(Closed) Do you know anyone that got pregnant on the pill and using pull-out method?

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Busy bee
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Umm..yeah. That was me with my first son.

I was on the pill from age 18 on, I got pregnant at 25 on the pill. I NEVER missed one…ever. I was soooo shocked and in disbelief, but it is not 100% I’m part of that 1% clearly. I did not know until after that, that there are many different “strengths” and I was on a low dose one. After he was born I got on a much higher strength one. 

That being said, the pill with condoms is your best bet. 

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The only people I know personally that got pregnant while on the pill were using it inconsistently. I know it does happen though. I personally never had an issue while on BC and he didn’t pull out.

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One of my FSIl says that she did. I haven’t though. I have been on bc without using the pull out method or condoms for two years and didn’t get pregnant. I was on the camrese pills if that helps any I love them. I can’t wait to go back on them.

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Bumble bee
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My understanding is that certain prescription medications can wreck havoc with birth control pills.   Unfortunately, one doctor can prescribe the BC pills, and one doctor the other scripts. Pull out never reliable, imho. 

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It happens! We don’t want anymore kids, and my periods were soooo stinkin bad that I decided to get a hysterectomy. Pretty big decision, but I have never been happier. The big O is way better without worrying about getting pregnant. And if you are already on the pill, pulling out won’t do anything more to prevent a pregnancy. You’re better off just letting him go for the gold. 

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Bumble bee

My friend got pregnant while on the pill, and no, she did not miss any doses or have any medication interactions.  She is overweight, however.  If you are overweight, the pill is less likely to work properly (the dosage is calculated for women who are not obese), and more likely to fail.

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A very close friend of mine got pregnant on the pill. She claims she had been taking it correctly and found out she was pregnant at 15 weeks. She was still taking the pill for those 15 weeks. She now has a 1 yr old daughter. 

I think using a combination of birth control methods is the best policy as no birth control is 100% effective unless you abstain. 

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Busy bee
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I’m not on the BCP and we’ve been using the pull out method for over 3 years with no scares.

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Bumble bee
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I’m on BC and we use the pull out method. maybe twice a year or so we wont pull out, but it makes us both so nervous, we rather just keep doing the pull out. We’ve been doing things this way for 8 years now- no pregnancies, yet! *knocks on wood*

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I dont know anyone who’s doubled up on BC methods and had an accident, though Im sure its possible…

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I’m on the pill and we practice the pull out method.  I’ve been on the pill for almost 7 years, and with my SO using this practice for almost 2.  Only once in a great while (maybe 3-5 times a year) does he not pull out… but nothing yet!!

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Sugar bee
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My husband and I only use the pill for the past 2 years, and he typically doesn’t pull out.  No kids yet.  I have never once forgotten to take a pill and take it at a consistant time every day, and while I know that there is still a chance to get pregnant, I know the odds are against it.  However, we only made this decision once our relationship was very stable and we were engaged.  Before that, we used a condom in addition to the pill every time (and neither of have been sexually active with anyone else, so the condom was just being ubber super careful about pregnancy).  We discussed what would happen if I got pregnant before stopping using the condoms.  The timing wouldn’t be the most convenient (I’m finishing up graduate school, and we aren’t particularly financially stable), hence why I’m on the pill, however we were engaged and now married, we do want to have kids someday and want to have them together, and could handle a kid now.  It might be more convenient to wait another year or so, but it certainly isn’t going to tare us apart or dramatically affect our careers or life if it happened sooner.  

If you are in a position where a baby right now would be the worse thing in the world, then yes, absolutely double up on birth control.  However, pulling out IS a method of birth control.  It might not be as effect as others, but it certainly is more effective than nothing, and when applied to another method, like constantly taking a birth control pill, your chances of getting pregnant are extremely low.  However, it should be noted that neither of these methods protect again Save-The-Date Cards, so unless both parties are tested for Save-The-Date Cards and you have a completely committed and trustworthy relationship, I would use a condom too.  I’m in a better safe than sorry camp.  Think of the worse case possibility and try to make that something you can accept.  

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