(Closed) Do you judge people with student loan debt?

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    I have 10k left in loans (graduated in ’08), and I think it’s no big deal to have loans. They made my education possible, and I’d probably do it again. Maybe not. It doesn’t feel like crippling debt.

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    I’m glad some posters are coming out and defending the majors that others are calling “pointless,” and “silly.” I would rather spend years paying off a degree that I love and am passionate about than paying back a degree that I had little interest in but majored in anyway because it was “practical.”

    I think we are quick to judge entire degrees, and those with them, because of one bad egg or one stereotype. Instead, maybe look at your kid’s favorite Art teacher, or the people that put on the theatre camps you or your kid enjoyed. How about your favorite authors who might have studied creative writing. Do you like going to art exhibits? Someone studied art or art history to be able to put that on. Aren’t you glad they studied a “pointless” degree?

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    I was not going to post in this thread again, but I saw your post and I couldn’t help myself. You are the type of person I am specifically telling to climb off your high horse and stop judging. I majored in theatre, and I work full time in theatre of a Broadway equivalent in a different part of the world. Unlike most entertainment professions the vast majorjty of musical theatre performers have a bachelors or masters in musical theatre performance. We don’t just walk in off the street and get hired. We have to have training and connections and credentials just like everyone else! 


    For the love God! Do you know how frustrating it is to devote your career to doing something that people call “silly and stupid” until you actually start doing it and then people say you are just “lucky”?! I’m not lucky. (Well maybe a little…) BUT the majority of what I have achieved is because I worked VERY hard to get to where I am, and I can honestly say I personally would not have gotten here without my degree.  So I kindly ask you to rethink your ideas about theatre degrees. Musical theatre performers, producers, composers, and company/theatre owners don’t just fall out of the sky. They are made by years of training just like people in every other profession. 


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    There are so many reasons to have student loans who the hell am I to judge? I think it is wrong for others to judge somone for choices they make in their life.

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    I was lucky – I had most of mine paid for. I got into 15K debt to cover my last year of school, but paid it off quite quickly after.

    Here in Canada, as far as I know, no one gets into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt for school. I have to admit I am astounded when I hear people can have that much school debt. I do admit that I wonder why the heck anyone would do that to themselves. Even if you do get a good job after a while… that’s like a mortgage’s worth of debt. Debt that’s $10K-$30K sounds quite reasonable to me… so no, I don’t judge people for doing that. It’s hard to work and do school at the same time.

    I admit I sometimes judge peoples’ parents for not paying for their school. Like if they’re always going on vacation and seem like they could afford it, I wonder why. I obviously don’t know the whole story, though. I would like to pay for my future kid’s education if we can, assuming they aren’t simply taking it for granted and failing everything.

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    I have recently paid off all my student loans!


    But, I can’t judge. My FH has >$40,000 in student loans to pay off yet.

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    @canarydiamond:  I know someone who used their student LOC to get a condo.

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    I don’t doubt that people can get to college age with not enough savings to cover the family contribution.  Sometimes there are unanticipated emergencies, significant legitimate  expenses, setbacks, or an unpredictable job situation.  Absolutely no judgment there. 

    I do, however think it’s foolish to take out excessive debt for a pricey private undergrad degree  unless you are talking about a terminal degree  where the anticipated salary is large enough to cover the debt.  Or unless there is a unique or specific program not found elsewhere and one is fully aware of the economic reality one would find oneself in post graduation.  That certainly includes the people  who are dedicated to and passionate about a dream such as music, art  or theater. 

    A graduate or professional school degree can be worth the debt from a purely financial perspective. 


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    Ugh this subject is kind of depressing. STUDENT LOANS ARE NORMAL!!! So stupid to judge, seriously. If I have to hear one more person say their parents paid for everything because they made good decisions and didn’t major in something stupid or that they don’t have loans because they “worked hard” I’m going to scream. On the other hand I applaud all the people who admit they were privileged and were able to not have loans but do not judge those who do.

    Almost every person I know has student loan debt. Neither of my parents or siblings went to college but I wanted to. Even though they had the money they never saved for it. Let me tell you something–they didn’t do that because they wanted me to “learn the value of hard work”. It wasn’t intentional. They just didn’t think to save when they were doing well financially and once it was college time they didn’t have any money. I have a ton of college debt and so does my husband–we pay that bill like any other and it’s not a big deal. Obviously it would have been great to have it taken care of, but that wasn’t reality for us. We lived on $800 bucks a month through college and still have lots of debt. Really, we realize that we were privileged enough to even have the opportunity to go to college. Many people don’t even know it’s an option. In the future, we would love to pay for our kids’ college one day. Hopefully we will be in a position to do so, but I would never want them to not continue their education because of student loans. 

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    I would never judge someone with student loans. Fiance has them.


    People almost always don’t like the decisions other people make. I went to community college straight out of high school, got enough financial aid to pay for it, and had to take 2 years off when I maxed out there to work and save up for the cost of 2 more years at state college. I didn’t qualify for student loans on my own at the time and my parent’s wouldn’t co-sign. The amount of people who tell me how “wrong” that is can suck it. My parents aren’t bad people for it, so who cares. Just like people who do take student loans aren’t bad people.


    Everyone’s situation is different.


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    I don’t really judge people about student loans, but I’d be more likely to judge someone who DIDN’T have them. I don’t see anything judge-worthy in taking out loans to better your employment prospects and educate yourself further. It shows they really want to be there, whereas someone being funded by their parents might just be going along with what their parents want or dossing around to avoid getting a real job.

    But maybe that’s my UK perspective showing through- it’s not at all expected that your parents will pay your student fees for you here, in fact it’s not common to be financially dependent on your parents post-18 unless they’re VERY rich, or unless you’re very down on your luck finance wise. Like I said, I wouldn’t particularly udge either way, but people funding their own education definitely aren’t the ones I would judge if I had to.

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    Why would I look down on someone who has student loans?

    I am incredibly fortunate to come from “money” in the send that it has never been a consideration but that is luck Anne I am incredibly lucky. Most of my friend have student loans. Honestly I’m viewed as the black sheep because I don’t.

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    @Laulu123:  I’m not saying that theater in general is completely useless if you know you can use it and actually go somewhere in life. I have a friend who is wasting money going for theater when he honestly doesnt have a chance. he was basically accepted to a school that is trying to establish a theater program at their school, AKA pretty much accepting anyone. He has never even been offered a role in our crappy high school plays let alone one at his current school. Kind of seems like a waste to me. I’m not trying to insult you in any way. I’m majoring in German, and people for some reason think that is useless. Only if you don’t know what to do with it. 

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    I have about $15K in debt now, I think it was about $16.5K when I started paying it off a year ago. Right now I’m on track to pay it off in 9 more years, but if Fiance or I get better jobs we’ll pay it off sooner 🙂

    I don’t judge people for student loan debt, but I do judge people with student loan debt that I consider to be ill-advised, like they have $150K worth of loans because they went to a fancy private university for 4+ years to get a liberal arts degree but have no clear career path in mind.

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    I do have student loans because I went to college as a working adult and didn’t qualify for grant money. I could have chosen a state college that would have cost much less than the private university I attended, but at the time they didn’t offer the B.S. I was interested in as my major. Not only do I not judge anyone with student-loan debt, I could care less about anyone who chooses to attempt to judge me. Everyone has a faux pas of some sort that others could easily pass judgement! Mine might be student loans, but I ask the person whose passing judgement, what deep dark secret do you harbor that others might pass judgment on as well!

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