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  • poll: How many guests attended your destination wedding? (Please share how many were invited below :))

    It was only us - we eloped!








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    • Wedding: December 2016


    First of all congrats to you… Marriage is not about age, it’s about finding the right person.

    Last year my friend went through this same problem, which destination, what activities should we have for guest, how would be the hair and makeup, etc. Then my cousin gave a suggestion to have a wedding planner because a wedding planner helps to save time, stay within budget, and gives valuable advice. So my cousin recommended to contact his friends George and Smee. They both took all the responsibity of her wedding. They have conducted the lightings, decor, beautiful reception and a proper destination, and so on.Her wedding was held in Sydney.George and Smee feel pride on delivering a highly professional, reliable, friendly and seamless service, leaving both to have fun and enjoy your amazing wedding. She had her dream wedding in a unique way.

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    Cancun is pretty easy to get to from most places in the US, but a Thursday wedding will definitely impact your guest count. Everybody will have to take vacation days versus just going away for a weekend. Zika fears will also impact your count. So my point is that most people’s experience will not help you predict your count. 

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    • Wedding: September 2016

    We are actually getting married September 17 this year in Cancun and cannot wait. I’ll answer what I can for right now 🙂

    1. Do you have a resort recommendation? We are doing it at the Hyatt Ziva, it’s a new resort and already visited 2 months ago and fell even more in love, a little pricey but worth it to us!

    2. Do you have insight regarding how many guests will likely attend? We invited about 120 people as well and are right at 40 that are already booked, and still waiting for a couple of people to book.

    3. What about the on-sight wedding planners… The wedding planner at the Hyatt Ziva is so far amazing, she’s quick to respond and did a great job recommending vendors, her name is Andrea.

    4. What activities should we have for our guests before/after the wedding? We’re getting there on Wednesday and the wedding will be on Saturday but since most people will be arriving Friday, we’re also doing a welcome dinner for everyone at the resort that night.

    5. Decor, decor, decor! I’m bringing some decor and working with vendors to bring others. I’m doing table numbers, votive candles, favors and welcome bags.

    6. Hair and makeup?  Can’t answer this one yet 🙂

    7. Weather in Cancun in late May/ early June? We just went in June and the weather was perfect! It did rain before we got there but not the days we were there which were June 8-10.

    8. Anything else you find valuable to share? Find a resort that has a reliable planner that will be on top of things, this is extremely important. If they don’t reply in a timely manner, move on to the next. Also, be patient with the vendors, sometimes they’re slow to reply, it takes some getting used to.

    Good luck and hope you have a great wedding! 🙂


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    • Wedding: May 2016

    1. Do you have a resort recommendation? We went to Couples Swet Away all-inclusive in Jamaica instead of Mexico (we are from south Texas, Mexico is just right there so we wanted somewhere we’d never been.  After talking to some travel agents, we went with TripGuy after some great Trip Advisor reviews, and Mitch tried to encourage Secrets in Mexico, until we told him where we live 🙂  We chose Jamaica after that because of all the Caribbean locations, they had the lower government fees and the shortest required stay before they allowed us to marry.

    2. Do you have insight regarding how many guests will likely attend? We kept it to just us, on purpose.  Part of eloping was because his parents are not well enough to leave their house, let alone go ANYWHERE for our wedding.  So we felt if they couldn’t go, no one would be invited just to be fair.  BUT, we have about 10 couples who had planned to try to surprise us (had to try to ask them politely to not do so as it woudl have hurt those who couldn’t, and people would ahve assumed they were left off a non existant guest list)

    3. What about the on-sight wedding planners… Alecia was great.  We were given a time to meet with her at check-in for the next day, and she had everything ready, asked for our music files, told us to go speak to the photographer to set up what shots we wanted, and laid out how the day would go, confirmed my hair and makeup appointment.  We were done in about an hour

    The only thing you may want to remember is that Americans are a little uptight about schedules – Jamaicans and other countries won’t be late, but they also won’t spaz about being on time, either.  H and I decided to not see each other before the ceremony, so I went to the salon while he got dressed, then he had to go wait at the internet cafe (only place with AC other than rooms that was open – most buildings were open-air with ceiling fans) while I got into my dress.  Then, he and I were both pacing, waiting for our planner to come get us.  She came for me about 10 till 11AM, the start time for the wedding, got me in place, handed me my flowers, and then went to get H in place, and then I was cued by the photographer as to when to start walking down the “aisle” to our beach awning.

    4. What activities should we have for our guests before/after the wedding? Since we didn’t have guests, I couldn’t say, really, but I’d avoid anything too adventurous myself until after the ceremony.  I did not want to break a leg or get a scrape on coral or something, and was very cautious about sunburn and tan lines.  We held off on the included excursions until after the wedding.  That day, we went cave swimming on a sunset catamaran cruise, and the next few days snorkeling. 

    Maybe a nice dinner the night before, but I’d not overplan.  It’s a vacation for your guests, too, so letting them do their own thing, but making them aware of what you plan to do and that they are welcome to join or not would probably be best.

    5. Decor, decor, decor! Nope – we did not want to weigh down our bags with extra decor.  The only thing we brough as “decor” was the two bride and groom flash drives holding our music files.  H liked them so much he asked if they could go on top of our cake and so those where our cake toppers.  The beach was beautiful, with some sashes the resort ties to the awning for all weddings, and we just had the standard orchids (they give a choice of white or purple).  I had a few items I made sure to bring to wear at the ceremony (H’s great aunt’s garter on my bouquet) but decor would have just been one more thing to worry about, and one more item to weigh down my luggage.

    6. Hair and makeup? I am not picky about hair or makeup, but I had my hair dresser friend blow dry my short hair and take some photos of how I wanted it, so I could show my stylist.  She did a good job with the make-up, maybe more foundation than I usually wear, but I was like Niagra Falls trying not to cry and it held up for the 15 minute ceremony, 15 minutes of document signing, and about 30 minutes of cake cutting and photos in the garden, about 30 more minutes of photos back on the beach (FYI – if your dress shows your shoulders, wear sunscreen – I did not burn, per say, but got a little crispy by the next day), AND still held up through the catamaran trip hours later, including swimming off the boat.  Just check if you are allowed to tip the stylist – some resorts are strict about tipping and it can get people fired, but stylists are often contractors and it’s allowed.

    7. Weather in Cancun in late May/ early June? Jamaica was nice, mid 80s day, 70s, night. Rained a little each day about 2-4, but mornings and after the rain were lovely, and even during the rain no one hid or went inside.

    8. Anything else you find valuable to share?  Leave room for souvenirs in your bags, going – find out of there is a laundry service so you won’t have to over pack.  Check dress codes for any on-site restaurants.  Don’t feel you need to rush to do everything – if it’s where you got married, you’ll probably want to go back.  We do, and are planning a return trip in about 2018.

    Don’t check your wedding clothes (yours of his).  Keep them in a carry on with rings, veil, undergarments and anything else needed.  Get passports asap if needed – we had to get new birth certificates, so I started this process early.  


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    We got married in Hawaii this past May, also on a Thursday! I just did my recap on here the other day! We only invited our family and a few friends so we had 10 people total. Our guest were there from Sat-Sat, and we listed things they could do throughout the week. We had been a couple of times before so we were able to give them a bunch of different options. 

    We rented a big house for the week so everybody stayed there. We got married on the beach and then went back to the house and had dinner. I don’t have any experience with resorts because we got to pick all of our vendors. I chose my hair and makeup artist and didn’t have a trial, but I was happy with it. We had a day of coordinator, but I had picked all my vendors before I even knew her. 

    Good luck, it’s definitely the way to go!

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    futuremrstown :  

    1. Do you have a resort recommendation? 

    I was a guest at a wedding at the hard rock, I think there was about 40ppl in attendance.  The resort was great and I would highly recommend it.  Have been a guest at a number of other destination weddings and this was def the best one in mexico.

    2. Do you have insight regarding how many guests will likely attend? As I mentioned have been a guest at a number of destination weddings and it really depends on your guests.  You know them best.  I have seen 25-120ppl attend.

    3. What about the on-sight wedding planners… I dont really know as I have only been a guest.


    4. What activities should we have for our guests before/after the wedding? The fewer events you plan the better, the guests are paying not only to attend your wedding, but they are paying for a vacation of their own.  We did group dinners on our own without having the bride and groom plan them for us.  

    5. Decor, decor, decor! no comment on this.

    6. Hair and makeup? I was a bridesmaid in a destination wedding and the hair and makeup done on site was great.  Some of the brides i have seen have flown in their hair and makeup person from home since they were friends with them.

    7. Weather in Cancun in late May/ early June? Have travelled to mexico in April, July, August, December/Jan.  December/Jan is actually hit or miss on temperature, the spring and summer it was always beautiful, but be prepared to sweat.  Make sure you get married in a covered area because it is not comfortable to be dressed up in direct sunlight.


    Hope that Helps!

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    We are planning a Cancun wedding too and have some resorts picked out to check out. We go to Akumal Bay Resort in September and have a meeting set up with the wedding team, so in a few months I can come back with some answers! We are looking at: Akumal Bay Resort, Secrets Silversand, Valentin, and Excellence Riviera Maya!

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    Hola fellow Mexico Destination Wedding bride!

    1. Do you have a resort recommendation? I’m getting married at the Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta, but LOVE Cancun.  I also was cautious about the Hard Rock brand, but my wedding travel agent (and tons of other reviewers) have absolutely raved about the Hard Rock Cancun.  I went to Azul Sensatori (by Karisma) Cancun for a wedding last year and it was fantastic: rate was very reasonable, rooms with jacuzzis were great, food was good, adult section and great kids section, wedding planners seemed well organized.  Moon Palace is another great spot.  Playa del Carmen is a lovely little spot just past Cancun that you could check out as well – tons of resorts there as well. 

    2. Do you have insight regarding how many guests will likely attend? I’d say your safe in your estimate.  We invited about 80 estimating that about 35 will come (have no idea yet as deposits aren’t even due for another month and a bit).  We were very conservative on our invitation list, didn’t do any ‘asking just out of courtesy and we know you won’t come’ invitations.

    3. What about the on-sight wedding planners… From friends who have done DWs are attended them, I think you can rest assured about this.  Weddings are huge income for these properties, as it guarantees big room stays.  Start early communication with a few properties to ask about packages or resort features – if they’re slow to respond or you don’t feel a good vibe, then there are tons of other options out there.  

    4. What activities should we have for our guests before/after the wedding? A lot of wedding packages will include a Welcome Cocktail hour, especially for your number of guests.  We’re having a Welcome Cocktail hour the second day that the group arrives (a Friday) in case people don’t get in the same day or just want to relax/sleep on arrival.  If the budget allows, we’re also going to book a whale-watching excursion or something similar.  Some resorts even have free Jungle Walk tours or snorkeling – you could ask the wedding planner about free options like that.  Again, you have a big party so use that to your advantage in asking for comps/discounts

    5. Decor, decor, decor! Doing a mix I think.  The decor is kind of where these places really get you – free packages will have bare bones, and the minute you want to change/upgrade, it gets really expensive. (My place quotes $35USD for a sparse baby’s breath bouquet for each aisle decor piece – heck no!).  I did a budget comparison of what I’d choose at the resort vs bringing in our own (including the setup/takedown fee and potential luggage weight fees) and it’s still cheaper to bring our own in order to execute the vision that we want.  For me, ambiance is important, so I’m willing to go through the hassle of bringing in my own.   We’re probably going to give some items like decor and souvenir bag items to some guests to pack for us, so that we can distribute the weight (and if one bag goes missing, not everything is lost!). 

    6. Hair and makeup? Your wedding package will typically include this, if not a preview day as well.  Even if a preview day isn’t included, I’d say it’s well worth it to pay for it if you’re particular about it.  The friend who got married at the Azul Sensatori last year looked absolutely stunning – her look was timeless and beautiful.  Bring pictures!

    7. Weather in Cancun in late May/ early June? Sorry, I’m of no help here.  I’ve only been to MEX from December – March months

    8. Anything else you find valuable to share? Ditto on the souvenir bags in the rooms! We’re doing tote beach bags with snacks, bug repellant wipes, stain removal wipes and custom printed drink cozies that guests can use for the week.  If you’re planning on doing the real legal ceremony there, start getting paperwork in order now.  Again, the resort ppl do this for a living so they’ll be a great resource, but check out your country’s embassy website in Cancun as it will likely have  a section on legal marriages in Mexico (Canada does!).  


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