(Closed) Do you kiss your dad on the mouth?

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  • poll: Dads kissing their daughters on the mouth.
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    Inappropriate and bad : (276 votes)
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    When I was little, my parents would kiss me on the mouth. Not, like, REAL kisses — just super-quick pecks. Sometime along the way, probably around age 9 or 10, I’d guess, my dad switched to cheek pecks. My mom still pecks me on the mouth.

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    @crayfish:  plus 1. I think it’s absolutely gross, and totally inappropriate!

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    I think it is ok up until a certain age.. and the same goes for mothers kissing their children on the mouth also.. I an 24 and I kiss both of my parents on the cheek! When I was younger obviously I kissed them on the mouth but it pretty much stopped when I was in late primary school (year 6 or 7?) the only person I ever kiss on the mouth is my SO

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    I personally don’t, but I wouldn’t vote to say it’s Inappropriate and Bad.  

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    I have never kissed any family members on the mouth and I would never kiss my son on the mouth. I kiss his forehead and he kisses my cheek sometimes. Kissing a family member on the mouth is giving me the chills just thinking about it lol.

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    My dad used to peck me on the lips when I was little.. Until I was about 10. I cant say if it would have progressed, as he and my mom ended up divorcing and he moved out of the country to remarry, but I dont think theres anything wrong with it.

    Im sure when I have a child, I’ll kiss them te same way. I dont think its inappropriae at all. My Fiance thinks its weird and doesnt understand, but he doesnt think its perverted or anything.. so I understand that people were all raised differently. My nieces and nephews peck me on the lips when I ask for a kiss… Its obviosly innocent.. anyone that thinks it’s perverted or inappropriate is a sicko.. no offense. just my opinion..

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    We’re all totally mouth kissers. Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, cousins. Not like big and sloppy, just a mwah! Peck.  I just kissed my grandpa on the mouth today. 🙂

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    We are a Polish mouth-pecking family. Nothing gross about it. 

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    we’re huggers rather than kissers but I would personally go cheek. 

    i had a seriously awkward moment with my brother in law where.we went to kiss cheeks and he over compensated for being tall by leaning down lots where I stood on tip toes and he ended up kissing my neck.  EURGH

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    The only man I kiss on the mouth is my SO, I kiss my mom and nan and my SO’s mom on the mouth though just a quick peck. But I don’t see anything wrong with other people doing it, I’m sure I used to when I was little :]

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    My family is all about the cheek kiss, and I can remember my mom/older sisters kissing me on the mouth when I was younger but definitely not anymore.

    I don’t see a father kissing his daughter on the mouth as “wrong,” though. It’s all about family culture. I’ve seen many men kiss their sons on the mouth (not just children, grown adult sons), especially when I was visiting Italy, and while it caught me off gaurd I didn’t find it inappropriate.

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    I agree that it’s only weird if you don’t do it. I remember when I was maybe 9, my neighbor who was probably 5 at the time (there weren’t many kids in our complex so there was a huge age gap between us friends) told me that she and her daddy would shower together and I was so shocked because my parents made sure I never ever saw my dad naked. I am thankful for that. But maybe to some it’s normal. I come from a hug and kiss on the cheek kind of family. I don’t find it weird anymore to see grown dads kiss their daughters on the lips anymore since I noticed it’s more common that I thought, but it was weird the first few times I’d seen it. I’d never be okay with a kiss from my dad on the lips. Not for me. And I probably won’t be kissing my kids on the lips, either. To each his own, I say.


    edit: Errrr, dads kiss their grown daughters*

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    Once in a blue moon I will with my Dad… but it’s like, so rare & I’m 30 now.  My brother?  Hell to the no.  That would be weird.  Haha.

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    It’s not an all the time thing, but probably more now whenever we say goodbye since I’m not at home anymore and I know my parents miss me (I’ve only been officially out of the house for just over 6 months). But yes, I kiss my dad on the mouth. It’s a quick peck. Trust me there is a HUGE difference between a kiss for daddy’s little girl (i’m the only girl and the baby of the family) and a kiss from my FI! I think people overthink things sometimes when they hear “oh you kiss your dad on the mouth”

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    I tend to give my mum a peck on the lips, but have never done so with my dad. Seems strange to me, as with other PP’s that see this and get weirded out.

    As for the poll “inappropriate and bad” doesn’t seem to sit right for me, maybe “inappropriate and out of the ordinary” suits me better. I don’t feel it’s bad, just maybe a closeness and physical connection I’ve never been a part of before. The word ‘uncomfortable’ springs to mind.

    ETA: I feel rather uncomfortable even thinking about it!

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