(Closed) Do You Know Any Real Life Narcissists?

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Buzzing bee
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Yep. I stopped being friends with this said person, lol. She would make others feel insecure about themselves — to make herself feel better. Don’t know if that makes sense?

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Bumble bee
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@Coral99:  Haha I can totally relate to that first part right now. Yay halftime!

Yes, I believe one of my coworkers is full-on narcissitic personality disorder…difficulty with criticism, no empathy, all relationships are about him, etc. It’s actually become a joke among the other coworkers.

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Busy Beekeeper
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My dad. It led him to cheat on my mom multiple times, and never take any blame for it. He’s no longer in my life.

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Yep. There was a guy in my dorm who posted a black and white picture of him and his gf having sex but tried to make it look like an Obsession ad (he actually cut out the Obsession logo from a Calvin Klein ad.) 

He was also a perpetual preener.  I highlighted his hair once as a favor and then he had it done again a few weeks later by another one of our friends – he was obsessed with his hair.

I hadn’t seen him in years and he added me on FB.  He’s now a news anchor so constantly posts clips of his interviews.  And for his birthday posted something like “Wow, more than 1000 birthday wishes.  I feel so blessed.”

I can’t even call what he does a humble brag, it’s just straight up bragging.

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@Coral99:  Yes. Unfortunately I dated him. As a now Therapist, I learned Narcissists cannot change, and boy how i learned that the hard way. He was very manipulative and be-littling. He would put me down, and the last straw was when he laid hands on me, and would try to convinve me it was my fault, at one point i believed it. As i learned in grad school, these peeps are truly ill in their mind. Scary people.

and when this relationship ended, he still tried to manipulate people in my surroundings to get to me. I unfortunately stopped talking to our mutual friends to try to get away.

But blessings came about, and met a wonderful and beautiful man (inside and out); and we are getting married in June 19, 2015. <3

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Bumble bee
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My Fiance’s sister in law is a “text book” narcissist! She is the only person I have ever encountered that I could not find some sort of common ground with.

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Helper bee
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Yup. Sure do. My Dad. He is another textbook narcissist. He also cheated on my mom several times and has never had a lasting relationship since his divorce because he is so incredibly impossible to get along with. He is a big fat old fart now but feels that he is entitled to having a relationship with a much younger beautiful woman. He was always critical of me and has always felt that he is above others and is entitled to special treatment. 

He now lives alone and chases women online all day while posting conspiracy theories on his facebook and trying to indoctrinate people. God help you if you have a different opinion than him-if you do he jumps down your throat right away and tries to make you feel small and stupid.

I have an arms length relationship with him now.

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Helper bee

One person comes to mind.

After meeting her my fiance was like, “Wow. I’ve never met someone so in love with herself.” 

She is pretty, and has a fit body, but not modelesque or someone I would consider drop dead gorgeous, which is fine, but her ego makes her unattractive. 

My fiance and I ran into her and her fiance at a bar in my hometown. The whole time she talked about herself and all of the guys that used to like her in junior high/high school, in front of her fiance. Literally out of nowhere she said, “PetalPetal, remember all the guys that used to like me? I was so popular, huh?” 

She cannot sing. I’m not trying to be mean, but she can’t, and I don’t know who told her she could. She’s auditioned for American Idol, Glee, America’s Got Talent, etc. She’s never made it through auditions. She always talks about how they don’t know talent and she always knew she was meant to be a star. 

She is famous in her own mind. 

She posts hundreds of selfies on her Facebook. I’ve blocked her on my News Feed.

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Helper bee

@Coral99:   I hate to say it, but one of SO’s sisters and possibly his mother.

Both have a pretty severe victim complex, and if it isn’t about them they don’t really care…

It’s gotten to the point where I can’t have a casual conversation with either. It feels like constant competition or belittling. My poor SO has even had anxiety attacks thinking about having to socialize with them. It’s gotten to the point where we avoid his family’s gatherings almost completely… 

It’s a strange family dynamic. SO is the 2nd oldest son, and the mother only favors her daughters (7 siblings total). The oldest son literally fled and hasn’t seen or visited his family in years. He’s now married and has 2 young daughters. They never mention him, I’m pretty positive they chased him and the wife away. They can be pretty dramatic and overbearing from my own experience.

Till this day, the mother and sisters mention how the brother was “taken away”. They still complain about how annoying and whiney his wife is, yet they haven’t seen her in years…

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Busy bee
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Ugh, yes. Just the words others are using to describe people (entitled, manipulative, belittiling) makes me think of 3 people in my life who I think could legitimately be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. Someone I work with definitely is, and they are pretty high up in the organization, so have lots of control. A family member is, and a “friend” of mine who I’ve learned over the years definitely is. I’ve created some distance between us over the last few years, but I think the reality is we just shouldn’t be friends period.

Just curious, how have others distanced themselves from narcissists in their lives?

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I work in media and politics, I might know one or two (or fifty).

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@Coral99:  Yes.  One person without a doubt, she is thankfully no longer in my life.  There’s another 1-2 people that I often wonder about.

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