Do you know your neighbors?

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Nope. Other than a passing wave or hello that’s about it. I actually just met my neighbor directly next to us and we’ve been in our house 4 years. 

There was a very sweet elderly woman who used to live next door to us I was a little more involved with but she either passed or was moved to a retirement home.

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We only moved into our house 5 months ago. So far we’ve met several of our neighbors. The people across the street seem very nice, and the 93 year old woman next door is plesant but keeps to herself. I have met a neighbor’s dog named “Penny” who comes over into our yard and wants me to pet her- haven’t met her family yet though.  At our last house I LOVED our neighbors. Our next door neighbors and I would exchange baked goods and everyone was very nice. I didn’t want to leave the nighborhood, but we had outgrown that house.

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We’re somewhat friendly with ours. Close enough that when someone will be out of town we let the others know and they’ll cut the yard for us or us for them, grab the mail, keep an eye out, etc.

We have one neighbor with 3 teenagers and they’re always throwing footballs or whatever in our yard and so we will talk to them while we’re sitting outside having a drink. We actually suspect one of the teens is helping himself to our beer fridge in the garage but thats a whole other issue. 

Anyways– I will introduce myself or wave to mine when I’m coming and going. 

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I’ve owned my house for 5.5 years now, so I know my neighbors next door on either side pretty well. They’re the stereotypical old person who’s a little nosy kind of neighbor – they were VERY interested in what was happening when I got divorced and my ex wasn’t around anymore, and one of them complains to me a bit when I run my sprinkler for too long because it makes his sump pump run all night 🙄 But they’re quiet and nice, so it’s all good. We chat when we see each other outside, but that’s about it. I don’t know the neighbors further afield than that. 

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bee123456789 :  Maybe the lawn mower was just trying to be neighborly? Our neighbor has snowblown our sidewalk for us before when he knew we needed the help – and we help shovel him out too. We don’t really talk about it, we just sort of do it lol. 

If you want to have a good relationship just go over and say hi! We are very friendly with the neighbors directly next door to us and we’ve been slowly meeting more lately. It’s a little harder because we’re on a main road but I still like to make an effort. Other ways we’ve met neighbors are through yard sales, walking the dog, and just being out in the neighborhood. 

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I’ve had good and bad experiences. I prefer to not know my neighbours because if you don’t like them, you’re stuck living next to them

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We live in a six unit building. We know 4/6 of our other apartment mates fairly well enough. The one below us is a nightmare though. 

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We are friendly with the neighbours on either side of us but that’s it. We prefer it that way. We say hello, and chat a little. Nothing much.


However, our neighbours are very friendly with other people in our survey and hang out a lot.

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I’ve spoken to the wife once or twice. My husband has spoken to the husband once or twice but our schedules are very different than the neighbors and I mostly hide indoors so not much chance to do more than Hi how are you? Once in awhile. Maybe in a few more months when I am indoors alot less I will see them more.

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I think it depends. In FL and CA I pretty much didn’t know anyone. But here in MN I do know the ones on either side and I used to know 2 houses across the street, but they both moved. I mean, enough to have a decent convo with. We’ve never hung out or anything. Now that we have these new neighbors I keep thinking that I should go over with a plate of goodies like I did for someone else. I think it’s good to at least be on a first name basis and wave hello kind of thing. I sort of feel like we watch out for our little street if we all know who lives there. Does that make sense?

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I think it’s bizzare that she just took it upon herself to mow your yard. I actually would not have said thank-you and would have told them I didn’t appreciate them just coming onto my property without talking to me first. A kind gesture would have involved actually talking to you about it first. Getting snow off the sidewalk is different, in my opinion as it doesn’t actually involve coming onto someone’s space.

My neighbors are friendly but we don’t really know each other. Our interactions are pretty much limited to a smile and wave when we pass by each other.

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I’ve lived in my house for a long time, and I know my next door neighbors, and the people that live behind them. We live in a rural area though, so the houses are like 1/4 – 1/2 mile apart. The people that live right behind me just moved, and while I haven’t met the new people who just moved in, they did put a little “hello, we are so and so, and we just moved in and these are our jobs, hopefully we meet you all soon” to most of the people directly surrounding them. I made them cookies during the holidays, but they weren’t home so I still haven’t met them. 

Neighbors are take it or leave it – sometimes they are friendly, sometimes they aren’t. As long as nobody is being hurtful or nasty, I’d call that a success tbh. 🙂 And like PP’s said – if you want neighbor friends, extend yourself! The worst they can do is not want to be BFFs, which is not the worst thing in the world, either. 

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