(Closed) Do you have success making short-term wins longterm? Share your secrets/stories!

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  • poll: What are your goals for your weight loss/fitness journey?
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    I don't care about the scale--- I want to fit into a certain dress size/measurements : (1 votes)
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    The all or nothing attitude is going to be what kills you every time.  It does me.  Once you cheat, or mess up, you got to keep going.  So easier said than done. 

    A lot of mine is self forgiveness.  I know I’m not perfect, so if I mess up with my diet on Saturday, I take a deep breath and start again on Sunday.  I have to allow myself those cheats, otherwise, I’m going to give up. 

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    Instead of looking at anything as “I did it today” I look at things over a rolling three week period. Example: I have been to the gym 10 times in the last 3 weeks. I am down 2 lbs in the last 3 weeks. Stuff like that helps me.

    Good luck!

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    @Love4Keeps:  I go to the gym with coworkers and I feel guilty if they go without me unless I have a really good excuse. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    I think the most important thing is to find the workout that you like to do.  I never thought I would but I love group classes and I have a few instructors at my gym that I really like.  If I miss a day they will notice and that is additional motivation as well.  Note: they are nice about it but they will comment like we missed you yesterday…


    I wish I was the type of person that could workout at home but sadly I own pretty much every workout dvd imaginable and I won’t do them!  Ugh!

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    @Love4Keeps:  I am an excel spreadsheet kind of girl, so I have equasions set up that tally the last 21 results. Yes, I am a nerd.

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    @Love4Keeps:  Coming from a past chronic yo-yo dieter, and gaining, losing, gaining and losing again, I have found a few elements to my now, long-term success. (Long term meaning I have maintained a healthier style of living, and kept off weight)!

    One, I needed to stop making unachievable goals for myself.  When I yo-yo’ed, it was because I had given up on a goal that alway seemed SO FAR AWAY.  I was so focused on a number, of which would be completely unhealthy for me anyways.  Smaller goals – healthy goals now work for me, and keep me motivated.  Whether it is another pound (not another 20), to fit better into jeans that were tight when I bought them, to lift a certain poundage in weights, or to run just .5 miles more than my farthest distance, etc. 

    Two, I needed to find something that I really liked, or LOVED that would motivate me to get active and stay active.  Not something I learned to dread, but something I wanted to keep doing.  For me, that is running.  I have pushed myself mentally and physically by bettering my time, my pace, and my distance.  I actually look forward to my next workout ๐Ÿ™‚

    Three, I needed to GIVE MYSELF a BREAK from DIETING.  I would latch onto various diets in the past, and sure as hell, miss the food I love!  And I love food.  I love pizza, burgers, wings, fries, wine (ok, not food, but whatever…), steaks, and salt.  So I eat these thing all the time?!  Nope, but I still enjoy them in moderation.  I applaude myself for cooking well-balanced,  healthy meals Sunday – Thursday, and so on some weekends ingest one of the aforementioned foods.  Sometimes I eat them in proper proportion control, other times, not so much.  Does the scale sometimes suffer bc of it?!  Yes.  Do I sometimes feel guilt?  Sure.  Do I stop myself from doing it?! NOOOO!!!  In fact, in ‘cheating’ from time to time, it usually gives me the mental fuel I need to try harder the next week, or to workout harder, or whatever. It keeps me sane.

    I wish you all the luck on your journey, and I hope some of these tips/tricks help you ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @Love4Keeps:  First off… welcome!!

    Secondly: weight loss support groups- My fitness pal! I have account, although i use it sporatically, but I know there are lots of people on it and you can share tips/ successes/ track progress etc. I will use it every now and then when I feel like I’m starting to get off track to readjust and keep my eating in check. It’s also really good for prioritizing what you eat. I’m a foodie and there are just certain things I will never fully cut out. Tracking calories with MFP made me realize how not worth lattes were- I always knew they were empty calories, but after seeing that even with a “skinny” version, it’s basically the same as a slice of pizza, that really puts it in perspective. YOu can also track your macro nutrients and select others like salt, sugar and fibre.

    Third: +1 to your sentiments about fitness/ food industry! Given your sentiments, you might be interested in this book: The Cure for Everything (the title is completely satirical btw) http://www.penguin.ca/nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,9780670065233,00.html

    Another one that I’ve heard is good (although I haven’t read it yet), is Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the food giants hooked us. Also, I follow this doctor’s blog: http://www.weightymatters.ca/ . He’s a bariatric medicine doctor and often talks about food/ fitness industry influence and “health washing”. He’s due to come out with a book in the spring which I’m looking forward to.

    Fourth: My story/ motivation.

    HIghest weight: 3rd year university 150 (I’m 5’2)

    Current weight: 117lb

    Lowest adult weight: 112lb -last year, I’ve since gained a few lbs from a knee injury which prevents me from being as active as I’d like (plus I have a desk job- yuck!!)

    To be honest, I lost about 25 lbs of that weight over the course of 4 months mostly from a combination of a break up and writing a thesis, which I can’t say is the healthy way, but because some of my habits changed after my break up (ex basically refused to eat anything that wasn’t processed or super-sized) I was able to sustain it. After I finished grad school, I finally decided to make a concerted effort to exercise more. I started going to group exercise classes which I really enjoyed. Up until that point i had never really done much strength training, but I started doing a weights class 2x per week and loved it… and really started to notice changes to my body. Also, in the 2.5 years that I started working out like this, I’ve lost 4% body fat, without seeing a huge difference in my actual weight- I’m really happy about that!

    One thing that I that has helped me maintain motivation, is to stop looking at this as a vanity issue, but a health and well-being issue. My father was very overweight and ate horribly. He passed away nearly 7 years ago when I was only 20. His death was so young, and so preventable!! I also work in the health research, so I am constantly reminded of the impact that unhealthy lifestyles has not only on the individual, but health at a population level, and on health services, and even broader (eg economy/ lost productivity etc.).

    One thing that I am pleased with is that since finishing school and having more time for myself, my extremes aren’t so extreme anymore. So a “good” week doesn’t look THAT much different than a “bad” week…I like having that stability.

    Good luck!! and feel free to keep us posted!

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    I would say losing 7 lbs over the next two weeks is unhealthy.

    I would also say based on your all or nothing issues, you need to find out how to create new habits instead of partaking in a weight loss challenge to drop x lbs by X date.

    I personally like weight watchers and have been doing it for over 3 years.  I used to be all or nothing (in it’s most extreme forms of eating disorders/binge eating at times) and this has been the healthiest mentality and easiest maintenence in my life. Yes, I pay them to track my points, but it is so so so worth it compared to the former version of me who was either scrutinizing every crumb or completely out of control. It’s my happy medium ๐Ÿ™‚

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