruises but i dont have a passport. Me and DH want to go get one soon.

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    I didn’t have one until last year, when I needed it for our honeymoon. The reason why I didn’t have one before is because I couldn’t afford to take international trips. I still can’t really. But I hope to be able to do a lot more traveling in the future!

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    I have a passport but my dad and step-mom do not. They say, “I don’t want to leave the USA. It’s too dangerous.”

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    I think it is because, for a long time, we didn’t need a passport to travel in to our neighboring countries.  Most of us don’t travel overseas (it’s very expensive/time consuming).  People in other countries seem to travel a lot more than we do.  I have an old teacher who is living in Kuwait, and I swear, she is on “holiday” every two to three weeks!  Here you get maybe a week or so of vacation and that is it.

    I do have a passport card, but that’s only because we now need one to travel by cruise ship to the Caribbean and I plan to go on a cruise again someday soon.

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    Ever since I was about 15.  I lost that one though, and it had the best stamps.  My new one is warming on me… we used to travel regularly on fishing trips to canada when I was -well- ever since I was a baby.  You didn’t need one back then for that.

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    I’ve had one since my freshman or sophmore year in high school when I went to Australia.  I’ve used it several time since then as well and will always make sure it’s valid so I have the ability to travel internationally.  But I do want to echo what others said about it almost being prohibitively expensive for US citizens to cross the atlantic and pacific for vacations.  Not only are flights expensive, but with the conversion rate, everything is much more expensive. Couple that with short amounts of vacation time, and a lot of people just don’t feel it’s worth it.  Traveling is a priority for me, so I don’t mind saving for months, but I can appreciate that it might not be appealing to others.

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    I didnt get one until I started traveling out of the country just after my senior year in college.  My family vacationed around the states and back then crossing into Canada didnt require a passport either so I just never got one.

    ETA: I dont think its a priority of many Americans to travel and see the world like other people in say Europe and Austrailia.  I was shocked at how many young people from other countries take months or even year long trips to see the world before the head home to settle down to work and settle into family life.  It is also an expensive hobby, so if its not a priority, you’re not going to make a point to save to do it when you feel you can spend the money in other ways to better your life at home.

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    I do NOT have one because I’ve never needed one.  I’ve ‘gone out of the country’ twice in my life, and both times were on a cruise to the Bahamas.  Only once have I stepped foot on foreign soil/sand.  And it ended quickly because I got injured. 🙁

    So nope, no passport here!

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    I’ve had a passport since I was thirteen and plan to always have a current one for the rest of my life.

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    @pinkshoes:  This!  Like I said, one of my old teachers now lives in Kuwait.  She gets 1-2 week vacations every two months, or so.  Plus, she gets the summer off from work.  You would get fired if you took that much time off in the US, lol!  I think she goes in with her friends on these trips, too.  Like, sharing hotel rooms and stuff.  So, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad, financially, if you did it that way.  Someone in this thread mentioned being frugal so they could afford to travel, and staying in hostels.  I, personally, would not be comfortable in a hostel.  So, travel to Europe would be very expensive for me.  I am sure I could save up the money and make it work, but why do that when I can make improvements to my house or pay some of my tuition?

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