(Closed) Do you have to put your parents names on a Catholic wedding invitation?

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Bumble bee
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I could be totally wrong, but I don’t think it matters.  I think if there is something that should be on the invitation it would be “nuptuial Mass” which you already have.  My priest was a huge stickler for following the rules and he never said anything about invitations.  I think what you have is just fine.

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Sugar bee

We skirted this by using:

We joyously request

the honor of your presence

and your participation in the Nuptial Mass


(Bride)              &                (Groom)

daughter of                          son of

(parents)                               (parents)

yadda yadda yadda …

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Buzzing bee
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That whole thing needs to be rearranged….. if you read it out it makes no sense. “together with their families request the honor of your presence”….um who does what now?

a) so some options for wording I would go with to include parents, yourselves and grandparents:

mr. and mrs. brides parents, and mr. and mrs. grooms parents

request the honor of your presence at the nuptual mass of their children

Beerod527 and Beerod527s groom

together with their families (which includes all other members who helped)

at which they will be united…………….. etc




Together with their families 

beerod527 and beerod527s groom

request the honor of your presence at their nuptual mass

at which they will be united in holy matrimony


Is it you who wants the super super formal wording of “nuptual mass” and united in holy matrimony etc? or is that the priest?

Im having a catholic wedding and all I have is our names with “request the honor of your presence as we exchange vows on our wedding day…..”

if you end up needing to cut out words, I dont think all that is necessary unless thats your own personal thing. People will figure out it mass since its at a church lol

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Sugar bee

@shanbp:  All Nuptial Masses are Catholic weddings – but not all Catholic weddings are necessarily Nuptial Masses. OP may be using that wording to let guests know that this is a full Mass wedding rather than just a Catholic ceremony without Mass.

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Sugar bee

@BeeRod527:  That’s exactly why we went with the wording we did. “We joyously request …” is oblique about who, exactly, the “we” refers to. It was a combination of us and our parents, but it doesn’t overtly point to anyone (or away from anyone) as host.

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Bumble bee
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I have never heard that Catholic couples must put their parents or families on the invitations. I am 99% sure that is not true.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Being Catholic has nothing to do with whose name goes on the invitation. 

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Buzzing bee
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Catholic mass has nothing to do with it.  However, a church ceremony is considered a formal wedding.  Per etiquette standards, formal church wedding = formal invitations.  Formal invitation wording lists the bride’s parents, which is why you see it so often.  The phrase of ‘together with their families’ usually indicates a more casual event. 

You have options.  We’re not doing a church wedding, for the record, but we wanted both families listed.  It was important to MY mother to make sure both his parents were listed.  Our wording was:

With joyful and loving hearts 

Mr. and Mrs. Pxxxxx Kxxxx &

Dr. and Mrs. Mxxxxxx Oxxxxx

invite you to share with them

the wedding of their children

Mxxxx Kxxx and Rxxx Oxxxxx


So with the number of lines you have, I would say something like:

Mr. and Mrs. Mxxxx 


Mr. and Mrs. Bxxxxxx

request the honor of your presence

at the Nuptial Mass at which their children

(bride’s name) and (groom’s name)

will be united in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony

on (insert date) (insert year)

(insert church)
(insert address)
(insert city and state)

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Sugar bee

What sites are you looking at? It might just be because Catholic weddings generally trend a little conservative/traditional, but it’s certainly not a requirement.

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Bumble bee
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@BeeRod527:  It could be written in the name of the almighty “ettiquette”, which some people follow as closely as the gospel (not us!). 

If you are still uneasy about it, call your diocese.

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Buzzing bee
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yes OP… the others are right. I was going to say in my original post they dont have to be on there unless they are basically hosting… but they are contributing, you are and grandparents…so the easiest way is to have you and your man listed first and say together with our families, or your names first, along with just saying Together with their parents and grandparents respectfully (indicating order), so your parents names, his, then your grandparents…..  




BeeRod and BeeRod groom  




together with their parents and grandparents respectfully  




BeeRod mom, BeeRod Dad, Grooms mom, Grooms dad




and Beerod Grandparents name




request the honor of your presence at their……………… 




When you see the words “traditional wording”, that doesnt mean religious… that means the traditional way/reasons of wording invites…meaning back in the day it was  brides parents paying = they host = on invite….if grooms parents paid for all the “traditional” stuff like rehearsal dinner, honeymoon etc.. they got on there too. technically your wedding isnt “traditional” because your parents arnt footing the bill… SEVERAL people are! When several people are responsible… then it becomes a bit too combersome to have everyone on there, so in this case I would insist on “together with…”.. only.




I have scoured about 20 diff sites myself making sure I have mine done right and not one has indicated that in regards to a catholic ceremony, so I think you might be misunderstanding what its saying. The ceremony/religous aspect basically has nothing to do with whos on the invite itself.




The reason why these sites your looking at are suggesting trad wording is because they are paying and lots of ppl think they deserve recognition because of that! 




You should just ask them outright “do you guys want/need your names on it since your contributing? or would you mind if I combined it with _____?” if they are ok with families, then do that since it may look very cluttered! If they do… then figure out a way to fit it, cause at this point it is about the dolla billz 🙂






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Helper bee
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@MexiPino:  I totally agree! This has only to do with tradition, not faith!

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