do you have any jealous family/friends since you got engaged/married?

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I have one “friend” (we don’t talk very often anymore) that I was friends with for 14 years before I got engaged. She has always made our lives into a competition, so she was less than pleased when I got engaged before her since she and her boyfriend had been living together before FH and I moved in together.. Since she’s recently got engaged, she tries to talk to me about wedding planning and has in so many words says she’s trying to get married before me and that her wedding will be better. She’s been trying to steal most of my ideas and things as well. 

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@rozzy:  I’ve never understood it either. After not speaking to me for almost six months, she sent me a message on Facebook just to tell me how awesome it was that she had moved in with her boyfriend. Of course, this was after she found out that FH and I were still trying to making the planets align correctly so we could also move in together. Once she found out we had bought a house together, she stopped talking to me until December, when she got engaged, and that was just to inform me that her ring was larger than mine. 

It’s serious high school nonsense, and we are both in our 20’s. 

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I have friends that I think are a little jealous that I am in this situation but I just don’t talk about wedding planning with them. I have another friend that I am certain is jealous because she always says things like, “you are too young to get married” and, “why are you rushing to get married anyway?”

She also struggles with her own singlehood, and I wouldn’t think the comments were so ridiculous, if I weren’t 26 damn years old. 

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Yep but more on the front, I am married and with my Darling Husband and had a child.  The person in question is divorced and keeps having a series of bad relationships. She is more jealous that we had a child more than anything. I havent talked to her for almost a year now. 

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@rozzy:  I had a friend who was mad when I got engaged. I don’t know if she was actually jealous or just didn’t approve altogether. But she would make stink faces when people would talk about my ring or ask about the wedding. There was a group of girls one day who were making a fuss over my ring and she was trying so hard not to even look at it even though she was standing right there. I’ve mentioned her in other threads and how I recently decided to cut her off.

Another girl who isn’t a friend (she’s the SO of one of FI’s friends) was jealous when I got engaged. A bunch of people from FI’s circle were asking all these questions about how he proposed and what our plans were and she kept interjecting and talking about her relationship (which at this point had only been going on for about 2 or 3 weeks!). I found out later it was because she was jealous that everyone was talking about me so much. Her jealousy was ridiculous because I had known these people for a while, whereas she had literally just met them like 2 weeks before! Like really? They barely even knew her! Even her own boyfriend barely knew her at that point because they started dating like 3 days after meeting each other. I don’t like this girl if you can’t tell, lol.

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This is the reason why I have only told two people. Once they see my Fiance, wedding budget, the house we are going to buy I will be the most hated woman in town. These same family members threw it in my face when they got married and how bad they felt for me not being married.

I am not one for trying to explain to ignorant people that it was my choice and that I had been proposed to 5 times but to me they werent good enough. Oh, you should come to the cookout maybe you will find a husband there “REALLY”.

Only one of them are married go figure. I am not inviting them because I dont want to see the green eyes of envy at my wedding feeling like darts in my back. I waited for a quality man to come into my life and it came later in life I am happy because I have true happiness. He was definitely worth the wait.


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No. I did get jealous when FH’s little cousin got engaged after dating her SO for just two years. We have been together 4.5 years at that point! We got engaged the month later though. After three years, I couldn’t help but be jealous every single time somebody else got engaged but not us.

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I had a friend that really ripped my then SO apart.  I pretty much quit talking to her.  When her father was diagnosed with cancer I shot her a quick email to tell her that I hoped he would be okay.  She emailed back that she missed me, blah, blah, blah.  I never heard from her again until the Friday before I was getting married.  She sent an email to my work address at 5:00 and I didn’t see it until I got back to work after the wedding.  In the email she continued to degrade him even though she had never met him…never.met.him.

At first I was pissed but then I understood she was just jealous and wanted everything that I had.  I sent her a message a couple months later and told her that I wasn’t mad at her and held nothing against her because I know she’s jealous of the fact that I have everything she wants.  She has dated a guy for about 2.5 years and it’s a very immature relationship. 

We’re both in our 40s so we’re not young.  I can’t fix what’s wrong with her or her relationship so I just let her go rather than have her trash my husband.

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Yep! I had a guy friend that I’d talked to for several years, and when I told him I got engaged, he hasn’t talked to me since. It’s been almost a year.

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me and my friend got engaged a month apart from each other.
shes been with her man for 6 yrs and i have been with mine for  8.

our other friend has been with her man for about 7 yrs and is still not engaged.

she has ruined both of our engagement parties and our friends hens night by having a melt down and sulking in the bathroom, running off down the street, crying, etc.
The thing is shes been a friend of mine for 15yrs and is a bridesmaid at my wedding.

she couldnt attend our other friends wedding, but im really dreading our wedding and what she’ll do.

i get that shes frustrated and wants to get engaged etc, i was like that too, but her time will come and in the mean time, this is OUR special time – can she not wait till the nights over before crying in the bathroom and making a drama?????? GOD help us!!!!

we have talked to her about this and she realises she does this, and she wasnt too bad at my hens night just very very quiet, but common!!!!

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I think this one couple, William and Kate, got really jealous because they got engaged about 6 months after me and then had the nerve to get married a week before me.  Kate even wore an all-lace dress, just like me.  She now wants to go by “Katherine.”  Such an uptight chick!

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