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@Diet Coke:


this is hilarious! i dont know my neighbors well at all. we only do polite hellos. i live in a garden style apartment so i know who lives in every apartment, as in what they look like and how many people live in each, but i dont know anyone’s first name. i do know last names, but only because it’s on the mailboxes!

dear apt above me: you either own a wii jumping jacks game or have a pet elephant.

dear apt below me: i hate you. your dog howls like crazy and i can hear you having sex!

dear apt to the left: you guys are okay, but you have the apt i initially bid on so i have a lovehate for you.

dear apt to the right: let me know if you ever need a babysitter. question: how can you have such loud fiestas and salsa parties with a brand new baby in the apt??

dear crazy person on the third floor: you are SERIOUSLY creepy and i make all the effort in the world to avoid eye contact with you. id also appreciate if your drug dealer wouldnt accidentally knock on the wrong apartments at 4am.

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@Diet Coke: I always wanted to be a fly on the wall and find out what the heck it was tha twas happening! I tried to guess for about a year and ended up agreeing with my ex (bf at the time) that it had to be dice because I couldn’t think of anything else.

I wonder what your neighbour was doing in the chair…… hmmm…

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Growing up I never ever knew my neighbors. My parents just aren’t very neighborly… lol. Now we are the middle townhouse in a group of 3, and we know our neighbors fairly well. Both sides are AWESOME. We don’t hang out or anything (not much in common!), but we get along with them and help eachother out when possible. Last week while we were on vacation one side took out our garbage and the other snow-blowed our driveway 🙂 We’re very lucky.

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I am very good at keeping notes. I know my neighbors.

The guy to the left of us works at night and brings random man back home with him. I just want to tell you I know what you are doing in there when the music is turned all the way up.

The people across the hall from me I know very well. I wen to school with the youngest daughter and she is my wine buddy.

The lady that lives next door to my high school friend is a total weirdo. It is not cool you let your kid play in the hallway with his friend from downstairs.

The couple below me really make me sad. I know you are not speaking in English but I can hear the hate you have for your wife. I wish the wife would just leave and never come back .

To the guy on the 1st floor. If I was single you would totaly be my crush.

I know all my neighbors and I wonder if they know so much about them….LOL

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I just moved in on Friday, so still haven’t met or heard most of my neighbors. But the guy above me thankfully has the same schedule as us and similar habits. When we are watching TV in our living room, so is he. He gets home from work and goes to bed around the same time. Our ceilings are pretty high and I can’t hear anything other than muted footsteps. He must have had people over on Saturday because it’s the only time I’ve ever heard more than just one person walking around, but they went out by around 7pm thank goodness! I was so nervous we were going to have a partier directly above us..

The lady in the front street facing unit on the first floor already complained about us to management. Nothing we did, but our movers apparently didn’t have someone standing in the front doorway 100% of the time and she didn’t approve. She had her apartment on the market until today.. no buyer, she just took it off.

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This is soo funny!

Im in the process of moving, but this is for my condo:

Family in the townhouse to my right: I find it really annoying that you bang on the kitchen wall every time I shut my mircowave! I just dont get it! I can also see you peeking through the blinds to spy on us coming and leaving and you are very creepy. I also hate how you randomly sing weird music at the top of your lungs directed at our thin walls.

Old Snookie neighbor to my left: I hear you having sex and its gross. Your kids are loud and bump the music way to late


This is what I would think they would say about me and my DH: YOu guys stomp up and down the stairs way too much. Your cats are wicked annoying and constantly throw things down the stairs and run after them until 6am. I can hear you having entire converations with your cats while taking showers and its weird.



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At my current place, the house on my left is foreclosed on, and apparently has some major issues with mold, my guess it will sit empty for a long time.  

On the other side, they are weird.  Not bad neighbors or into anything illegal, just weird.

The house that lives on the other side of the alley, well, they need to stop throwing their garbage behind my storage shed and have their kids stop eating my berries and fruit from my yard.  If they would ask if they can have some, I wouldn’t have a probelm, I just get really annoyed when I pruned a huge raspberry and gooseberry patch, and have them eat them ALL!  One day I went outside, the bushes were FULL of fruit, the next day I went to pick them, and I hardly got a 1/2 cup of fruity goodness.  Also, those bushes are not easy or fun to prune, especially when they hadn’t been done in years and have huge thorns.

Now, back when I lived in apartments and dorms…..

Once while living somewhwere with porches for all apartment units, my upstairs neighbors had a party, and then I discovered broken bottles and cigarette butts on my porch.  I was ticked and ready to turn them in, but they came by on their own and picked it all up.

I also had a mom and her son as neighbors, she was ALWAYS yelling at him and calling him stupid.  The kid would often have to hang out in the hallway, because he wasn’t allowed in for a while when he made her mad.  When that happened, I would go out there and just talk to him.  (He is a kid in one of my work programs).  

I also had a lady above me who would vacuum at 10:30, every night.  10:30 on the dot that machine would be starting up.  And it wasn’t quiet.

Oh, and for a couple years one of my apartment neighbors was the exact double to Milton from Office Space.  Talked the same, dressed the same, looked the same.  He was really nice though, and I always wanted to give him my red stapler.  

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bwahahha!! this made me laugh!!! we live in a house and were best friends with the neighbors on our one side, we hang out 1-2 times a week and do date night with them on sundays!! the older couple on the other side is nice too and kind of nosey but i dont mind them. and the ones across the street are always running around with their two kids. 🙂

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We’re on the end of a unit of town houses but here goes:

Dear Next Door Neighbor: Seriously, must you bang on the wall at midnight every night? I really don’t need to know you get it on in every room in your house. And keep your crazy grandma inside, I really can’t stand to hear her shrieking outside. And really, who lets their kid out at 3AM to giggle in the street as you say goodbye to crazy grandma? Others like to sleep thank you very much.

Dear Neighbor Across the Street: It is illegal to park in front of a stop sign. I do not appreciate your party crazed friends lining our road and blocking the stop sign. I hope for someone to hit you when you do this. There is a field 150 feet from your front door. Have them park there. And if you block my garage, I’ll have you towed. Again.

Dear Cat Lady across the pond: KEEP YOUR CATS IN YOUR HOUSE! We are NOT cat people and do not want your feline friends sitting on top of our cars. If I want to leave my windows down when my car is parked in my driveway, I should be able too without the worry of your cat climbing into my car.

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Nope.  I moved in my apartment in November and not have met one single person. I’ve said hello to the guys next and below us.  That’s about it.  Only thing I know about my downstairs neighbor is that he likes to blast his music with a lot of bass and play Call of Duty.  He’s constantly in and out as well.

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