(Closed) Do you have a strong sixth sense (or gut feeling, clairvoyance abilities, etc.)?

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Helper bee

I do believe some people are able to tap into certain mental capacities that others are not. However, I honestly don’t think the examples you gave reflect that as much as it does just having a keen intuition. I think experiences like you described are pretty common for most people. 

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Busy bee
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I see things collide right before they happen…I can’t control it or pick and choose, but I either see it or I hear God tell me “that is going to fall/hit/break” before it does. Sometimes I can correct it in time, sometimes I can’t. I don’t think of it too often, but I am aware it’s something I am capable of and have been since I was very young.

For example:

1. I see cups/plates/etc shattering right before they’re dropped.

2. If something across a room is going to fall off a shelf, I visualize it hitting the ground before it actually does. Sometimes I can get up and move the object– sometimes I can’t/dont have time and it falls.

3. I often know/see people who are going to slip or trip before they actually do.

4. I see minor impacts such as fender benders/people backing into things within a few seconds of them beginning to happen.


Other examples too, but I can’t think of them now.


*edit* goodness I sound crazy actually typing this out…

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Honey bee
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OmbreBee:  This is weird, but I have always have a strong intuition when another woman is pregnant. It doesn’t happen all the time, but most of the time I just have a feeling that they are. Usually, I’m right. I’m betting when I’m pregnant though, I’ll have no idea lol. 

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Sugar bee
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yes, i have sort of a sixth sense. a couple of examples:

-i kept seeing these pictures in my head of my husband and his family at a funeral. i didn’t know whose funeral it was or when it was. within a couple of weeks, my husband’s cousin commited suicide.

-we were visiting with my husband’s family and when i went to say hello to one of his cousins, i saw a motorcycle accident. i didn’t know if it was an accident that had already happened or what, but that day when he was on his way home, he was in a horrible motorcycle accident.

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Bee Keeper
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KatiePi:  Same here. I can tell a woman is pregnant just by looking.

I think I am really good at predicting the future. I can tell how things are liekly to happen if X and Y happens. I used to tell my brothers, “Don’t do __________ because ________will happen” and it did. Also, I can decode dreams rather well.  I guess, I’m just highly intuitive. Also, I can tell how people feel just by the way they talk to me or look at me.

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Bee Keeper
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I predicted my brother and Darling Husband accident. It was weird and scary.

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Busy bee
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I’m not sure if this is what you mean but I get déjà vu a lot. Sometimes I’ll go through periods of having it more often, these usually last anywhere from two to eight weeks.


Also, maybe something slightly different, but does anyone else ever meet someone new, recognise them, but don’t know where they’re from or how you “know” them? That’s happened to me several times, one time with a store clerk in Spain when I was on holiday, so I know it’s not because I’ve actually seen these pepole before. It’s really strange whenyou’re stood there with someone trying to have a conversation, but trying to figure out how you recognise them haha!

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Helper bee
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I guess in a way I do in terms of predicting things, but unconciously. What I mean is I can’t be “actively” thinking about something, such as “I am going to win the lottery” and have it happen. More like, “I wish that this and that would happen…” for a brief second and a day or two later have it happen, or even the same day.


For example, I was thinking about this movie that I haven’t seen in a while and wished that Lifetime would play it again sometime soon about 2-3 days ago. Guess what came on today? The same can be said about if I haven’t heard from a friend in a while, and out of the blue a few days later they reach out to me.

Or back in high school I used to take public transportation home, and a few times I would wish that my mom would come pick me up and those same days she did! One really weird specific one I had was that she would pick me up and have a Quiznos sandwich and Jamba Juice drink ready for me (maybe like once a month she would get me this), and she texted me when school ended saying she was picking me up and specifically had those things ready for me in the car!!!

Another time I was leaving the house going to get a massage and wondered if someone would say I looked pretty today and call me a model (yeah, I was having an inflated ego that day). Sure enough the lady at the desk kept asking if I was someone famous because I looked so familiar. Weird, right??


But like I said, these things are more like passing thoughts as opposed to me “wanting” these things to happen, or “knowing” they will happen. 

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Buzzing bee
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Thank goodness somewhere to let let all this out where hopefully people wont think im crazy. 

I have what i would call a very strong 6th sense. I always predict when something is going to happen at work, like a colleague calling in sick, or failing to turn up before they do. I have predicted guest issues before hey arrise (i work in a hotel).

When my grandfather passed away I woke up at the exact time the panic alarm was pressed at his home. I knew something was wrong.

I have a very strong fear of flying which comes from a past of predicition air incidents. it got so strong that I ised to make a point of telling someone that in x number of days i guarantee something will happen to a plane and it will be all over the news. I remember when i was younger i would be too scared to tell anyone incase they thought it was my fault!. Ii do seem to have lost this abillity although its something i no longer try to think about.

I can wake my daughter up without speaking or going into her room. I can look at her baby monitor and say wake up Olivia in my head and she will wake up. I think she and I can sometimes communicate on a different level. It freaks my husband out!

I gave my daughter shellfish for the first time last week and 2 hours before I checked with my mum if it were ok to give to her because i had a funny feeling she would have an allergic reaction. After being told it will be ok, i went ahead and gave it to her and within seconds her face swelled up and went bright red….. weird 

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Buzzing bee
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OmbreBee:  Probably 2-3 times a year, I have very specific dreams that end up coming true. The first few times, it scared the crap out of me. It was so detailed. As I’ve gotten older, it’s happened with more frequency. It also tends to happen when I’m stressed. I am very open-minded but also very skeptical. I usually chalk it up to intuition, but man, sometimes it’s hard to explain it away. It sucks when I have really horrible dreams and then have to worry that they are going to come true, too lol.

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Buzzing bee
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My sisters and I joke about me having psychic dreams.

I’ve dreamt about winning a pretty big contest I entered (and the next day I found out I did). I took the ACTs for college and I dreamt about the very high score I got (and the next day I looked up my results and it was that exact number).

There have been a few other instances where I’ve dreamt about things for other people in my life like this but nothing big. I just think it’s fun to think about!

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Helper bee
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Ok, so I hate talking about this “in real life” because noone gets it or they just think I’m nuts.  My mother and I both go through it, but even she denies it most of the time.  I’ve never thought of it as a sixth sense, but I definitely listen to my gut feelings- especially regarding people.  There have been several situations where I just cannot trust someone or where I feel like they will do something harmful… For me, it is a physical feeling- I get nauseous, lightheaded, or even sometimes just feel like I’m in pain (can be specific to a part of the body or all over). 

For instance, I once refused a date with a hot, funny guy in my psych class.  He was definitely “my type”, but there was just something about him that made me physically ache when I was around him (and not in some tawdry paperback romance way).  Later on, a friend of mine started dating him.  9 months later, she was in the hospital with a broken nose from his abuse. 

I also had a very strong aversion to the father of one of the little boys I used to babysit.  Everytime he came home before the wife, I felt like I could vomit.  It was sudden and overpowering.  Right after my 15th birthday, he asked me on a “date” while putting his hand on my knee in his car.  Cliche, scary, and definitely something my gut knew was going to happen.  His wife and my sister recently ran into each other and the wife said they had divorced.  Apparently, he was in trouble for having child pornography on his computer at work.   

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Worker bee
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I definitely have the women’s intuition. I  know I listen to it more that I am getting older. I also, see 11:11 on the clock all the time. It freaks me out. No matter what I am doing I always seem to look up at the clock on 11:11. Not sure if it means anything but, it freaks me out. 

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