(Closed) Do you keep a food diary?

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Worker bee
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I do–just downloaded the "Lose It!" app on the iPhone.  I am really loving it so far and feel so much more motivated to make better choices!

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Helper bee
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I used to carry around a little moleskin and jot my food intake down in there. However, I started WW about ten months ago and found that it makes a GREAT food diary. (And, it really showed me where my problems were with what I was eating….portions are a LOT smaller than I thought, so my previous attempts at calorie counting were *way* off!)

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Blushing bee
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sparkpeople.com is a great resource for logging your food online.  It’s accessible from anywhere and if something is not included you can google the nutrition facts from elsewhere and add it in.

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Busy bee
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I have one at work. It’s actually a "business diary" with all the days in the year having a separate page. I won at a work function and didn’t know what to do with!

I write down what I eat at what time and how many calories are in it (if I know, if not, just approx.). It helps me make smarter choices and not eat certain things if I know I will have to go back and write it down. I also keep track of how much water I drink and how many calories I burn at my workouts.

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Blushing bee
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Mrs. Bee– that is my problem! I want to be better at counting calories, but I eat a lot of random ethnic food for dinner and I have no clue how many calories I’m consuming.  For those of you who cook dinner without knowing nutritional info, how do you guess calories?

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Sugar bee
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I did this for a while.  Luckily, I live in NYC and all places with >15 locations have to post calorie counts.  So I strated off with these places for lunch, and found that they helped give me a really good sense of portion size and calorie estimates.   Breakfast was easy – oatmeal, eggs and yogurt are all easy calorie counts.  Then for dinner I’d cook something easy to estimate……


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Helper bee
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I’m game!

I alredy take a picture of everything I eat for my own reference & also food diary. Granted it’s turning into ‘oh my gosh I eat too much’ type of a diary, but it’s useful.

I tried to use my iphone app "Lose it!" to track calories and exercise but it was too hard becasue similar to Mrs Bee, a lot of the stuff I eat are not on their list.

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Sugar bee

I use mydailyplate.com to track my food intake everyday.  I used to try to write everything out by hand, but I found that I was having trouble tracking the specific calories/fat on my own.  On My Daily Plate, you can enter in the stuff you eat and, more than likely, someone has already entered the nutritional information for it.  It also helps you set a calorie allowance for the day and tracks if you’re above/below that alotment (taking exercize into account).

Honestly, I do think this has helped me lose weight.  I’ve lost close to 20 pounds over the last few months and I do think twice about eating something when I know I have to log it in.

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Bumble bee
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Mrs. Avacado got me hooked on fitday.com

She used it to loose weight and I started on it last month.

It is GREAT!


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Busy Beekeeper
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I am going back on weightwatchers again.  I did pretty darn well with a seven pound weight loss.

I don’t need to lose much, but their online approach to food journaling and keeping track of points is what does work for me. 

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Worker bee
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Hi Mrs. Bee,

 I belong to calorieking.com, but after mastering the art of knowing how many calories are in a food or how much I should eat in a day, I don’t log too much anymore. I also took pictures of everything I ate for a while for my food blog, but now I focus more on developing and testing recipes.


Re: ethnic foods: with a program like calorieking or something similar, you can make custom foods where you input all the ingredients to make a recipe. When I make the food myself I do that to see the calories, when it is something from a restaurant (for example: stuffed grape leaves) I would enter all the items as how I think they MIGHT be, for example… 2 grape leaves, 2 tbs oil, 3 tbs rice, 1/4 plum tomato. And then estimate. 


If you check out the before and after pics on my blog (www.rhodeygirltests.com) you will see that I have lost all my college weight and more with my lifestyle. I think that is where the tricks are found… it has to be your LIFESTYLE. I now eat about 5 times a day, about 80% healthy stuff, with the occasional major splurge. 

 To give you an idea of a typical day of my food (since you were interested in seeing other people’s diaries)… today’s food:

Breakfast: 1/2 serving oatmeal (75 calories) made with water with 1/2 banana, 1 tbs peanut butter, 6 grams slivered almonds and 6 grams shredded coconut (try the combo it’s awesome)

Lunch: 2 eggs on a whole wheat 90 calorie wrap with fresh basil, 1/4 avocado, and 1 oz shredded mozzarella cheese.

Snack: on the go, one of those new Quaker granola bars (150 calories) and a small iced coffee from starbucks with a splash of milk

Dinner: super healthy eggplant rollatini (a huge plate was only 287 cals- mostly SPINACH in the filling and not cheese) + 1 oz of angel hair with homemade pesto.

Dessert, because it’s Thursday and Grey’s is on: 1/2 cup fresh strawberries.

Total calories for the day: App. 1500. 

*I am 5′ 7" and weigh about 137 lbs right now, size 4/6 in normal stores, with a decent metabolism.

When you eat really healthy foods you can eat more VOLUME which keeps me satisfied. Also, I make sure that if I really CRAVE something junky I always give into it for a small portion. Over time those daily cravings go away. After a meal if I think I want a sweet or something else I always wait 5 minutes. Most of the time the feeling passes.

If you have any questions or want more advice, please feel free to ask!!!

Oh! And I almost forgot… EXERCISE! Everyone has time for at least a 20 minute SOMETHING each day. We all probably stare mindlessly out our windows for that long each day. Exercise helps us to maintain (or lose) weight- surely you can sneak a quick powerwalk or video into your day! Also, make sure you are getting enough sleep! When I am tired I eat a lot more, so to avoid that I go to bed earlier. 


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Worker bee
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I think I should also add that I have always been PRETTY healthy. It was all those small snacks and days of skipped exercise that did me in.


And, ahem, late night pizza.

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